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Significance of 2021 Mahashivratri As Per Astrology

Astrological significance of 2021 Shivaratri, what to do to please Lord Shiva, how to worship Shiva according to the zodiacs.

Every year Shivaratri falls on the 14th day of Phalgun Krishna paksh as per hindu panchang.  it is believed that Shiva and Parvati were married on this night. That is why devotees celebrate this day with fasting, chanting Shiva mantra, performing kirtan, distributing Prasad etc.

MAHASHIVRATRI is on 11th March 2021, Thursday.

alla bout Significance of 2021 Mahashivratri As Per Astrology by astrologer
Significance of 2021 Mahashivratri As Per Astrology

Shivaratri is considered Maharatri when people perform various tantric practices to fulfill their desires, tantric practice whole night for siddhi, those who seek spiritual advancement also take full advantage of this night. This night is beneficial for all.

There are different ways to worship lord shiva to fulfill wishes as per shivpuran.

As per astrology, we can do worship of lord shiva by using different things as per zodiac. 

Let us know that for which type of problems, we can worship on Mahashivratri ?

  1. Those who are facing a lot of problems in their marriage can worship Lord Shiva to get a good partner and to solve the marriage problem.
  2. If someone is obsessed with black magic, then Shivaratri is very important,  evil can be avoided by doing special practices on this day.
  3. Those who have a ghost impact in their house can also secure the house by worshiping Shiva at night.
  4. Those husband wives who are passing through conflicts can also make their life happy by getting the blessings of Shiva and Parvatiji on Mahashivaratri.
  5. People who are suffering from serious diseases can also perform rituals to get rid of diseases.
  6. Those who are looking for true love in life can also use their wishes for accomplishment.
  7. Even if there are problems in life due to bad planets in the horoscope, you can be benefited by worshiping Mahashivratri.
  8. If anyone is passing through shani sade sati then also shivratri pooja is good to minimize problems of life. 

So this time is very useful for solving any problem, everyone can take advantage of this day easily.

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Let us know the astrological significance as per planetary positions in Gochar kundli on Shivaratri:

  • This year, Shiva-night will be celebrated on 11th of March, Thursday.
  • Rahu and Ketu will remain Exalted due to which tantra practitioners will get special benefits.
  • Saturn will remain in its own zodiac sign, due to which people will get strength for prayers.
  • The juptier will remain DEBILITATED, which will not be right and will create an obstacle somewhere.
  • Sun will also remain in its enemy zodiac, due to which the official class should avoid taking any major decision on this day.
  • Venus will be auspicious, due to which pooja related to marriage, for success in love, for improving relationships, will be very successful. 
  • Rahu and Mars will be together, due to which there is great chance of accidents on shivratri night, so everyone has to be cautious.
  • Shivaratri is among Maharatris i.e. very powerful night,  so everyone must take advantage of this day. 
  • You should worship Shiva according to your ability. Our faith and reverence will bring blessings of Shiva into our life.

Let us know how we can worship Shiva according to zodiac/rashi:

  1. People of Aries can worship Lord Shiva with jaggery mixed water and can also worship Shiva with red sandal, Kaner flowers. Do distribute sweet chapatti to needy as per capacity after offering it to lord shiva. 
  2. People of Taurus zodiac can do abhishek of Shivaling with curd and can also do Bhat puja(pooja with rice) and also offer white flowers.
  3. People of Gemini can worship Shiva with sugarcane juice and Durva as well as using Kusha and green moong daal.
  4. People of Cancer sign can worship Shiva with Ghee, Shank Pushpi, milk etc.
  5. People of Leo zodiac can use jaggery water, wheat, madar flowers etc. in Shiva Pujan.
  6. People of Virgo sign can worship Shiva with sugarcane juice, cannabis, betel leaf etc.
  7. People of Libra zodiac can worship Shiva with Itar, curd, fruit juice, shrikhand and white flower.
  8. Scorpio zodiac sign can use Panchamrit and red flowers to worship lord shiva.
  9. Sagittarius sign people can worship shiva with gram flour, marigold flowers, etc.
  10. People of Capricorn can use coconut water, blue flowers, urad dal etc. in Shiva Puja.
  11. Aquarius people can worship lord shiva with sesame oil, shami flowers, sweets made from urad dal etc. 
  12. Pisces people can can use saffron and milk, yogurt and rice, yellow mustard, nagkasar etc. in shiv pujan. 

Note: It is very auspicious to keep fast and spend whole day and night by doing mantra chanting, meditation, kirtan etc. 

On this day, devotees can also recite Shiva mahimn strotram, Shiva Kavach, Shivashtak, Shiva Manas Puja etc.

If you want to know which worship will be auspicious for you according to your horoscope, then you can contact astrologer and know the best practice for you.

Om Namah Shivaya

Astrological significance of 2021 Shivaratri, what to do to please Lord Shiva, 2021 में महाशिवरात्रि का महत्त्व,  how to worship Shiva according to the zodiacs.


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