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Weekly Rashifal 27 december to 02 January 2021

Weekly predictions 27 December to 2nd of January 2021, Horoscope of 12 zodiac signs, career, love life / relationship, predictions as per current transit, know how the coming week will be.

Welcome to the weekly predictions of astrologer Om Prakash ( Here the blog will give information to the readers and astrology lovers about the changes in the lives of the 12 zodiac signs according to Vedic astrology. Know the upcoming week's Rashifal.

Weekly Rashifal 27 december to 02 January 2021
Weekly Rashifal 27 december to 02 January 2021

Let us first know some important Mahurat of the coming week:

  • Pradosh fast will be on Sunday, December 27 this week,
  • Dutt Purnima will be on Tuesday, December 29.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha will be observed on 2 January 2021.

Let's know when Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is:

This week we will get 2 sarwarth siddhi yoga-

  1. From sunrise to night on Monday, December 28.
  2. From sunrise to night on December 31, Thursday.

Let's know the prediction of coming week from 27 december to 02 January 2021, Saturday::

Watch video here:

Aries Rashifal / Predictions (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday):

This week, new plans will be formed within the Aries people, to make new year successful. You will refresh yourself to achieve your goal and you will get the support of planets in it. The sum of increasing wealth is very good. Very good news from anywhere can enter in your life.

If people of Aries are looking for a partner for marriage, then this week, there is a good yoga to get someone who can change your life.

If you love someone, then this week can be very exciting for you, your relationship can give a very different experience with your lover.

If Aries is in business, then this week, you can earn a very good profit by using your words.

The jobbers will keep their performance very well, but you will have trouble in achieving its fame, which may make you feel a little bad.

You may suffer from colds due to increase in body heat.

You can also participate a lot in religious work this week and this will give you fame.

Taurus Rashifal / Predictions (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

People of Taurus will see an increase in enthusiasm, you will be able to increase your work very well. New ideas, dreams will give you energy to achieve something different.

With the grace of Shani Dev, your work will be done this week, you will give proper advice to people, help people and this will give you peace.

Talking about love life, this week you will be able to spend a very good time with your lover and people who are looking for a partner can find a lover.

If people of Taurus are looking for a partner for marriage, they can also be found.

Health will be good and you will feel energetic, if any disease is disturbed then it will get relief.

Gemini Rashifal / prediction (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

People of Gemini will enjoy a lot this week with their friends, colleagues, family. Can meet old friends. You can also go on trips for fun.

Talking about work, if you are in work related to marketing, then you will be able to perform very well, time is good for the jobbers too, but you may be anxious due to increasing responsibility, but remember, this will open your way to get growth.

Talking about love life, love can grow in your life, with your special partner you can spend the last week of the year quite well, making your dreams memorable.

You have to be alert towards health, do not be careless.

Cancer Rashifal / Predictions (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

The sum of opening of sources of income of the people of Cancer is very good, due to which your busyness will increase, enthusiasm will increase, thrill will also increase.

It would be good if you stay away from the stock market and speculative type of work otherwise there may be loss.

You will not be able to spend much time with your lover this week, due to which there may be a change of mind. Even with life partner, there are chances of loss of mind.

If you are connected with business then suddenly any big deal will make you happy.

Health will be normal, there is nothing to worry about.

Leo Rashifal / Predictions (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

People of Leo zodiac will be able to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere this week, with their friends, with their lovers, with their family.

Your appreciation for your work is formed, which will increase your enthusiasm.

You will be able to guide people this week, which will give you peace. You will be able to show your qualities to the best, which will give you happiness and you will be more busy.

You will be supported by any of your companions, so that the stalled work will be completed. Your relations with high officials will be made good, which will also have a good effect on your work, but you do not have to panic due to increasing responsibilities.

Virgo Rashifal / Horoscope (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

The people of Virgo are going to use their minds to their best this week, your policies will help you to reach new heights in the coming year.

Whether you are in business or in job, your performance will be great and you can create a new image.

Due to your performance, new people will be added to your life and there can be a lot of change in love life too. But you have to avoid trusting anyone more, otherwise you can be cheated. 

You may have stomach related problems due to increase in body temperature, so reduce the intake of hot things, eat more vegetables.

Libra Rashifal / Horoscope (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

New ways of living life may develop in the mind of people of Libra zodiac, so that people living with you will also enjoy a lot.

You may have to go on trips in connection with work, if you are involved in any marketing work then you will enjoy watching your performance this week. You will get very good results of your hard work.

Talking about love life, a true lover can enter your life, which will give you internal happiness.

If you are suffering from any health problem for a long time then you will get relief.

Scorpio Rashifal/ Predictions (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

People of Scorpio zodiac can earn name and fame by performing their qualities this week. You can be very busy in the coming week by taking work, and due to these new responsibilities, you can also be a little worried.

But you will be able to make very good plans and make your life better. You will know what to do, whom to use and how.

You may have to be a little worried this week in Love Life.

You have to control your anger if you want peace, otherwise misunderstandings can spoil a lot.

Sagittarius Rashifal / Horoscope (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

People of Sagittarius can remain restless by taking any subject, so that they can miss their best. You have to keep in mind that in anger you should not tell anyone wrong, otherwise the problem will occur.

This week unnecessary expenses may increase, so keep yourself calm. You may get a cold due to which you can also remain restless.

But the sum of getting the stopped money makes good, any big deal can also happen which will remove all your problems.

Your relations with high officials will be made good, so that you will be able to get the work done completely. For the new year, you can spend your time in implementing many new schemes.

Capricorn Rashifal / Horoscope (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

People of Capricorn will get serious about taking their work, you will try to give more time to your work. You will try to take more responsibilities by coming to the nobility, so that you can create problems in your life itself, so you have to take care. Take responsibility according to your position and capacity.

Talking about love life, you will get the chance of getting a very good partner, due to which you will get spiritual happiness.

Health will be normal, so there is no problem.

This week, you also get the chance to receive money suddenly from somewhere.

Aquarius Rashifal / Horoscope (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday) ::

Due to increase in self power in Aquarius people this week, you will be able to take very important decisions about your life. You can also spend a lot to increase the amenities in the coming week.

There are good chances of increasing the work, relationships will be made with high officials and new people will come in contact, which can lead to a big deal, there can be a big chance, which will increase the excitement and thrill in life.

Suddenly, you can also go on a journey with your friends and the sum of land gains becomes good.

Health and love life will be normal.

Pisces Rashifal / Horoscope (27 December to 02 January 2021 Saturday):

People of Pisces zodiac sign get good honor this week, work will increase as well which will increase the busyness. If the money has stopped somewhere, it can be received. A program can be made for going out with friends for fun.

Talking about love life, you can find someone who is truly loving and if someone is in your life, you will get a lot of support from him/her.

With the increase in power, you will not miss out on taking risks to increase the work.

Your time with your life partner will also be cut.

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If you want to discuss your horoscope, then you are most welcome. Know about your career, about your love life, about your strength, weakness, lucky gem stones. Consult astrologer now.

Weekly predictions 27 december to 02 January 2021, Horoscope of 12 zodiac signs, career, साप्ताहिक रशिफल 27 से 2 जनवरी तक,  love life / relationship, predictions as per current transit, know how the coming week will be.


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