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How Will Be The Ist Day Of New Year 2017 ?

How Will Be The Ist Day Of New Year 2017, Star Position of New Yea Midnight, Horoscope of 2017 New Year Mid Night.
How Will Be The Ist Day Of New Year 2017, Star Position of New Yea Midnight, Horoscope of 2017 New Year Mid Night.
New year 2017 Ist Day Horoscope

New year will be start from Ist January 2017 and no doubt people are preparing huge arrangements to celebrate this new year with great joy. Whole the world will enter in a special entertainment zone in the night of new year. 

Astrology lovers are eager to know about the star position of new year and in "" I have already published the FREE Zodiac Predictions. Now I am going to reveal he horoscope of this new year MID-NIGHT which will clear that how will be the Ist day of New Year.

Let's Know About 2017 New Year Mid- Night Kundli:
Some good and some bad yogas are forming as per planetary position in the Mid-night of Ist January 2017. 
  1. Starting of new year will be with VIRGO ASCENDANT which is a good sign and people are able to enjoy with free mind whole the night. 
  2. Sun and Mercury are sitting together in 4th house of Gochar kundli and making BUDHADITYA YOGA which is good for the spiritual practioners and for every one. 
  3. Jupiter will be in lagna and is positive which is also a good sign and will help people to enter in new year with happy mood. 
  4. Although Rahu and Shani are not good and also mars and Ketu are sitting together and forming Angarak Yoga. Due to this it is possible that accidents may happen if arrangements are not done properly. 

If Saturn, Ketu, Rahu are not is good position in any one horoscope then it is good to travel on new year night and also avoid any celebration on this night, Inspite of taking part in any celebration,it is good to perform prayer on this night to make whole the new year successful. 

Some Astrology Ways To Start New Year With Blessings Of Divine Energies:

  • In the morning do getup early in the morning and give ARDHYA to God Sun. 
  • Do take blessings of elders to enhance luck. 
  • Do visit any temple and offer a coconut with dakshina, deepak of ghee and pray for successful new year. 
  • Save environment and make others also aware about importance of clean environment. 
  • Do take the blessings of Masters, brahmins because Jupiter is in good position. So blessings of brahmins and master will definitely helpful.
  • It is good to donate mustard oil and coconut in temple who have malefic rahu, shani in kundli.
  • Chant Gayati mantra as much as you can and take the blessings of female kids.
  • Distribute Gajak sweet.

So start your new year with joy and happiness, make your Ist day of new year powerful, enhance your luck through astrology ways. 

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How Will Be The Ist Day Of New Year 2017, Star Position of New Yea Midnight, Horoscope of 2017 New Year Mid Night.


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