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Mystery Of Divine Sex In Terms Of Spirituality

I was feeling very much uncomfortable in my childhood when I used to hear sexual words and about sexual relationship from the dignities of society as I had been told that this is not good, this is vulgar etc. Later on in my adolescence I used to attract towards females due to some biological change in the body as told by my some well wishers. But my searching was going on, I was surprised by the sudden invasion of this type of feelings.
know the spiritual meaning of sex
mystery of sex

From the time when I began to understand the world I found myself very much diverted towards spirituality and because of this I started to think that what is the reality of sex, why every one describe it very mysteriously and even after that everyone indulge in making sexual relationship. What is that, a person want from sexual relationship and many more questions were arising in my mind but I was not getting satisfactory answers from anyone.

I read books, epics and many theories to understand this concept and also discussed this subject with some experienced persons but not satisfied. Later on I read somewhere that to know the sex go within you. Later on by continuous contemplating and by god grace the mystery of sex started revealing itself before me and today I am going to share my that understanding regarding Divine Sex. I hope that you all definitely appreciate my this try to express my experience and feeling in words. Now read carefully.

What is sex?

Every living being, human, animal, insects, mammals, reptiles etc. want a special type of satisfaction i.e. a divine satisfaction from touch, talk, smells, sight, hearing etc and to fulfill this desire every living being wander here and there life long but result is zero. Let’s understand this from an e.g. A person keeps pets why? Perhaps to get it’s velvet feeling, to share his/her loneliness, etc.

A person gets married why? Perhaps to get the experience of total physical touch, to share his/her loneliness etc.

A person watch movies why? To feel the different types of beauty & to utilize the spare time etc.

A person travels here and there why? To feel the beauty of nature etc. what’s’ all these things. A person does everything as per his capacity to get himself satisfied but I found no one in this evanescent world a satisfied person except the siddhas like sai baba, vivekananda, Swami ramkrishna param hansa about whom we read from different books.

Now the question is why?

Actually no one in this world is aware of the real desires of himself/herself and until it will get fulfilled the wondering nature of living being will not reach to the end. That’s why one of the greatest siddha said “First of all know yourself then start working in the world”.

Let me explain you these words – Baba wants to say that if you come to know about the worldly things which are evanescent then you will not attracted towards them but you will concentrate to know the reality of life and we know that concentration with a try to a right way will leads to success.

So after getting understand these words I started meditation to know the reality of sex. Initially I thought that what a madness is this, what am I doing, what others think of me, etc but I continued and after sometime 1 day I entered deeply and I didn’t know what happened but for some time I was in the stage of peace and joy which can’t be explained in words. I asked about this from some of my seniors about this who were also practicing meditation and they told this is the real sex, which you have got today and now continue with your practice to feel this in your whole life.

The Reality:

After getting this experience I found a change in my life, my flickering mind got fade, I started to work for that divine sexual relationship which is possible only within myself. Now I understood the meaning of sex and I feel glad to say that yes the real power is within, the real achievement is within. I have got a new sight after this experience and I pray to god that my all brothers and sisters in the world will get this divine experience.

Still I am practicing this and feel the divine blessings of supreme power.

How to get the experience of this Divine Sex?

Everything is possible in this world but one must have the right way. Now I am telling you the way which I use daily -
  1. I sit in a cool place in the morning and use a cool fragrance stick.
  2. I concentrate in my breathing system.
  3. Then I pray to my guru for his grace.
  4. I recite the word OM for some time.
  5. After that every thing happens within which you also can feel.
Your belief and devotion will definitely make you feel the divinity with in you.

I am not creating any illusion, if you want to know the truth just do and get the experience I am praying for all. The real happiness is within, the real peace is within, the real satisfaction is within, he real success is within.

Just take out only 15 min. daily for this practice and see the miracle in life. You will definitely enjoy yourself after some time.

  • Feel your touch…………….
  • Talk to yourself……………
  • Know yourself…………….
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