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Number 7 And 8 Predictions 2021

Numerology prediction of number 7 and 8, how will 2021as per numerology, how will it be for businessmen, how will it be for jobbers, how will it be for advisors, how will it be for students, how will the new year be for lovers.

all about Number 7 And 8 Predictions 2021 in enlgish by numerologist and astrologer
Number 7 And 8 Predictions 2021

Welcome all of you in this article of numerology where we will see how 2021 will be according to numerology.

If we total 2021, you will get 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5

The number 5 is related to the planet Mercury, so the effect of Mercury will be more visible throughout the year. Due to Rahu's influence in 2020, the whole year has been mysteriously spent and its effects are always seen for a long time. But in 202,1 we will feel a lot of positive changes in all areas.

The lord of number 5 is the planet Mercury and it is considered the most fickle among the planets, so due to the influence of Mercury, there will be a very rapid ups and down in the market. If seen, the market will be bright compared to last year. Government will introduce new policies.

The merchant class will also bring about huge changes in their trade, some new business will come into existence.

The new year is going to be very good for teachers, doctors, speakers, business classes, consultants.

In politics, those people will look more successful whose Mercury position in the horoscope is good and those who are good speakers.

Talking about the weather, intense changes will be seen from time to time in the new year.

In its previous article, we have seen how 2021 will be for 5 and 6 people.

Let us know how 2021 will be for people with personality number 7 and 8:

watch Video here:

How will be new year 2021 For Number 7 people as per Numerology:

According to numerology, Ketu planet has influence on people hving personality number 7 and it is a mysterious planet due to which the person also becomes a little mysterious. When the number 7 will get the support of the number 5 i.e. Mercury, then the number seven will miraculously increase the energy of the seven people, so that some events in life will happen in an unusual way in which some will be positive and some negative.

First of all talk about work, so if you are in a job then you can get some big benefit suddenly, which you may not have thought about, suddenly you can get responsibilities, suddenly you have to go out for work.

Even if you are a trader, you may see unusual changes in your business in April and July specially i.e., suddenly business will grow for which you may not be ready.

Talking about love life, your love life will be very exciting in 2021, that is, you will have to face constant challenges in your love life and you will keep moving forward.

Both good and bad people will come in contact with you, you have to adopt the right people to move upward otherwise you can cause huge losses by deception because of bad contacts.

The mind of number 7 people will become quite fickle in 2021, so do not take any decision in a hurry, otherwise you will have to regret it.

Talking about health, you have to be prepared for sudden health problems if you do not control your emotions, do not control eating, and do not take care in making physical relationships.

If you do not want to get caught in any problem, then keep in mind that you should keep your company with good people, keep positive thoughts with them. By staying with the wrong people, you can get carried away and go in the wrong direction.

In the New Year, you can also open new sources of income for yourself, which will strengthen the financial situation, so do not worry.

If the position of Ketu in your horoscope is not good, then in any case stay away from gambling, betting, avoid daily trading of shares , otherwise there can be a lot of loss.

Consult astrologer to know the predictions as per your birth details and know the right remedies to make new year fruitful. 

How will be new year 2021 For Number 6 people as per Numerology:

According to numerology, number 8 is related to the planet Saturn, which is a cruel planet, but at the same time it is related to justice, hard work, honesty, seriousness.

When Number 8 will get support from number 5 i.e. Mercury in 2021, then this will bring prosperity in life. Your suppressed desires will come out and you will try your best to fulfill them.

You will try to live your life openly, so that your relationship will improve with your lover, family and friends.

If you are in a job, then your performance will be better than before, which will affect your promotion, your income.

If you are a trader, you will be able to increase your business by making changes in your behavior. You will get a lot of help in growing the business due to your contacts and there will be some new opportunities as well.

Talking about love life, if you want someone for a long time, then you will be able to express openly, you will be able to talk openly to your lover and your relationship with them will be better than before. This year you will behave more romantic than before.

Health will also improve more than before and with the increase in energy, you will be able to work a bit better.

So in this article, we have seen what changes will happen in the lives of the numbers 7 and 8 according to numerology in 2021. We will talk about 9 number in next articles of

Numerology prediction of number 7 and 8, how will 2021as per numerology, how will it be for businessmen, how will it be for jobbers, अंक 7और 8 के लिए कैसा रहेगा नया साल २०२१, how will it be for advisors, how will it be for students, how will the new year be for lovers.


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