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Why 2019 Makar Sankranti is Special ?

Why 2019 Makar Sankranti is Special, what is date of 2019 makar-sankaranti, why this year celebration will be on 15th January.

Although every year maker sankranti pooja is done on 14th January but in 2019 sun will enter in Capricorn in the evening of 14th and so for holy bath and offering things for wellbeing will be done on 15th January, Tuesday as per astrology.

This is also a fact that kite lovers will enjoy 14th and 15th both in this new year.

15th January, Tuesday is also important because this is the date of KUMBH SHAAHI SNAAN i.e. grand holy bath. So as per astrology the early morning time is best for holy bath and donating things for well-being. This sankranti will be very powerful from the religious point of view.

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What devotees do for virtue/Punya on Makar Sankranti?

On this auspicious day devotees perform holy bath in holy-rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kshipra and  donate special things, some also do hidden donation on this auspicious day. 
Makar sankranti is an auspicious day when donation of copper vessels, Til, Molasses, cloths etc. are done specially.

15th January is special For Mangalik People:

In this year maker sankranti will be celebrated on 15th, Tuesday and so is very important for people who are facing problems in life due to malefic Mars in Horoscope or are mangalik.;
It s good to perform mangal pooja and also do donate things of mangal on this day for healthy and wealthy life. 
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May everyone get peace and prosperity

Why 2019 Makar Sankranti is Special, what is date of 2019 makar-sankaranti, why this year celebration will be on 15th January.

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