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How To Make Life Sex-full Through Astrology?

Sex-full marriage life, how to spice up sex life,  live sex-full life through astrology, Vastu tips to improve sexual life, sex and astrology, understand the role of astrology in making sexual life strong.

Are you living a stressful life, do you have lack of physical power, are you not having a good personal life, if your partner is not taking interest in you or if you don't have interest in having a satisfactory sexual relations with your partner then definitely there must be malefic planets affecting your life, Stars are creating problems in life.
sex problem solutions tips by astrologer
astrology for successful sex life

Through astrology we are able to predict about any one's sexual life and the reasons of problems. Stars put a major impacts in life and that's why when the problem is out of control or beyond our thinking then astrologer helps a person.

Due to the dis-satisfactory sexual life person gets bored from his or her own bedroom. Spicing up the personal life definitely make the personal life happier and smooth. It is the solutions of many unwanted problems of life. So it is necessary to boost life any how.

Marriage is not just a formality for any one but it is the way to fulfill very important needs of life, through this person find a partner to share feelings and time. A partner for life long makes our life strong and fruitful.

Role of Venus And Mars In Personal Life:

These 2 planets are very important to make any one's personal life fruitful and powerful. Over power and less powers of these two planets are not good. Over power gives a person more expectations and person always remain in dissatisfaction where as less power makes a person incompetent to perform a perfect intercourse with partner.

Mars is the planet which represent power, passion, possessiveness, aggressiveness, deep feeling, etc where as Venus represent love, attachment, romantic nature, hypnotic power in body and mind, attraction, harmony in relations etc. So both the planets play very important role in our life. Any type of problem with these 2 planets affect our very personal life.

Malefic Mars and Venus also give rise to any type of venereal diseases also so proper precautions is needed if these two planets are not good in horoscope/kundli/birth chart.

Role of 6th House, 7th House and 8th House of Horoscope:

The study of these 3 houses are also very important while analysing sexual life because presence of any type of malefic planet, weak planet or debilitated planets in these 3 houses disturb the sexual life.
Disturbances in these house may cause impotency, premature ejaculation, dissatisfaction, over desire, quick discharge etc. so it is necessary to take step to remove doshas or problems present in these 3 houses if you are not satisfied in life. 

FREE Tips To Make Life Sex-full :

If your life is getting disturbed due to problems in stars, planets then do adopt the free tips given below-
  1. Every story starts with imagination so don't hesitate to see dreams. Dreamless life is also useless, so let's start with a good dream to have a very successful personal life. 
  2. Don't think negative in any case, soon you will be able to find a good change in life. 
  3. Do take proper massage weekly to maintain the flexibility of body. Massage with Mustard oil and take sunbath for a while. Regular do this to maintain strength of body and mind. 
  4. Do wear proper gems stone to give power to the best planet to change life positively. For this you have to consult any good astrologer.
  5. Do Pranayam regularly which will fill "Pranshakti" in your body and makes your veins and organs strong from within and after that you will automatically find a secret of happiness.
  6. Do omit habit of any types of drugs, liqueur and over eating. 
  7. With this also avoid habit of drinking cold drink, soda drink regularly. It makes the body weaker. 
  8. Do Chant any mantra for 30 minutes devotedly to get blessings of your ist devta/god or goddess.
  9. In some special cases grah shanti pooja is also necessary which must be known by taking proper consultancy from astrologer.
  10. Don't see vulgar movies, magazines, don't talk vulgar. Start thinking healthy, eat healthy and get a healthy personal life, smooth marriage life. 
  11. Do make habit of running and exercise in the morning.

Free Vastu Tips To Make Sexual Life Good:

  • It may be possible due to any type of negative energy you don't feel good in your bedroom so in this case it is good to install a charged shukra yantra just above your entrance of bedroom.
  • Do wash your bedroom with salt water once in a week. If carpet is there in bedroom then do put about a 1 kilogram of sea salt in a plate in bedroom for a week then through it outside.
  • Paste a romantic photo in bedroom which you can see daily and dream to live life like that. 
  • In the evening or just before going to bed if you sprinkle kapoor or camphor in bedroom then it makes the atmosphere cool and fresh. use original camphor for best result. 
If you really want to make your sexual life wonderful, full of energy then don't shy and delay to take steps. Remember "Once time lost cannot be regained". So enjoy every moment of life positively. 
Also If you want special reading of your horoscope/Birth chart/Kundli to make your personal life better then do take special astrology services of ASTROLOGER.

Sex-full marriage life, how to spice up sex life,  live sexful life through astrology, Vastu tips to improve sexual life, sex and astrology, understand the role of astrology in making sexual life strong.


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