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Chaitra Navratri 2019 and Astrology

As we all know that the 9 days of navratris are very important to perform pooja-paath, spiritual practices to fulfill our wishes. Although every navratris are powerful but in 2019 Chaitra navratri starting from 6th of April, Saturday and will end on 14th april, sunday. Many good yogas are increasing its power, so if any one want to fulfill wishes then it is good to perform sadhna in these days of mataji. 
chaitra navratri importance of 2019 by astrologer
Chaitra Navratri 2019 and Astrology

Chaitra month is the first month as per hindu calender and so is also very important for every one. The ekam/pratipada of chaitra shukla paksh is the first day of navratri and this day is also celebrated as GUDI PADWA, CHETI CHAND. The 9th day of chaitra navratri is very important because this day is also celebrated as RAM NAVMI. 
This is the starting of summer season and so it is necessary to prepare our mind and body to accept the new changes in environment and so it is good to perform shakti sadhna. 
Every day, devotees worship different incarnation of goddess shakti. Read about 9 Night of Navratri.......

Let's See What Are The Important Days Falling In This Navratri:

  1. Navratri Ist Day -Ghatsthapna is on 6th april, Saturday.
  2. Sindhara doj is on 7th april, sunday.
  3. Gangaur Teej/ Saubhagya Sundari fast is on 8th april, monday.
  4. Vinayki Chaturthi fast and pooja is on 9th april.
  5. Ram rajyotsav is on 10th, wednesday.
  6. Durga Ashtmi  and Navmi is on 13th, saturday and on this day there is pushya nakshatra too.
In navratris, devotees like to recite DURGASHAPTSHATI and also like to chant the mantras of devi for different purposes. Tantrik also perform different saadhna for siddhis during navratris. 
Environment changes everywhere and we can feel the power of goddess shakti during 9 days. 

Now Let's See Planetary Positions in Gochar during Chaitra Navratri 2019:

  • Sun will be positive and so will help in performing spiritual practices. 
  • Jupiter will also remain good and will help in performing rituals.
  • Positive venus will also help to perform rituals for matrialistic benefits.
  • Although the combination of jupiter, ketu and saturn will also arise some obstacles.

Let's See What We Can Achieve By Performing Spiritual Practices In This Chaitra Navratri 2019:

  1. If there is problem in planetary positions and life is suffering then one can perform sadhna.
  2. If there is chandal yoga or grahan yoga in horoscope then one can perform rituals to minimize hurdles.
  3. If any one is suffering from any type of evil effects then also one can perform practices to get rid of it.
  4. If any one is suffering from black magic then also one can getrid of problems by performing practices in this chaitra navratri.
  5. We can attract the blessings of goddess shakti easily.
  6. These 9 days are very good for the devotees who perform kundalini jagran sadhna.
  7. We can also perform prayers for healthy life, wealthy life.
  8. Those who are facing financial problems can also do worship to attract money.
  9. We can attract riddhi and siddhi.
  10. We can get power to obtain materialistic success. 
  11. We can pray to make our family life, love life, marriage life better.

Precautions To Be Taken At The Time Of Chaitra Navratris:

  • Don't break heart of any one. 
  • Don't humiliate any female.
  • If you are practicing any spiritual practice then avoid taking non veg, alcohal or drugs of any kind.
  • Don't go for any late night parties.
  • Don't cross any type of utaras while walking in roads.
  • Avoid sex in the nights of chaitra navratris.
  • Don't try to practice any black magic.
  • Don't use any powers to harm any one.
So don't waste time and believe on yourself and on goddess, use this opportunity and get powers to live a successful life.

Best Wishes To Every One.

Chaitra Navratri 2019 Importance, what to do in navratri for success, astrology yogas forming during chaitra navratri 2019, precautions to be taken.


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