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Venus Transit in leo on 17 July 2021 predictions

 What will be the effect of Venus transit on 12 zodiacs, When will venus change rashi in July 2021?

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is related to love, happiness, material comforts, that is why when Venus gives benefits to someone, then it makes the life luxurious. With the blessings of Venus, the person gets a good lover, gets a good life partner, gets the means of comfort.

Venus Transit in leo on 17 July 2021 predictions
Venus Transit in leo on 17 July 2021 predictions

Let us know when will Venus change its zodiac?

On Saturday, July 17, 2021, at 9:13 AM, Venus will leave its enemy sign Cancer and enter Leo, which is again the enemy sign of Venus. 

Let us know what will be the effect of the change in the zodiac sign of Venus on the 12 zodiac signs:

Watch video here:

Aries Predictions:

Lovers with Aries zodiac can get a very bad effect of change in the zodiac sign of Venus. Your relationship with your lover may deteriorate, some third person may come in between.

Students may have trouble concentrating, anger may increase, and depression may come.

You will have to work harder than before to enhance your work.

For auspiciousness, the people of Aries should perform abhishek on Shivling with ITR.

Taurus Predictions:

Venus is the lord of Taurus sign and again entering in enemy sign, due to which personal happiness can be reduced. There may also be obstacles in work. Keep yourself away from any kind of fight. There can be lung and heart related problems, so take care.

For auspiciousness, people of Taurus sign should worship Goddess Lakshmi with white flowers.

Gemini Predictions:

There may be a decrease in the power of the people of Gemini, there may be tension with siblings without any reason. Concerns about mother's health may increase. For success in work, you have to work harder than before.

The time is also not right for the lovers of Gemini zodiac, estrangement may increase, relations may break.

For auspiciousness, people of Gemini should donate itar in Durga temple.

Cancer Predictions:

Cancer sign people may suddenly suffer some financial loss, you can waste money in friends and entertainment. The mind may remain troubled due to family troubles.

You can also remain upset due to health issues,  can go into depression due to obstacles in work.

For auspiciousness, people of Cancer zodiac should do abhishek of Shivling with curd.

Leo Predictions:

The entry of Venus will be in Leo sign, so you have to control your emotions, you can do harm by getting carried away by emotions, you can get trapped in wrong company. There can be a lot of obstacles in work, relations with life partner can be bad.

Before taking any big decision, take advice from the right person.

For auspiciousness, the people of Leo zodiac should distribute white sweets in the goddess temple.

Virgo Predictions:

Expenses of Virgo people may increase suddenly, expenditure may be incurred on travels, expenditure may be incurred on health. Now you have to move very carefully, even secret enemies can trouble you. Avoid lending to anyone, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble in getting back.

But you will get emotional support from your lover which will boost your morale.

For auspiciousness, people of Virgo zodiac should donate camphor to the temple.

Libra Predictions:

Libra people will have to work hard to increase their income, your unfulfilled desires will trouble you. Wrong people can create misunderstandings with your beloved ones.

Time will not be good for the lovers of Libra, so be careful while dealing.

For auspiciousness, the people of Libra zodiac should abhishek of Shivling with Panchamrit.

Scorpio Predictions:

Conflict may increase in the personal life and work life of scorpio people. You will have to work harder than ever to save your reputation. Unnecessary accountability will bother you.

For auspiciousness, the people of scorpio should distribute sweets in the goddess temple.

Sagittarius Predictions:

The people of Sagittarius will have to rely on their hard work, luck will not support you fully, due to which the struggle will increase. Wrong company can harm you. Any kind of fear can haunt you.

The lovers of Sagittarius may also have to go through trouble.

For auspiciousness, you should worship small girls, please them by providing clothes, food etc.

Capricorn Predictions:

Capricorn people will have to take special care of their health now. Health expenses may increase. Weakness may be felt in the genitals. Accidental events in life can disturb you.

For auspiciousness, people of capricorn should distribute perfume and sweets in the temple of Goddess

Aquarius Predictions:

People of Aquarius zodiac can get cheated by someone close, so be careful. Relationship with life partner may deteriorate or there may be increased concern about their health.

Enemies can trouble you, you can drown on lending to someone.

For auspiciousness, the people of Aquarius should offer coconut to goddess temple on Friday.

Pisces Predictions:

Sudden expenses can disturb the life of Pisces people. Debt may increase, may get stuck in legal proceedings. People of Pisces have to be careful while dealing with people after the change of zodiac sign of Venus, you have to take special care before taking a decision, don't trust anyone blindly.

For auspiciousness, chant your Ishta Mantra i.e. favorite god or goddess spell as much as possible and chant any spell of goddess Lakshmi.

So we have seen that on 17th July 2021, when Venus will enter Leo sign, what will be its effect in the life of the people.

In the next article, we will know what will be the effect of change in the zodiac sign of Mars.

If you want to know what changes can happen in your life according to your horoscope, then you can contact astrologer.

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What will be the effect of Venus transit on 12 zodiacs, शुक्र का राशी परिवर्तन का १२ राशी वालो पर क्या असर होगा?, When will venus change rashi in July 2021?.


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