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Mithun Sankranti Significance In Astrology

What is mithun sankranti, Significance of mithun sankranti, what to do to gain virtue, free tips by astrologer to make life successful. 
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Mithun Sankranti Significance In Astrology
When when mithun sankranti takes place then very important event takes place in kamakhya, guwhati, india. It happens only once in year. 

What is Mithun sankranti?

When sun enter in Gemini from Taurus then this time is called Mithun sankranti. As per astrology sun will remain in Gemini for approx 31 days i.e. 1 month.
In many part of india, this day is celebrated and people worship lord sun on this day. In many part of country Monsoon also arrives and so people enjoy this moment too.

What Is Done On Mithun Sankranti?

  • Devotees worship lord Vishnu with goddess earth and welcome the rain.
  • People also donate different things on this auspicious day of mithun sankranti to gain virtue. 
  • Sun is related with our ancestors so people also worship their ancestors and offer prayers for the peace and upliftment of ancestors. 
  • In many place people avoid eating rice on mithun sankranti. 

Mithun Sankranti And Ambubachi Mela:

When sun transit in Gemini then a very important festival held at kamakhya temple, guwahati, india. Once in a year a great fair is held here. People from world wide come here to take part in ambubachi festival. It is said that once in a year goddess kamakhya passes through menstruation period and these days are celebrated as Ambubachi mela. This important event takes place when sun will remain in mithun rashi.

So mithun sankranti is very auspicious from the point of view of spiritual practices, rain and life. 
Enjoy transit of sun in Gemini.

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What is mithun sankranti, Significance of mithun sankranti, what to do to gain virtue, free tips by astrologer to make life successful. 

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