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Astrologer contact and fees

Fees Per Person:
Services Pricing
Horoscope Reading 600 INR or $11
Match Making For Marriage 901 INR or $21
Black Magic Analysis & Remedies 1500 INR or $24
Love Compatibility Reading 901 INR or $21
Numerology Reading Service 2100 INR or $30
Palm Reading Service 901 INR or $21
Vastu Consultancy 5100 INR or $81
Child Birth Consultancy 1200 INR or $21

Pay Securely via Debit cards/credit cards/Net Banking Here

Google pay/Phonepe Number :: +91 989 369 5155

Client Out side India Can Use Paypal To Pay Fees Below::
Paypal ID is :

UPI ID:astroshree@ybl

Use Your Email To Send DETAILS To ""::

Send The Following Details For Proper Analysis:
  • Name :
  • Gender (M/F):
  • Date of Birth (DD/MM/Year) :
  • Time Of Birth(Hrs:Mins) :
  • Place Of Birth :
  • Contact No. :
  • Questions :
  • Weight :
  • Both Palm Photos (If want palm reading) :
  • Latest Photo(If want black magic analysis) :
  • Mode Of Payment Used To Pay Fees(PAYTM Or Bank Transfer Or Paypal):
  • (Plz. Attach Proof)
  • Get the solutions of Relationships problem or marriage problem from astrologer, numerologist, palmist, vastu consultant.
  • Get remedies of Pitru dosha in horoscope.
  • Get the solutions of Kalsarp dosha in birth chart..
  • Know the reasons of failure in love matters from astrologer.
  • Know the secrets of Lucky Number, Lucky DAY, lucky color, etc from from ank jyotish/Numerology.
  • Know about best and lucky gems stones, best poojas, best yantra etc.
  • Name correction as per vedic numerology.
  • Know the ways to overcome from problems of services or job.
  • Get the ways to overcome from problems arising in education or studies.
  • Black magic remedies.
  • Get tips to over-come from diseases.

Points To Keep In Mind While Consulting ASTROLOGER:

  1. Do deposit the fees via credit card/debit card/net banking and send your details via email to "". You will get complete report via email and after that if you want to clear your doubt you can call astrologer for clarification of doubts.
  2. You can also deposit fees in PAYTM .
  3. For real astrology guidance do send the correct Name, Date of birth, place of birth, questions.
  4. Information is kept private.
  5. Do consult only if you have faith in numerology/astrology/occult sciences.

Best astrologer online for vedic astrology service
Astrologer Om Prakash Bhatnagar
Get astrology consultation through phone. If you are suffering from unwanted negative thinking, if it is getting difficult to live smoothly, if any confusion is creating problem then don’t worry consult astrology through phone and get solutions of your problem easily.
All about phone astrology consultancy by phone astrologer.
Phone astrologer/jyotish
  • Get the solutions of marriage problem from ASTROLOGER.
  • Get remedies of Pitru dosha from Astrologer.
  • Get the solutions of Kalsarp dosha.
  • Know the reasons of failure in love matters from astrologer.
  • Know the secrets of your own horoscope from online and know about best and lucky gems stones, best poojas, best yantra etc.
  • Talk to astrologer and know about your career and ways to move ahead successfully in life through astrologer.
  • Know the ways to overcome from problems of services or job.
  • Know the easy remedies to overcome from love problems.
  • Get the ways to overcome from problems arising in education or studies.
  • Black magic remedies.
  • Get tips to over-come from diseases.
Astrology is not a magical subject, Any astrologer use some principles and maths to predict anything. So don’t expect any magic. Astrologer can guide anyone after reading the horoscope. prakash(best astrologer) is providing online astrology services for the last 18+ years.He is from the famous historical and the city of mahakala(Ujjain). His name is among the famous astrologers of India.

As an vedic astrologer, he says that, everyone life is influenced by some cosmic forces and through horoscope reading, it is possible to know the impact of those cosmic forces which are continuously affecting our life since from our birth.

One can consult via visiting his reliable astrology website "". prakash(bestastrologer)is famous for his accurate astrology predictions and so he is also known as a best horoscope reader.

Dr. om prakash(best astrologer) provides phone consultation, personal consultation, email consultation, whatsapp counselling to guide everyone properly.

Dr. om prakash(best astrologer) expertise is not limited to just Vedic astrology, he also have good knowledge of other occult sciences such as numerology, palmistry, and Vastu sastra, tantra, prashn kundli. His guidance to make life successful is very simple and practical.

He says that "There is solutions of every problem, but one must have passion to overcome from the problems".

The trust of clients world wide is the award for him, people are making life successful by taking the guidance from prakash(best astrologer).

contact of hindi jyotish
Anyone from any part of world can take the online astrology consultancy and also talk in phone after taking appointment.God has provided us everything to live life successfully, astrologer can show the potentials hidden in anyone and also clears the ways to enhance the qualities to enjoy life.
  • Contact astrologer for horoscope reading.
  • Authentic birth chart analysis by astrologer.
  • Get the best ways to make love life successful.
  • Know about the career hurdles and astrology ways to make professional and business life successful from the one of the best astrologer online.
  • Get rid of black magic through easy ways.
  • Know about the lucky days, lucky numbers, best gems stones for you.
  • Reveal your own horoscope by consulting prakash(best astrologer).
Contact to astrologer Om prakash(, best astrologer for online astrology services.

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