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Effects Of black magic on land or house

How to know that when someone is making black magic on our land or house?

Before knowing facts related to above topic it is necessary to have answers of some questions otherwise mind entangle in doubts.

First of all it is necessary to believe that there is existence of black magic, it is real and only victims can give you proof. As an astrologer I have personally met those people who were living a life like hell and after adopting the proper ways, there life has changed.
about effects of Black magic on land or house
Effects Of black magic on land or house

It is as true as there is existence of sun, moon, sky. So no need to question on this matter. In my previous articles I have shown examples of those places where one can see the effect of black magic clearly.
Black magic is done to to harm someone by using super natural force. Many businessmen, happy family are washed away because of this evil magic. t is necessary to know some common symptoms of kala jadu.

Now how to know that someone is making black magic on house or land?

This is a very important question and it is easy to detect that whether anyone or house or land is under influence of kala jadu.

Let’s check 9 symptoms to confirm the dark magic effects:

  1. If anyone is living a happy life and suddenly there is feeling start of having someone in house but no one is there. If this happens for many days then you must think about seriously.
  2. If anyone is enjoying any land but suddenly deflexion /उच्चाटन starts in mind i.e. if you find yourself uncomfortable by entering your own land and this takes place regularly for many days that means your land is under influence of any black magic.
  3. Another common sign is finding some suspicious things in house like lemon, chilly seeds, doll, toilet any yantra on special days like no moon night, full moon night, navratris, Saturday, Tuesday etc. and after that if you find negative changes in your home environment, relationships then be alert. You may be under influence of black magic.
  4. Some victims also told me that they are seeing a shadow in a specific time in there home. And after doing remedies they became free from this.
  5. When someone is make black magic on house or land then mainly the owner suffers a lot and due to this whole family starts suffering.
  6. If accidents start happening and death case also start without having any genuine reason then there is definitely impact of dark magic.
  7. If short circuit or burning anywhere in home or land is taking place regularly then be careful. It may be due to kala jadu.
  8. If you find a bad smell in your land or house then it may also be due to black magic.
  9. If your fertile land become barren suddenly then this is not an ordinary incident. You must adopt some protection ways to make yourself safe.

Why anyone perform black magic on land or house?

  • There are many reasons of this, suppose someone want to buy your land or house and you are not doing so then it is possible that he or she may use the occult science to divert your mind from your own property. So that you may forcefully leave the land or house.
  • Sometimes it is also observed that some jealous relatives don’t like the happy life of you and they perform black magic to disturb life.
  • Sometime negative minded x-lovers also use black magic to destroy the happy life. This is a way of revenge by bad minded lovers.
  • Many times it is also found that jealous neighbor farmer used the negative ways to put anyone down in income and made the fertile land barren. This is a very common process in this world.

What to do when you come to know that someone is making black magic on you or on your land or your house?

Remedies are very important in case of trapped by any evil forces and for this you need an expert advice. You must contact Astrologer for analysis and proper remedies. Although remedies are differ from religion to religion, here I am showing some Indian ways to protect anyone from kala jadu.

Here I am providing some easy and basic ways to make yourself safe Immediately:
  1. Start sprinkling holy water or gangajal on whole house, land and on yourself. Do this for 40 days regularly.
  2. Check your land and home properly. If you find any suspicious thing then do burn it immediately.
  3. Start reciting any kawach of goddess kali or durga kawach 2 times , in morning and in evening.
  4. Start eating tulsi leaves after prayer daily.
  5. Stop using wine, non veg, cigarette immediately.

By adopting the above remedies, you will start finding positive changes in life. You can consult for special poojas/prayers by astrologer.

How to know that when someone is making black magic on our land or house?


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