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Sun Is Changing Rashi On 15th june2020

Sun transit on 15th june2020 in Gemini, what will be the Impact on 12 zodiacs.

The king of all the planet is sun and on 15th june 2020, it is changing the rashi and entering in Gemini. This transit of sun is definitely a good sign because before this surya was in Taurus and showing the malefic effects.
effects of sun in gemini as per vedic astrology
Sun Is Changing Rashi On 15th june2020

Now when it is entering in Mithun rashi, it will definitely help the decision making ability of people who are sitting at higher level.

Sun is responsible for name, fame, success in journey, knowledge, relationship with father and higher authorities, decision making ability etc. So it was negatively affecting all the segment when it was in Taurus. But now when it is in Gemini, Things will get change gradually. We can hope positively in every segment.

The important thing is that on 21st june surya graham event will also take place which will also affect the 12 zodiacs. I have cleared about it in my previous article What to do for success on surya grahan?

Those people who are facing lots of problems in life due to malefic sun in horoscope may also get relief because of this sun transit on 15th june 2020, Monday.
Sun will remain in Gemini till 15th July2020, Wednesday.

Lets check the impacts on different zodiacs:

  1. Impact of Sun transit on Aries zodiac/मेष राशि : Sun will sit in 3rd zodiac from yours and this will not enhance your decision making ability and also enhance your ego which may affect your personal and professional relationships. So do take care while interacting with others. But overall this transit will make your life wonderful and better in comparison to previous days.
  2. Impact of Sun transit on Taurus People/वृषभ राशी : Sun will present in 2nd zodiac from yours and this will definitely help you a lot. Because till now due to malefic impact of sun, you might have faced some problems and struggle in life but now when sun will leave you then you may face good opportunities in life, income sources may open, You will be able to take good decision because Venus is present in your own zodiac i.e. Taurus. It is also possible that you may spend more in luxuries which may create problem in future, so be alert and control your feelings to avoid any major loss. You will be able to spend more time with family members in coming days.
  3. Impact of Sun transit on Gemini People/मिथुन राशी : Since sun will be in Gemini for next 1 month and so this will change your life in a great way. Although it is neutral in your zodiac but will enhance your energy, temperament and so you will try to do more in your life but be alert and don’t be overconfident. This is the time when if you use your energy in a right direction, you will definitely make the best of your time and network. So keep an eye on opportunities and try to en-cash them smoothly.
  4. Impact of Sun transit on Cancer/कर्क राशी : Sun will be present in 12 house from yours and this will certainly increase your expenses so be careful and keep reform your eating habits, wondering habits. Take care of your family health too. There is also a great possibility of increase in journey which may also not good for you, so do take care and make your life wonderful. In these days instability may also bring sufferings in life so meditate to control your unwanted thinking.
  5. Impact of Sun transit on Leo People/सिंह राशी : Sun will be in 11th house from yours and due to this it will help to increase the income sources; you will be able to make plans to increase your income and prosperity. You will be able to increase your network and also this will help to gather name and fame in life too. So enjoy life patiently and enjoy the environment which destiny is going to giving you for next 1 month.
  6. Impact of Sun transit on Virgo People/कन्या राशी : Sun will be in 10 th house from yours and this will certainly help you in business and job. For next 1 month, you will be able to enjoy your growing business and this will keep you busy in life. If you are in job then there is a good chance of promotion or increase in responsibility which will be profitable for you. This transit of sun will also help you to make good relationships with higher authorities. Students can also get benefit of this and there is a good chance to clear exams.
  7. Impact of Sun transit on Libra People/तुला कन्या राशी : Sun will be in 9th house from yours and and this will enhance your luck and you will be able to make money from different sources, Sudden benefits are also possible in next 1 month period. You may engage in religious activities which will give you peace of mind. You will be able to enjoy the environment in your business place and work place. Be careful about the surrounding because of epidemic and enjoy safely.
  8. Impact of Sun transit on Scorpio People/वृश्चिक राशी : Sun will be in 8th house from yours and this may affect your health so it is necessary to give extra care in next month. Do not go out unnecessarily, eat healthy and fresh. Don’t ignore any normal health issue. It is also possible that you may have conflicts with your life partner so try not to arise any type of misconception in any case.
  9. Impact of Sun transit on Sagittarius People/धनु राशी : Sun will be present in 7th house from yours and this will put impacts on your marriage life as well as partnership. Do not enter in any type of debate with your life partner and business partner. With this you will also get opportunities to increase your network which will further help you to grow your business. If you are single then it is possible that you may get life partner or any lover in coming days. So no need to worry much, just control your unwanted feelings and everything will be ok.
  10. Impact of Sun transit on Capricorn People/मकर राशी : Sun will be in 6th house from yours and this will help you to dominate your enemies and rivals. In the coming days you will find great strength in yourself and your will-power will help you to attract the success in life. You may win the court cases and also you will be able to come out from your negative thinking in coming days. Be ready to enter in new life.
  11. Impact of Sun transit on Aquarius People/ कुम्भ राशी : Sun will be in 5th house from yours and this will affect mainly the children. It is possible that you may enter in stress zone due to your children health, studies or behavior. If you are student then it is possible that you may face problem in making focus. Do take care of children and on their foods.
  12. Impact of Sun transit on Pisces People/ मीन राशी : Sun will be in 4th house from your zodiac and this will affect your happiness and luxuries. If sun is not in good position in your horoscope then it is possible that you may face struggle to live a peaceful life. It is also possible that you may face conflicts with your life partner which may also enhance your instability of mind.
So transit of sun in Gemini is good for some, bad for some and general for some zodiac people. There is no need to panic in case of negative sun in horoscope. Do pray and meditate daily and hope positive. Everything will be ok.
Read about impact of sun in 12 houses of kundli.

Overall the transit is good for environment.

Sun transit on 15th june 2020 in Gemini, सूर्य के मिथुन राशी में आने का १२ राशियों पर प्रभाव, what will be the Impact on 12 zodiacs.


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