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How to learn black magic at home in hindi

How to learn black magic in hindi, which are the best book to learn kala jadu in hindi language.

Occult science is a mysterious subject and need very hard practice to activate the hidden energy in the universe. We have heard about many things in life which are strange and create feeling of fear.
how to learn black magic in hindi, best astrologer
how to learn black magic in hindi

If you believe in black magic and interested to learn it in hindi then this article will guide you. Many calls I am getting to know which book is good to learn black magic, how to learn this at home, is it safe or not.

Note: Experiment with evil powers are dangerous and may cause serious problems in life related to mental health and physical health. So if you are curious to know about this dark magic then BE CAREFUL. It is good to learn this art under guidance of expert.

Before proceeding further, I want to clear that I don’t teach this, so don’t contact to learn black magic in hindi.

What is the Real Meaning of Black Magic?

The use of unseen powers like spirit, ghost in a negative way to harm others is commonly known as black magic. In other way the use of energy to harm other comes in kala jadu.

But WAIT! I want to reveal a very important thing related to this subject. We know that when kala jadu word comes in mind, we first think about the ASSAM and benagal in india which are taken as the hub of this type of dark magic.

But there is no need to have fear from this always, Black magic doesn’t mean get work done from evil spirits, but to use the spells of goddess kali is also used in this which is different from the dark magic.

So before start learning any dark magic, do clear with yourself that what actually you want to learn, the magic or goddess kali or the magic to harm others related to spirits.

Assam Bengal Ka kalajadu:

It is not a gossip that some experts in some area of assam and Bengal are known to hypnotize anyone, to convert anyone in other being by their magic’s and so some people fear of entering in those area.
One of the famous magical place is Mayong, village in Morigaon district, Assam, India. It lies on the bank of the river Brahmaputra, approximately 40 km from the city of Guwahati. This is famous for the black magic practitioners. There are many stories related with this village which create fear in mind.

Next is the temple kamakhya in guwahati is also famous for tantric practices. There are many female practitioners present there which are known as Bhairavi. They are master in performing the magic spells.

This magic is able to misguide anyone by creating illusion in mind. Victim of black magic unable to understand that what is going with him or her and just start following the command of doer.

There are many type of process which are done through black magic like as –
  • Moothkarni
  • Vashikaran
  • Maran
  • Stambhan
  • Bounding any spirit to get work done
  • Breakup between 2 person

Different things are used in performing black magic to harm others:

Animal parts, blood, feather, bones of human and animal, soil, coal, black cloths, photo, toilets, wine, non-veg, dolls etc.

Again I am clearing that don’t try to learn black magic because this is very harmful if a minute mistake is done from your side.

This is also a fact that Africa is also a hub of using Vodoo magic which is also a very dangerous process to harm other. With this Burkina Faso, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal and Tanzania are also very popular in terms of doing black magic.

Books which can help to learn black magic in Hindi:

I want to tell that these books are not available online and so to search original books, seeker must visit assam an Bengal.
Don’t trust on PDF and processes which are available online. People are misguiding by using the real name for wrong purpose.
  1. To learn the magics related to goddess kali, there is good book which is known as “KALI KITAB”. This book give complete details related to goddess kali and spells. Description also available to perform sadhna to fulfill different wishes.
  2. There is another book known as 'Bhanumati ka Pitara', this book also provide collection of creating illusions by using different things and spells.
  3. From old publishers in assam, one can also find the book “Assam Bengal Ka Jadoo”

These can give you the theoretical knowledge and also it is clearly written in these books that don’t practice it by self. Make a master who is expert in doing black magic and then learn these otherwise major problems may occur and no body is able to come out from the bad impacts of black magic.

I have given the information just for knowledge of by blog visitors and I don’t want anyone to enter in the dark magic zone.

Be safe and be healthy pray for well being of everyone and live a peaceful life.
Hope you like this article and you may have answers of some questions related to how to learn black magic at home.

If you need any astrology guidance then do contact me by visiting the following link.

How to learn black magic in hindi, which are the best book to learn kala jadu in hindi language.


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