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Black magic on husband

How to know if someone has done black magic on my husband?, symptoms to confirm that husband is under influence of kala jadu.

Before beginning this article, I want to clear that sometimes the symptoms may be due to impact of malefic or debilitated planet so before confirming do consult any expert.

One thing is special about Female that they have extraordinary senses to feel the abnormal changes in anyone specially in life partner. So if anyone is finding extraordinary changes in behavior of husband then it is necessary to take advice from experienced or best astrologer.
black magic impacts on my husband and remedies by best astrologer
Black magic on my husband

There is solutions of every problem in this world so no need to worry, after regular prayers and rituals it is possible to save husband or life partner or boy friend from the malefic impact of black magic.

Now let’s see in details that “How to know if someone has done black magic on husband or boy friend?”.

  1. If you find a heavy loss continuously in business or job or in status regularly then do consult to know the changes in planetary positions and if you find that planets are ok then further move for black magic analysis because then there is great probability of this that any enemy has used the kala jadu to destroy your husband.
  2. Next is the break out of anger, frustration without any reason. If life partner starts hating wife suddenly, if he is not giving attention to your message, calls, your feelings then it is possible that he may be possessed.
  3. If you find that suddenly your husband is attracted towards any other female or x girl friend then also there is a possibility of black magic done on him. In this case some use vashikaran process with break up process so that person may forcefully inclined towards the x girl friend.
  4. If husband is trying to avoid residing at home suddenly and when he enter in home start quarreling with wife and don’t want to spend a single moment with wife then it is very possible that he is under influence of black magic.
  5. Another symptom is that if you find changes in eyes i.e. if your husband eyes turn red when comes near to you then also it is possible that he is under influence of bad energy.
  6. If you find a bad smell regularly while going near to him then be careful, it is possible that your husband is under influence of black magic.
  7. If your husband is seeing frightening dreams regularly and avoiding work for long time then it is necessary to go for analysis.

Know I am providing some Home Remedies To Protect husband from black magic?

If you confirmed that your husband is under impact of evil spirit or any bad magic then you can adopt some home remedies to find positive changes.

  1. Go to any hanumanji temple and bring sindoor form his feet. Ask your husband to put dot on forehead regularly and keep it all the time. You can also put sindoor in talisman and ask him to wear.
  2. Sprinkle gaumutra and ganga jal regularly on body for 40 days.
  3. Do give tulsi leaves to eat daily in the morning after prayers.
  4. Take a thread and and recite any mantra of any god or goddess whom you worship regularly and tie 7 knots on it. Now tie this black thread on hand.
  5. Ask him to put legs on salt water daily before sleeping for 20 to 30 minute.
  6. Consult astrologer for proper analysis of problems and then get some powerful remedies like yantra, poojas, kawach which will help to get rid of black magic.
So if you find any abnormal changes in husband like regular loss in business or dealings, change in behavior like hating wife, quarreling without reason, attracting towards x girl friend, ignoring your messages, feelings, calls, avoiding residing at home in night, change in color of eyes, smell from his body, frightening dreams. Then it is possible that your husband is under influence of black magic. So do consult astrologer for proper analysis and remedies.
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  • Get the best yantra for family protection.
  • Contact for powerful prayers/pooja/rituals to save husband from black magic.

How to know if someone has done black magic on my husband?, symptoms to confirm that husband is under influence of kala jadu.

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