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What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic

What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic, what happens with people who practice kala jadu, voodoo magic, Why not to practice black magic, Difference between black magic and white magic.

In these days many news related to black magic comes to us and there are many people who want to fulfill their wishes any how. Some want to control people, some want to harm enemies, some want to sex with someone, some want promotion in job, some want status in society and so on. There is no limit of expectations in life and when these expectations enter in mind and body and attach with our EGO then person takes every step to fulfill them.
What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic
What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic
Use of BLACK MAGIC is also the result of this unwanted passion to get success anyhow in desired segment of life. So actually those who are very selfish use black magic to attain the things anyhow in life.


People who use this evil magic or voodoo magic or kala jadoo, magic spells, spells, hex, sorcery, jadoo, jadu, sihr, witchcraft, actually don’t know the consequences and lack of knowledge put them in a dark hole and life become hell after sometime. As an astrologer I get many calls from worldwide in which people ask for protection after using black magic to fulfil their wishes.

It is not good to expect good from evil energies, if anyone take help of negative energies then in long run they also ruin the life of user too.

Black magic, voodoo magic or kala jadoo are done by using the evil spirits and this is a fact that they are themselves not satisfied and so they are wondering in universe and if we take their help then they also need something from us in return, if anyone fulfill their wish then it is ok but if not then user can enter in danger zone which usually happen.

Difference between black magic and white magic:

There is a big difference between black magic and white magic, In black magic we compel energy to perform any task but in white magic we pray to make our life successful, here work happen with blessings and in kala jadoo work happen by using spell power. This is the reason why people using white magic get success without harm.

So consequences of black magic are very dangerous and bitter in long run. So it better to avoid this to live a hurdle free life.

There are many houses, places and and things in world which are cursed by evil energies and so are deserted and now no one can stay there for long. Know aboutHome Remedies To Cure Black Magic.

To use black magic people generally consult Tantrik, black magicians, babas, astrologers who also demand something in return, So actually both user and demander are incomplete and so it is a fact that we can’t expect goodness from any of these.

GOOD ASTROLOGERS don’t put their clients in Dark Zone and so don’t recommend black magic. So consult good and trusted astrologers always and don’t demand black magic.

The Truth Of Destiny:

What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic, what happens with people who practice kala jadu, voodoo magic, Why not to practice black magic, Difference between black magic and white magic.

This is a fact that we all have some destiny and as per that our life moves, In vedic astrology we predict future as per planetary positions in horoscope and take our good remedies which are not harmful.

Use of Black magic is the result of jealousy, anger, hate desire to harm relatives, friends and colleagues. Read aboutBlack Magic Effects And Remedies

Symptoms of Black Magic and Possession:

If anyone is facing any of the following then it is good to consult Astrologer, spiritual healer for Protection -
  • Regular night mare during sleep.
  • Unwanted chronic disease to members of family.
  • Accidents of family members regularly.
  • Strange smell from body suddenly.
  • Strange harmful events at home.
  • Changes of color of eyes suddenly for sometime.
  • Chronic Heacahe Regularly.
  • Depression without reason.
  • Not having child even after having all the qualities.
  • Regular miscarriage.
  • Unexplained impotence
  • Changes in voice suddenly
  • Suddenly using drugs, alcohol.
  • Sudden Breakup with beloved.

So above we have read about CONSEQUENCES OF BLACK MAGIC, symptoms of black magic. Always avoid using evil magic or voodoo magic or kala jadoo, magic spells, spells, hex, sorcery, jadoo, jadu, sihr, witchcraft to live a successful life.

If you are suffering from Dark Energies contact Astrologer For solution.
If your life is disturbed due to black magic then contact Astrologer for remedies.
If bad luck is not relieving you then contact astrologer for guidance.

Black Magic Remedies by astrologer Om Prakash, Evil Eye Effects protection ways through ancient Ways, Spell Remedy.
consult best astrologer for black magic solutions
contact for black magic remedies

Many types of strange things happens with the victim of black magic like as -

  • Mind gets blocked and the person is unable to think in right direction.
  • Continuous weight loss due to attack of some black energy.
  • Coming out of blood in vomiting.
  • Fire any time, any where in house.
  • Feeling of fear and of some one presence.
  • Frightening dreams also comes due to black magic.
  • Sometimes things starts flying in house due to impact of any negative energy.
  • Working person gets unemployed because of negative energies.
  • Family members faces accidents.
  • Heaviness in body parts is also felt by some victims.
  • Continuous headache also felt by victims of black magic.
  • Chronic diseases.
  • Abnormal behavior time to time.

Many more strange things also happens due to impact of black magic done by some one. So if it happens then it is better to Contact as soon as possible before it finish our life.
If you are a victim of black magic, if you want perfect and easy solutions of black magic then do contact astroshree.

What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic,what happens with people who practice kala jadu, voodoo magic, Why not to practice black magic, Difference between black magic and white magic.


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