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Houses In Kundli And Other Details Lesson 12

We have read about many things till now in previous free lessons of astrology now we will move further and see some important information and know what we call houses of kundli, relations of seasons with planets, relations of planets with taste, characteristics of planets, Organs and related planet. direction and related planet etc.

There are 12 houses in every horoscope/kundli, some houses are called center houses, some are called trikon houses, some are called panfar houses, some houses are called trik places. It is necessary to know about these so that we can understand the official language in books.

1. First, Forth, Seventh and Tenth Houses are called CENTER HOUSES of kundli/horoscope.

kendra places in horoscope, center houses of horsocope
Center Houses in Horsocope

2. First, Fifth and Ninth houses are called TRIKON HOUSES of kundli/houses.
trikon houses of horoscope
trikon houses of horoscope

3. Sixth, Eight and Twelth houses of kundli/houses are called TRIK HOUSES.

trik sthaan in kundli
trik sthaan in kundli

4. Second, fifth, Eight and eleventh houses are called PANFAR HOUSES.

Relation Of Planets With Seasons:

As per vedic astrology seasons are also affected by planets and so it is necessary to know about which planet is related with which season.
Spring season has relation with Venus and ketu as per astrology.
Summer season has relation with Sun, Mars and Rahu.
Rainy season has relation with Moon. 
Autumn season has relation with Mercury.
Hemant season has relation with Jupiter.
Winter season has relation with Saturn.

Relation Of Taste With Planets:

Direction of planets, taste and planets, relation of season with planets, names of houses. 

Every planet has related with different taste and as per this different people like different taste.
sun is related with bitter taste. 
Moon is related with salty taste.
Mars is related with spicy taste. 
Mercury is related with mixed taste. 
Jupiter is related with sweet taste. 
Venus is related with sour or tart taste. 
Saturn is related with bitter taste.
Rahu is related with spicy.
Ketu is related with tasteless.

Now Let's See The Directions Of Planets:

The direction of sun is center.
The direction of Moon is South-East.
The direction of Mars is South.
The direction of  Mercury is North.
The direction of Jupiter is North-East.
The direction of Venus is East.
The direction of Saturn is West.
The direction of Rahu is South-West.
The direction of Ketu is North-West.

So above we have read about direction of planets, taste and planets, relation of season with planets, names of houses. 

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