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How To Keep Ourself Happy?

How To Keep Ourself Happy?, Tips to live a happy life, Tips to make our life wonderful.
astrologer for solutions of happiness problems
Best Ways To Live a Happy Life
This is the question which came in my mind too when I was aware of happiness before some years. And believe this question also become a reason of my unhappiness. 

In my previous article Secret of Happiness I have already cleared about many important secrets about happiness and also we have seen the benefits of happiness. Here we will see some important ways to make our life wonderful.

Because a time came when every situation was going opposite to me, I was not finding any moment which could make me happy. But I have never gave up and gradually I found the secret of happiness.

 Let me share some important tips with you. 
1. Man is a social animal and therefore needs companions to share feelings, ideas, thoughts etc. So always be in touch with your friends, relatives and good persons. 
This will help you to keep happy and normal.
Many times I have heard from my clients that after talking about their problems only they feel happy. Many have said that "I am feeling very lightly now, I am feeling positivity now that my problems will definitely get solved". This is because for long time they were keeping the poison in their mind and now they have thrown it out 
and thus they become happy. So make good relations, good friends and share with them some moments regularly and put out your feelings. In local language we also call it "BHADAAS".
2. Do something other than your routine life like as participate in some extra activities like, adventure sports, social works, hobbies, funny activities, physical activities etc. 
If cricket gives you happiness then just play, if dancing makes you feels ok then don't wait just dance, if you like gossiping then do it, if you love helping others then don't shy just start helping others, if you want to motivate then why you are waiting.

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3. Always try to do the work which suits your nature, mind and heart. I mean to say that don't choose career in pressure. For e.g. if you have interest in cooking then don't enter in engineering just for the sake of others. By this you can ruin your life. 
4. Create interest in your work, by this you can enjoy your work and if you start enjoying the work then definitely others also enjoy your work. This will create a happy atmosphere and open a way to success.
We often found that if any one serve us meal with a natural smile or a inviting smile, it certainly increase our hunger and happiness too and no doubt the taste too. 
5. If you are not finding any subject to become happy then join other who is happy, you will definitely be benefited from the aura of him or her.
6. Change your thinking which is depriving you to live a happy life. For e.g. don't think that if you will earn 1lakh per month then you will be happy because I have found that the happiness doesn't need money. It is a feeling which doesn't cost a penny. Just change the way of thinking, try to enjoy the moments, LIVE IN PRESENT and you will find a good changes in your life. 
I have many good persons in touch who were not rich earlier. At that time they were worrying about money and now they are worrying about how to protect the wealth, how to save tax, how to invest to earn more etc.

This is the truth. Happiness is not depend upon money and time. If you understand this secret then you will become happy.
NEXT is -
We don't need powers to become happy, happiness is itself a power, it has its own identity, it has its own religion, it has its own aura. So make your life successful 
and take step. Give a smile and keep it for ever and see how you are transforming life of others.

My best wishes are with you. 

How To Keep Ourself Happy?, Tips to live a happy life, Tips to make our life wonderful.

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