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Understand Germs and Protect Yourself

What are virus, bacteria, protozoa, fungus, types of germs, how to protect our self from germs, health tips.
germs and there impacts
Types of Germs

Germs are responsible for harmful diseases in body but we don't know about them actually so in this article details of germs are given. By reading this my blog readers are able to understand about disease spreaders and are able to protect themselves and there beloved ones. 

Awareness is the best way to keep our self safe and secure so make yourself aware about harmful germs.

1. Virus:
Virus spreads through polluted water, stale food, close contacts with the patients etc. These Virus are responsible for hepatitis A, B, C and E. Due to polluted water hepatitis A and E generate and due to sexual contacts and blood contacts hepatitis Band C takes place. 

So it is good to keep places clean and take the vaccination properly in time, don't make sexual contacts without taking precautions. By this we will be able to make our self ok and fit.

2. Bacteria:
These are very dangerous germs and are able to give birth 10 crore bacteria in 1 hour and therefore serious conditions arises within very short period of time. The main sources of bacteria are polluted water and food.
Due to this problems in neck, ear, nose happens. Cavity in teeth, pneumonia, tonsils, TB, infection in other organs also takes place due to bacteria. 

So it is good to keep focus on cleaning, do eat fresh meal and avoid polluted water. 

3. Fungus:
Fungus are generally parasites and it takes birth during rainy days in walls and other things like shoes, cloths etc also. Due to this eczema, ring worm, allergy, asthma, sinusitis etc happen. 
It spreads through pets and the place where there is humidity always. 
So keep the things in sun rays time to time and do cleaning regularly. 

4. Protozoa:
It can live in any organ and affect the function of that body part. Diarrhoea, pain in stomach happen due to protozoa attack. It spreads through polluted water, stale food, toilet sheets etc. So do keep all the things clean. 

It is good to make our immune system strong and active and for that it is good to eat fresh food, vegetables timely. Do proper exercises and foremost thing is to keep every place clean.

Consult doctor if you are unable to understand the disease and take proper treatment. If you are facing any chronic problems then it is also good to consult astrologer for taking astrology treatment as per planetary positions in horoscope/birth chart/kundli.

Don't avoid any disease take proper advise and live a good life.

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What are virus, bacteria, protozoa, fungus, types of germs, how to protect our self from germs, health tips.

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