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Astrologer through this astrology website is trying to aware people world wide about the power of Indian Astrology and the occult sciences. This Website contains FREE articles on mainy subjects related to astrology, vastu, Tantra, Vashikaran science, Jyotishiya Yogas in kundli, the reasons of problems and there remedies, personality development etc. 

The main thing is that all the articles are prepared by astrologer him self and so he has used the experiences of working in this field for years. The articles are very practical and easy to understand by every one. 
Every one can take guidance from astrologer through email and phone daily. You can easily know about your destiny, fortune, fate, horoscope secrets, ways to make life hurdle free, best gems stones for you, best yantra for you, best spell for you.

World famous ON LINE ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE(Shri Om Prakash) is a trusted name in Google and people around the world are taking the benefits of his astrology services through email and phone.

Astrology services by jyotish has set the benchmark for Indian astrology and the deep and profound knowledge of astrologer/fortune-teller/jyotish in the vedic astrology, dasha and mahadasha analysis, planetary analysis horoscope analysis, mangalik dosha, pitra dosha analysis, shani impacts, grahan yoga analysis, weak planetary position always become a beneficial part for the clients. 

Astrologer astroshree has also shown his excellency in knowing the reasons of chronic diseases and healing them through the spells/mantra, gems stones, yantra pooja etc. and thus he is also using the power of astrology and occult sciences in healing diseases as a medical astrologer. 

 Not only this people who are suffering from black magic also find a good protection from him in a very easy way. Black magic know a days is becoming a very common problem and true persons are becoming the victim of this and so protection and remedies must be needed for them and here easy remedies are given by astrologer for living life smoothly.

Astroshree is a dedicated astrologer and is working continuously for the happiness of all by guiding people to make life better through astrology ways. He is blessed with the skill of logical analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart which can help in finding out the real planetary reasons of problems related to relationship, love, family, job, marriage, social status, business, career, black magic etc. and then to find the real remedies of those problems of life. 

" Nothing is Impossible, Keep in mind and take a step to win this world"...........Astroshree

Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one. 

Ravi Pushya Importance | What To Do For Success?

Ravi Pushya Importance, What to do on auspicious day of ravi pushya, tantra of ravi pushya, totkay on ravi pushya, What To buy on ravi pushya, What to do for prosperity on this auspicious day of ravi pushya?, Astrologer For solutions of every problems.

Best astrologer for totkay on ravi pushya , Famous astrologer for Ravi pushya yoga process, tips for success to do on ravi pushya yoga
What To Do On Ravipushya?
A very important nakshatra among the 27 is 'pushya nakshatra'. When pushya nakshatra falls on sunday it is called 'ravi pushya', a Very auspicious day to start new work, to buy new things to do spiritual process for success, to make ayurvedic medicines, to do some specific tantrik prayoga or totkay. 

Generally people used to buy Gold jewelry on this auspicious day. It is said that if we start good work on this auspicious day then no doubt prosperity will come, happiness will come, success will come. 

Let's see the benefit of 'Ravi Pushya':

1. This ravipushya yoga is very important to install any siddha yantra like as Shree yantra, business enhancer yantra, prosperity enhancer yantra etc. 

2. If sun is generating malefic effects on horoscope and if on this day good process will done then the victim will definitely get good results. 

3. If sun is good in horoscope and if Ruby is worn on this auspicious day of ravi pushya then person will get tremendous results. 

4. Marriage blockage can easily be removed by doing special pooja on ravi pushya. 

5. Powerful rituals can be performed on this day for prosperity, financial power. 

6. If some one is affected by chronic diseases then proper remedial measures can be start on this day will give satisfactory result. 

7. Special processes are possible to perform on ravipushya for special power, hypnotic power. 

8. Powerful prayog, rituals are possible to perform for business success, personal life success, social success on the auspicious day of Ravi Pushya. 

9. There are many totkay for prosperity and success which is possible only on ravi pushya day. 

So don't worry if you are suffering from any health problem, business problem, prosperity problem, social problem, financial problem etc. Just use the speical muhurth of ravi pushya which will change your life and make your life smooth. 

Read About Guru Pushya Yoga.

Through proper analysis of horoscope we can easily find-

1) Business Problems and solutions

2) Marriage problems and solutions

3) Disease problems and solutions

4) Industrial Problems and solutions

5) Personal problems and solutions

6) Bhagyoday problem and solutions

7) Education Problems and solutions

8) Status Problems and soluitons

9) Job Problems and solutions

Use the ravipushya yoga for your prosperity, use this ravipushya yoga for getting power to live a successful life. 
Contact For Minute Analysis of Your Horoscope Scientifically
Best astrologer, famous astrologer, tantra , mantra, yantra on ravi pushya
Auspicious Time For Prosperity

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Guru Pushya Before Deepawali Benefits

Ravi Pushya Importance, What to do on auspicious day of ravi pushya, tantra of ravi pushya, totkay on ravi pushya, What To buy on ravi pushya, What to do for prosperity on this auspicious day of ravi pushya?, Astrologer For solutions of every problems.

Mahakali Yantra For Success

Mahakali Yantra, way to protect ourself from black magic, kale jadu se suraksha, protection from negative energy, Power of maa kali.
best yantra to over come from problems of life by astrologer
Mahakali yantra for protection

Are you in search of a way which will protect you from ill effects of negative energies, are you in search of a yantra which will protect you from black magic/kala jadu, are 

you in search of a powerful saadhna which will save you from harmful effects of negative energies then in this article you will come to know about one of the best yantra. 

This yantra is called "MAHAKALI YANTRA". Goddess kali is worshipped for the decades and no doubt devotees are getting blessings of her and living hurdle free life. As per Indian mythology maa kali finished many demons and till now negativity, ghosts, black magic gets away from her worship. 

If this Siddha yantra is installed properly at right place and in right time then no doubt the place gets protected and if any one worship regularly then by the blessings of mahakali Dharm, Arth, Kama, moksha is possible very easily. 

Mahakali represent power, and thus her worship will give the devotees fearless mind, confidence and so the person get success in every field. 

If ghosts and spirits are disturbing life of any one anywhere then it is good to install a siddha mahakali yantra and give Dhoop of gugal regularly and chant the mantra of mahakali. It will change the life of person and the place gets protected from evil energies. 

Mahakali Kawach To Wear:

Eyes And Astrology Tips For Healthy Eyes

Eyes and astrology, tips to keep eyes fit and fine, how to keep our eyes healthy through natural ways?.
free tips on how to keep eyes healthy
Eyes and astrology tips in english

Eyes are very important part of our body and are very necessary. It works continuously and for long time whole life, due to this we are able to see this wonderful world. Eyes help us to enjoy this wonderful world. It is eyes through which we see the creations of god. 

But due to engage in our fast life for livelihood we don't care for it and so finds problems related to eyes in long run. It is very important to keep our eyes healthy life long and for that it is necessary to adopt different ways. 

In this article I am going to tell my blog readers about the planets related to eyes, the reasons of weak eye sight, tips to keep our eyes healthy.

Eyes and Astrology:
As per astrology Second and Twelth House of our horoscope are responsible for our eyes and any type of problems in these houses lead to eye problem. Also Sun and moon are also very closely related to eyes. 

1. If the above 2 houses are affected by any malefic planets then it is possible that the person will face eye sight problem.
2. If the master of 2nd or 12th house are weak then also the eye sight will be affected.
3. In case any grahan yoga or any other malefic yoga forms in two houses may give arise to any eye sight problem.
4. I have also find during my analysis that if Sun or Moon are generating malefic effects in kundli then also the person faces eyes problems in life. 

Astrology Remedies Of Eyes Problems: 

Ethics Of Being Good Guest Somewhere

Ethics Of Being Good Guest Somewhere, What points to keep in mind while going somewhere, Astrology tips to make journey successful.
best tips for guest and journey by astrologer astroshree in english
Ethics for guest

Actually going somewhere is easy but being a successful guest is not very easy, there are many things which must be kept in mind while going to somewhere to stay or for sometime. This is the behaviour only which will make you stay in the mind of others positively. So underestimate your presence anywhere, if we follow some points in mind then definitely person will remember us for long time and this will help to maintain healthy relationship too. 

Actually by talking with people related to guest, I have found that many are not happy at all by seeing guest at there home, this is not because they don't like them instead due to there bad experiences they are now avoiding having guest.

I also have a negative experience which also compelled me in this direction, one of my friend whenever come at home with there children, it is definite that some problem will arise, this because his children are too much naughty and obstinate and they just make the home hodgepodge. This is actually not with me but where ever he goes, 

disturbance arises, But in actual he is not aware of this that others are having problem with this behaviour of his children. Due to this what I have found that now a days people are avoiding him to invite him in any occasion.

This may happen with many ones but due to lack of knowledge or ignorance person suffers in social life. Here in this article I am going to present some important tips for every one, It may help you to become a good guest.

Who Is a Guest?
A guest is a person who visit any one's house for sometime, some days etc. In Indian culture guest are said to be the incarnation of god and so they are honoured. But now 

a days due to fast life and need of money and change in thinking people generally avoid to have guest. 

As per the nature of person some are very good and put positive impacts on others and people like to invite them again and again but on the other hand some guest are so dangerous that people wait for there leaving home.

Let's Keep Some Points In Mind While Going Somewhere For Sometime:

Free Pitra Dosha Reasons, Effects And Remedies

Free Pitra Dosha Reasons, Effects And Remedies, Remedies of Ancestors problems, What is pitra dosha?, Why ancestors not get peace after death?, Effects of Pitra dosha, Ways to remove pitra dosha, Ways to get success in life.

Astrologer for pitra dosha remedies, jyotish for pitra dosha nivaran
Pitra Dosha Reasons and Solutions in english

Pitra dosha is a major dosha present in the horoscope. In vedic astrology this dosha is taken seriously and rituals or anushthaan to remove this dosha is very important. Many Miseries in our personal and professional life are because of pitra dosha. Pitra dosha is form in our horoscope due to the ignorance of our ancestors by our family members. Here in this article we will see what is pitra dosha and how we are affected by this and what are the remedies of pitra dosha?

If you are facing inexplicable problem in your personal and professional life?.
If you are facing progeny problems due to miscarriages?.
If you are facing debt problems.
If you are suffering from chronic diseases.
If there is ungraceful environment in your family.
If your business is not growing well.
If you are not getting the proper growth in your professional life.
If there is delay in your marriage. 
If there is a dissatisfaction in your marriage life. 
Then there may be pitra dosha in your kundli. This is not a misleading thought but this is very true. In my profession I faces different types of horoscopes daily and in most of the horoscope i found pitra dosha of different kinds and due to this their life are affected in various ways. 

Let's Understand Pitra Dosha Deeply, Scientifically and spiritually-
If our ancestors are not getting the right stage after death and if their expectations are not getting fulfilled by the family members than this dosha arises in the horoscope of new born babies of that family. In other word we can say that if the ancestors of any family not get peace after death then pitra dosha arises. 
There is another though which tells us that if we not offer water and food to our ancestors time to time, if we ignore our ancestors then pitra dosha arises.   
In horoscope we find pitra dosha by studying the positons of sun. If sun is affected by any negative planet then the horoscope has pitra dosha. 

A very Important question is that why pitra or ancestors not get peace after death?

There are various reason for this like as unnatural death, death in early age, Unfulfilled wishes or desires. In this type of conditions the soul gets wandered here in there in search of salvation and they also they expect from their family members that they must do something for their upliftment. 

Effects of Pitra Dosha-
Due to pitra dosha many types of serious problems arises in family like as grief due to unnatural death of family members, Premature delivery, death of children or baby, chronic diseases, problem in marriage life, clashes in family members, dissatisfaction in every part of life. In spite of hard work person is unable to get the right result. Children faces problem in getting right education smoothly, younger faces problems in getting right jobs in spite of having good qualifications etc. 

Remedies of Pitra Dosha or Ways to Pacify the ancestors-
If there is pitra dosha in horoscope or if anyone faces the above said problems then he or she must go for right remedies for this. 
Here I am giving some easy and proved ways to overcome from pitra dosha-
1. Do shradhha/ pinddaan and tarpan on the pitra paksha or mahalaya which comes ones in a year for 15 days. 
2. At the time of mahalaya don't forget to offer food and water to the ancestors. Donate food and water to cows, dogs, crows and the needy beggars etc. 
3. Do Tarpan on every Amavasya and donate the punyas of your rituals or pooja to your ancestors on amavasya and pray for their upliftment. 
4. Remember your ancestors or pitra in every auspicious occasions and celebrations in your family. 
5. Alwys give respect to your elders. 
6. Do shiv Aradhna regularly which will give peace to you and your ancestors too.

It is also possible that problems in life occurs due to any other doshas in kundli so it is good to consult good astrologer for proper analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart and then adopt remedies under the guidance of astrologer.

best astrologer and jyotish for pitra dosha remedies, solutions of pitra dosha
Solutions of Pitra Dosha

Retirement Facts To Enjoy Life

Retirement Facts To Enjoy Life, what does retirement in reality, what to do after retirement, who is really retired, Avoid these thinking.
Motivational tips for retired person, facts of retirement in english
Retirement facts

Retirement doesn't mean to go in silence and waiting for the last moment of life, retirement doesn't mean to just cut off from the society, retirement doesn't mean to just sit in home always and pass time, This is a traditional thinking and totally belongs to negativity.

Read Here Some Facts:
1. A retired person knows the best ways to perform any task because of experiences of so many years.
2. A retired person knows the tricks to perform any task efficiently and effectively. 
3. A retired person has sound networks in society.
4. And a retired person also has many incomplete dreams. 

The above qualities is enough to do anything in life. A person who has a healthy body, healthy mind, dreams to fulfil, power to perform tasks is not said to be retired in any case. It is a tradition in companies to leave a person on the basis of his or her age but I think that this is the golden period to live life as per the wish. Don't take retirement as a negative incident. 

In fact -
This is the time to become Entrepreneur.
This is the time to live the dream life. 
This is the time to do the impossible.
This the time to show the world about your hidden powers which were not coming out due to the responsibilities of different kind. 
This is the time to give the society the best thing which you have learnt so far from the life. 
This is the time to utilize the whole experiences and knowledge to fulfil dream.

Don't underestimate your powers, your knowledge, your network, The world needs the scholars who have something special in them. 

Some Negative Facts About Retirement:

Navel Imbalance Means, Reasons and Remedies

What is navel imbalance, Problems due to navel displacement, nabhi Moves means, Gola/Dharan means, how to cure navel imbalance, Easy remedies to cure navel imbalance, Toe Ring to save from Dharan.
Navel imbalance reasons and remedies by astrologer astroshree on line
What is Navel imbalance

What is Navel Imbalance In General Term?
When we talk about the centre part of the body then navel comes in our mind, in yogic terms when we talk about manipurak chakra then also navel comes in our mind, whenever pain in stomach comes in our mind then also first of all we think about the navel. So it is very important part in our body. In hindi Navel is called "Nabhi/Gola/Dharan".

It is actually the junction of nerves from where most of the nerves pass. Here there is a great web of nerves and muscles are supporting them, whenever due to any reasons these muscles shifted or moved from the main place then Navel displacement takes place and this is called "gola khisakna, dharan, nabhi khisakna" in local language. Sometimes it shifts to the left side and sometime it shifts to the right side, sometimes upwards and downwards too.

Reasons of Navel Displacement/Gola Khisakna:

Moon Stone Pearl Gem Stone Secrets

Pearl/Moti gems stone secrets, Free encyclopaedia of pearl Gem stone, Importance of Moti, Uses of Mooti, Where to buy, Astrology benefits of Mooti, how to wear Pearl ratna,  information of Moon Stone.
free tips to use pearl by astrologer astroshree
Pearl Gems secrets

When we talk about a stone which will calm our mind, which will attract the blessings of Moon, which will make our life smooth and balanced then a very good gem stone Pearl comes in our mind. It represent the planet Moon and Mother as per astrology and so is used to enhance the power of Chandrama/Moon. 

In Hindi Pearl is called "Mooti/Moti" and is a very shinning and smooth ratna. One can use it for health, wealth and prosperity but the quality of pearl matters enough. 

Don't use the moon stone having following qualities:
1. Any type of cracks anywhere.
2. Any type of black spot on the surface anywhere.
3. Rough surface with uneasy touch.
4. Any type of lines anywhere.

What To Keep In Mind Before Wearing Pearl/Moti/Mooti:
1. Use the right weight gem stone for better results.
2. Use the right metal to make it.
3. Use the auspicious time to order it and to wear it.
4. Also it is good to get it charged with spells.

Composition Of Pearl:
It comes in category of Mineral and Pearl is a composed of Calcium Carbonate and is form naturally inside oysters. But now a days due to commercialization it is made artificially in abundant and so as per information following types of pearls are available - Oyster pearl, Conch Pearl, Hog pearl, Bamboo pearl, cobra pearl, sky pearl,etc. But most common is oyster pearl which is white in color and some little bit creamish.

Benefits Of Using Pearl:
1. It is good for relationship with mother and to enhance the health of mother. 
2. It balance the mind i.e. keep the person calm.
3. It enhances the generosity.
4. Also helps in increasing eyesight.
5. Helps in treating depression, insomnia, insanity, aggressiveness, emotional nature, problems related to sex organs, constipation, mental disorder etc.
6. It increases the beauty.

Who Can Use Moti/Pearl as per astrology?