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Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one.

What To Do For Success on Guru Poornima?

What is guru poornima?, Story of guru poornima, Importance of Guru poornima, What to do on guru poornima for success?, Gurupurnima 2018
Astrologer, Motivator, Spiritual guide, what to do on Guru poornima?
Guru Poornima

2018 Guru Purnima:

This year guru purnima is falling on 27th July 2018, Friday, A very Auspicious day to please our GURU or the universal master to make our life successful.
CHANDRA GRAHAN will also take place on this Guru Poornima.

Let's Understand Guru Poornima:

Guru poornima is the day to show gratitude to the spiritual masters. It is the day fixed by rishi ved vyas to worship our guru and show our thanks, felicitation.
Guru is the person who shows us the right path and also teach us how to reach our real destination successfully. Guru is a power who transform a general person into a powerful and real personality who become beneficial for whole the world.

In India gurus are worshipped for the ancient times.
Lord shiva also says that there is no difference between god and guru that's why it is the duty of disciple to devote completely to the gurus feet.
  • The ultimate goal of life is salvation which is not possible without guru or spiritual master.
  • The wandering of person also not stop without guru.
  • The ultimate peace is also not possible without guru.
  • The Successful life is also not possible without guru.
  • The inner treasure is also not able to come before us without guru.
That's why it is said that take every step to find a guru. When a person get guru then the real journey of life start.
God is present in this world physically in the form of guru.
Guru Poornima is comes in the Month of Ashad as per Hindu panchang and on this day every desciple worship their spiritual master or preceptor and show their deep gratitude.
Poornima is also taken as the auspicious day to start any saadhna or spiritual practice so many persons start their spiritual journey on this important and sacred day or guru poornima.
"Chaturmas" also start from this day. Next four months from this guru poornima is very important for the spiritual practices.
Spiritual masters stop wandering and teach their disciples at one place.

What To Do On Guru Poornima?

Chandra Grahan Significance

Chandra grahan significance as per occult science, what to do during Moon eclipse/Lunar eclipse?, What not to do during chandra grahan or Moon eclipse/Lunar eclipse.
best grahan astrology by astorloger
Lunar eclipse importance

Eclipse is actually not good from the point of view of science because harmful rays generated at that times so it is advised to not see the grahan or eclipse or not to come in contact with rays any how. 

But there is another very positive aspect of grahan and i.e. worship at this time is very powerful, prayers are accepted easily at the time of Grahan or eclipse and so Tantriks, scholars, devotees wait whole year for the Chandra grahan or Surya grahan. 

As per vedic astrology Moon/chandra is related with mind, coolness, dreaming power, mother etc. Zodiac Cancer is related with Moon. Metal related with this planet is silver and color related is white. 

Actually emotional feelings are related with Moon and so persons who have problem with Moon in horoscope faces too much emotional problems, diseases, relationship with mother etc. 

What to do at the time of Chandra Grahan?
As per the practitioners of occult sciences it is believed that at the time of grahan or eclipse, rahu and ketu powers increases and these are planets which are responsible for giving at once benefits and also these planets are very closely related with special powers known as tantrik siddhis. And so for fast results of any mantra or tantra or any worship it is done during chandra grahan/lunar eclipse time.
  • So whether any one is facing relationship problem then it is good to perform prayers during this time. 
  • If any one is facing health problems then also it is good to perform rog nivaran puja during chandra grahan.
  • If any one is facing wealth problem then also it is good to perform prayers to attract wealth in life. 
  • If any one want to please any god or goddess then also chandra grahan time is the best time to perform worship or anusthaan.
  • If any one want fame and name in life then also this is the golden period to perform prayers. 
  • Yantra siddhi is also possible at this time. 
  •  Devotees of lord shiva can chant Shiv panchakshari mantra(Om namah shivay) during this lunar eclipse.
  • Devotees of hari can chant the mantra "Om namo bhagwate vasudevaay"
  • Devotees of goddess durga can chant durga mantra.
  • Lord Ganesha devotees can chant ganesh mantra.
  • Disciples of any guru can chant the related mantra.
  • Fast on this day and night is also very good.
So one can choose mantra as per there wish and please there related god or goddess.

What not to do During Lunar eclipse?

How To Enhance Luck In Shravan Month

How to enhance luck in shravan month, best astrology tips to open the way of success in month of sawan, best pooja for sawan month, whom to worship in shrawan month, astrologer for predictions and solutions.
best astrology tips for shravan month by astrologer FREE
Shravan Month For Good Luck
In my previous articles I have already revealed secrets of shravan month. It is the month of lord shiva, It is a month to perform spiritual practices, It is a month to gain virtues by performing shiv pooja and daan to the needy persons.

Shravan month is a great month for the devotees of god shiva, every where we can see the chanting of lord shiva names, bhajans etc. One can gain positive energies easily by worshipping in this auspicious and sacred month of shiva.

If any one if facing bad luck in life, if any one is suffering from evil eye effects, if any one is suffering from destiny problems then this is the month to over come from the problems of life, shravan is the time to attract the blessings of shiva and make the life hurdle free.

Luck is very important in life, lucky person is able to get name, fame, money, wealth easily and without any much effort but unlucky persons in spite of doing too much labour and struggle are unable to fulfil the basic needs of life.

But it is another fact that if any one gets the blessings of lord shiva then no one can stop that person to get success in life, it is possible to live a satisfactory life by the blessings of god. It is possible to live a graceful life by getting the powers from the universal god.

Shiva is the destroyer of negativity, lord shiv is the destroyer of evil eye effects, he is known as bhootnath i.e. the masters of ghosts, he is known as Mahakaal i.e. who control the times, he is known as bholenath i.e. who can be easily pleased by prayers.

So if nothing good is happening then the best way to over come from problems is to worship lord shiva in shravan month with full faith and devotion.

Some Tips To Make The Life Better And Wonderful In The Month of Shravan:

Shravan Month Importance And What To Do For Success

Shravan Month Importance, What to do for success in shravan month?, power of shravan month, astrologer, Easy way to perform fast of Shravan Monday, Important things to do on Shravan Month, Astrologer.
astrologer, jyotish, shravan month pooja for success
Importance of Shravan Month
Shravan Month is the important month of chaturmas, It is the month to perform spiritual practices for success. This month is also very good to perform worship of lord shiva. Specially on Monday people pray in different manner to please Shiva. Monday of Shravan Month is also known as 'Shravan Somvar' in India.

Different types of poojas are possible In Shravan Month like as:

  1. Poojas for Marriage is done successfully on shravan month.
  2. Poojas to remove hurdles of business is possible easily in Shravan month.
  3. Poojas to get the blessings of lord Shiva is done on this auspicious month.
  4. Poojas to get money is also easily done on Shravan Month.
Shravan month is very auspicious and sacred too. Pooja, aradhna, mantra siddhi and other spiritual practices if done properly then no doubt success will come.

If any one worship lord shiva by installing SIDDHA PARAD SHIVLING then no doubt devotee will get the best results. To read more about Power of Parad shivling Click Here.

Many other special celebrations are also done only in Shravan Month like as-

  • Hariyaali Amavasya comes in Shravan Month.
  • Haryaali Teej also comes in Shravan Month.
  • NaagPanchmi also comes in this month.
  • Pavitra or Putra ekadashi vrat is also done on this month.
  • Raksha Bandhan also celebrated on this month.

Things to do during Shravan month:

  • Wear Rudraksh, and also use a Rudraksh mala for Japa.
  • Offer Lord Shiva Bhibhuti and place some on your forehead.
  • Make offerings of Bel leaves, Panchamrut (milk, yoghurt, ghee, honey and jaggery) on Shiva Ling.
  • Recite Shiv Chalisa and Aarti.
  • Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.
  • Fasting on Mondays. Girls who fast on all Mondays of Shravan get a good husband.
Shravan month is taken as one of the holy month of the year as per Hindu. We can also call it 'Shiva Month' because in this month we will find a mob in lord shiva temple whole the month. 
It is also a belief that samudra manthan was happened on this auspicious month and lord shiva took the Halahal poison and stored it in the throat.

How To Perform Fast of Monday?

Fast is one of the best way to please the god as per hindu. It is good to engage ourself in doing chanting mantra on the day. 
Here i am giving the simplest process to perform Somvasr Vrat or fast of Monday on Shravan month-
  1. Get up early in the morning and free yourself from daily routing as soon as possible. 
  2. Arrange Bilwa patra, Dhatura, Milk, Water, Chandan Itra.
  3. Now you can do worship in any shiva temple or in your own temple. 
  4. First of all worship lord ganesha and then do abhishek of lord shiva with milk, water and chant the mantra Om namah shivay. Also offer belwa patra, dhatura on shiva lingam. 
  5. Now take sankalp that why you are doing the fast and pray to lord shiva to show you the right path. 
  6. Whole the day try to perform the chant of shiva mantra 'Om Namah Shivay'.
  7. Don't abuse any one, feed the needy persons, try to be in silence.
  8. Take the blessings of elders, brahmins, saints.
  9. Pray for the well being of every one.

What Else Can Be Done On Shravan Month?

As i said that this is the month of shiva so we can also perform the following things for our well being-
  1. Rudrabhishek is also good if we perform on Shravan month.
  2. Worship of Lord shiva with Rudra sukt is also very beneficial.
  3. Wearing a charged Rudraksh is also beneficial.
  4. Pitra dosha nivaran pooja, kaalsarp nivaran pooja, mangal dosh nivaran pooja is also done on this month.
  5. Pooja to remove obstacle of marriage is done.
  6. Pooja to get a healthy and wealthy life is done on month of shravan.
So use this auspicious shravan month for getting the blessings of divine powers.

Get a Powerful Parad Shivling To Install in your house, office etc. Contact now For details, don't miss the shravan month to install a powerful shivling.

Do you want to know what your stars says, what is written in your kundli , which pooja is good for you in shravan as per astrology. then do contact astrologer for minute analysis, guidance and solutions of problem.

You can consult for any type of astrology consultancy Go Here
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What To Do In Shravan Month?
Shravan Month Importance, What to do for success in shravan month?, power of shravan month, astrologer, Easy way to perform fast of Shravan Monday, Important things to do on Shravan Month, Astrologer.

2018 Shravan Month Astrology Significance

2018 shravan month and astrology significance, Importance of Saavan month, Important festivals falling in saawan month, Ujjain mahakal sawari and Sahi sawari dates.
2018 shravan month and astrology significance, Importance of Saavan month, Important festivals falling in saawan month, Ujjain mahakal sawari and Sahi sawari dates.
2018 Shravan Month Astrology Significance
In the year 2018, sawan month will start from 28th July Saturday and will end on 26th August , Sunday. Shravan month is very auspicious for devotees because as per Astrology this month is related with lord shiva and so people perform special poojas to please lord shiva in saawan month. 

Following Are the Dates of Sawan Somwar:

  • Ist shravan somwar is falling on 30th july.
  • 2nd Saawan Monday is falling on 6th August.
  • 3rd Saavan somwaar is falling on 13th August.
  • 4th sawan somwar is falling on 20th August 2018.
Note: In Ujjain which is also known as Awantika Nagri “Procession of Baba MAHAKAL“  take place on every Sawan somwar, and 1 SAAHI SAWARI ALSO take place in which devotees from world wide come to take blessings of baba Mahakal.

Following Important Festivals Are Falling In 2018 Shravan month:

  1. The all festival have great astrology importance and rituals are done to get rid of problems and to make life successful. 
  2. Mangla Gauri fast and Ganesh chaturthi will fall on 31 July, Tuesday, This is very auspicious day to worship goddess and lord ganesha to minimize hurdles of life. This is falling in shravan month.
  3. Kamika Ekadashi and Mangala Gauri Fast is falling on 7th August, Tuesday. An auspicious day to worship lord Vishnu and goddess to make life successful. This is falling in shravan month.
  4. Pradosh vrat is on 9th august. An important date to worship lord shiva.
  5. Haryali Amvasya is falling on Saturday and which is also known as “Haryali Shanischari Amavasya”, this is very auspicious day and as per astrology one can perform rituals to get rid from pitru dosha, graham dosha, shani sade sati, black magic, kaal sarp etc. 
  6. Mangala gauri fast and Ganesh chaturthi is falling on 14th August.


What is Mangal dosh? How Mangal Dosh Happens in Horoscope or Kundli ?Effects of Mangal Dosh, Remedies of Mangal Dosh, astrologer for best solutions of manglik dosha as per astrology.
What is Mangal dosh? How Mangal Dosh Happens in Horoscope or Kundli ?Effects of Mangal Dosh, Remedies of Mangal Dosh
Mangal Dosha in horoscope

A very important question arises in every one's mind that what is mangal dosh and what are the effects of this dosha and what are the remedies of this dosha ?

Mangal dosh happens when --

  1. Mangal(Mars) sits in lagna, happiness place that is 4th place of horoscope, marriage house i.e seventh place, eights house or in 12th house of horoscope as per vedic astrology.
  2. If Mangal(Mars) sits with adverse planet.
  3. If Mangal of neech is placed in horoscope.

Effects of Mangal Dosha:

  • Problem in Marriage takes place as per vedic astrology if manglik dosha is present in horoscope.
  • Person may become Short tempered because of malefic mangal in kundli. 
  • Strife(kalah) in Home also takes place due to problematic mangal in birth chart.
  • Adverse effects on personal life
  • Accidents may also occur. 
  • Some special type of diseases like hypertension, stress etc.
  • Delay in marriage or disturbed marriage life.

Remedies of Mangal Dosh :

What is The Reason of Unsuccessful Live-In Relationship?

What is The Reason of Unsuccessful Live-In Relationship?, Problems in live in relationships, remedies of live in relationships problems, astrologer For relationship problem solutions, personal astrologer.
What is The Reason of Unsuccessful Live-In Relationship?, Problems in live in relationships, remedies of live in relationships problems, astrologer For relationship problem solutions, personal astrologer.
What is The Reason of Unsuccessful
Live-In Relationship?

In this age of digital relationship every one is making relationships by using social websites and blogs. people are regularly engage in sharing their thoughts and feelings through social networking sites. And in most of the cities males and females are also using live in relationships which is the result of trust and need. 
But Starting of this age of live in relationship is not enough. With this new era also problems related to live-in relationships also arises.

Many types of cases comes to me Like as-

  1. Non cooperation from one of the partner after deciding to live in together.
  2. Unwanted diseases after deciding to live in together.
  3. Change in feelings after deciding to live together.
  4. Arise of mental pressure in spite of deciding every thing.
  5. Cheating from one of the partner.
Many times people ask me before living together everything was right but what happened to the nature, it has changed completely. Why this happened to me? How to Get off from this problem? What to do to live a successful personal life.

I am clearing here every thing here in this article. 
As we know that human beings are not god. We are just puppet and destiny plays with us. It doesn't means that we just sit keep quite and live our life as it is. 
Here astrology and other divine lore helps us to show the right way. by studying the astrology i came to know that every thing happens because it is decided and that is destiny. Through astrology we find that why an incident takes place. 

Astrology Reasons of Problems in Live-In Relationships:

  1. If the partnership place is contaminated by negative planets then person always get problems in getting a good relation.
  2. If the happiness place is generating malefic effects then also person will not get the satisfactory life even after getting the partner.
  3. If the destiny place is not powered by good planets then also person will not get the desired result in personal life. 
It is proved so many times that people are not satisfied in life because they are having problems in horoscope. 

Remedies of Live-in Relationships problems:

What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic

What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic, what happens with people who practice kala jadu, voodoo magic, Why not to practice black magic, Difference between black magic and white magic.
What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic, what happens with people who practice kala jadu, voodoo magic, Why not to practice black magic, Difference between black magic and white mag
What Are The Consequences Of Black Magic
In these days many news related to black magic comes to us and there are many people who want to fulfill their wishes any how. Some want to control people, some want to harm enemies, some want to sex with someone, some want promotion in job, some want status in society and so on. There is no limit of expectations in life and when these expectations enter in mind and body and attach with our EGO then person takes every step to fulfil them.
Use of BLACK MAGIC is also the result of this unwanted passion to get success anyhow in desired segment of life. So actually those who are very selfish use black magic to attain the things anyhow in life. 


People who use this evil magic or voodoo magic or kala jadoo, magic spells, spells, hex, sorcery, jadoo, jadu, sihr, witchcraft, actually don’t know the consequences and lack of knowledge put them in a dark hole and life become hell after sometime. As an astrologer I get many calls from worldwide in which people ask for protection after using black magic to fulfil their wishes. 
It is not good to expect good from evil energies, if anyone take help of negative energies then in long run they also ruin the life of user too. 
Black magic, voodoo magic or kala jadoo are done by using the evil spirits and this is a fact that they are themselves not satisfied and so they are wondering in universe and if we take their help then they also need something from us in return, if anyone fulfil their wish then it is ok but if not then user can enter in danger zone which usually happen. 

Difference between black magic and white magic:

There is a big difference between black magic and white magic, In black magic we compel energy to perform any task but in white magic we pray to make our life successful, here work happen with blessings and in kala jadoo work happen by using spell power. This is the reason why people using white magic get success without harm.

So consequences of black magic are very dangerous and bitter in long run. So it better to avoid this to live a hurdle free life.

 There are many houses, places and and things in world which are cursed by evil energies and so are deserted and now no one can stay there for long.

To use black magic people generally consult Tantrik, black magicians, babas, astrologers who also demand something in return, So actually both user and demander are incomplete and so it is a fact that we can’t expect goodness from any of these.

GOOD ASTROLOGERS don’t put their clients in Dark Zone and so don’t recommend black magic. So consult good and trusted astrologers always and don’t demand black magic.

The Truth Of Destiny:

Career as per the lord of 10th house or Dashmesh

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh,, Online consultancy for carrier, best astrologer for carrier consultancy, Career As Per Houses of Kundli:, Power of Planets In Choosing Career, star astrology for carrier, Carrier house in astrology

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh,, Online consultancy for carrier, best astrologer for carrier consultancy, Career As Per Houses of Kundli:, Power of Planets In Choosing Career, star astrology for carrier, Carrier house in astrology
Career As Per  Lord of Carrier House
Career is very important and the decision of career is not as easy as it seems. An experienced astrologer analysed every aspect of kundli and then suggest best career option for the person. 10 house is very important and in my previous article i have already cleared the effects of planets in Career. Now here in this article i am going to clear that how career is affected when the lord of 10th place present in different place of kundli or horoscope. 

Let's see career as per the 10th house in Horoscope:

  1. When lord of 10th House reside in 1st House then- Person become hard worker and get success in life by his own efforts. He or she may start business and become financially independent. 
  2.  When lord of 10th House reside in 2nd House then- The person become lucky and get success in every profession which he choose. Person may inherit the family profession or business. Person get wealth successfully due to this combination. 
  3. When lord of 10th House reside in 3rd House then- The person get assistance from the brothers or sisters to grow business or career. This makes a person orator or spokesman and a good traveller too. 
  4. When lord of 10th House reside in 4th House then- Person become very fortunate and get name and fame due to his works. This combination may push the person in politics, agriculture field, property business, Vehicle business etc. 
  5. When lord of 10th House reside in 5th House then- Speculation business may give benefit to the person. Financial business or trading sector is also beneficial for the person. This type of person lead a good life and engage in good activities. 
  6. When lord of 10th House reside in 6th House then- Person may engage in Hospital, judiciary or prison related work. Business is not good for this type of person and Service is advisable only for this type of persons. 
  7. When lord of 10th House reside in 7th House then- Partnership business is successful for this types of persons. Wife will bring luck for this person. He may be like to travel in abroad. 
  8. When lord of 10th House reside in 8th House then- This combination just increase struggle in life. Obstacles ruins the persons life. He has to work a lot for the upliftment. 
  9. When lord of 10th House reside in 9th House then- The person become a good consultant and has spiritual powers to guide others. His blessings can change the life of others. 
  10. When lord of 10th House reside in 10th House then- No doubt if this combination form then the individual will rock in the world of business or job. 
  11. When lord of 10th House reside in 11th House then- Person become an Industrialist or business tycoon and get respect every where due to his behaviour, knowledge and work. 
  12. When lord of 10th House reside in 12th House then-This is also a not good combination and person has to struggle more to make his career stable. Misfortune makes the life complicated. But person can make change with his hard work. 
So this is the power of Vedic astrology which clear every thing with the help of Nakshatra, Lord, zodiac signs etc.

Career as per the lord of 10th house or dashmesh

best tips to know carrier, best ways to over come from carrier problems
Online consultancy for Carrier
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Get the best guidance for career, know the way to increase hypnotic power for career growth, know the best pooja for you for career growth, know the best gems for your career growth.

Choosing right career is one of the most difficult task in life, one wrong decision changes our whole life and so people take the help of ASTROLOGER before choosing

career as per the Horoscope.
Our life moves as per planetary influence and so if we try to move in opposite direction in comparison to our planetary powers then struggle arise in life. Through astrology,

astrologer check the planetary powers and then guide person to choose the right career to make life successful.
Every house in horoscope is related with different field and so while choosing career, astrologer also analysise the different houses before suggesting any career.

Career As Per Houses of Kundli:

  1. Ist House Of Horoscope:The first house of kundli is also called lagna or ascendant and the power and positions of master or Lagnesh is very important. This is also related with person's mind and so powerful lagnesh is very important to live a successful life and successful CAREER. Powerful Lagnesh make the person self employed, successful politician, successful counsellor, teacher etc. 
  2. 2nd House Of Horoscope and Career:This is a profit house and if this is powerful or if it's master is powerful then person make successful career in consultancy industry, Accounting and investment, Banking sector, copywriting sector etc. 
  3. 3rd and House Of Horoscope and Career:Powerful third house help the person to make successful career in creative work like as arts, sales, advertising etc. 
  4. 4th House Of Horoscope and Career:This house is related with happiness and luxuries and if this house is good or if the master of 4th house is in good position and power then person can make successful career in real estate, vehicle industry, agriculture, water related industry etc. 
  5. 5h House Of Horoscope and Career:This house is related with knowledge and if this house is good or if the master of this house is powerful then person can make career in teaching industry, consulting industry, politics etc. 
  6. 6th House Of Horoscope and Career:A good sixth house makes the person successful in defence sector like military, police, navy etc., health industry, food industry, under garments industry etc. 

Shani Pushya Yoga Significance

Shani Pushya Yoga and Its impacts, How shani pushya yoga form, significance of shani pushya yoga.
Shani Pushya Yoga and Its impacts, How shani pushya yoga form, significance of shani pushya yoga.
shani pushya nakshatra
Shani pushya yoga is very rare and is very important from the point of view of performing many yoga. Since we all know that PUSHYA nakshatra is very auspicious among the 27 constellations and when it falls on saturday then "Shani Pushya Yoga" form. 
On 14th July 2018 shani pushya yoga is forming and making this day auspicious. Since pushya nakshatra is ruled by shani so on this day the we can feel good power of shani deva.

Let's Know The Significance Of Shani Pushya Yoga:
  • This is one of the best day to perform shani puja to please shani deva because pushya nakshatra is ruled by Saturn. 
  • If any one is suffering from shani sadesati, shani dhaiya, then it is good to perform special pooja on this day. 
  • Do abhishek of shani deva with black seasame oil or mustard oil on shani pushya yoga to over come from shani problems. 
  • Do offer things of shani like blanket, iron vessels, black seasame sweets, oil etc to needy. 
  • Do offer deepak in any shani temple and recite shani chalisa and 108 names of shanideva and pray for better life. 
  • Do take blessings of elders to enhance good luck on this day. 
  • Do make water arrangements for animals and needy people on shani pushya yoga. 

Shani pushya yoga is a very sacred yoga and this day is a day to accumulate virtue by performing good and sacred work. 

What not to do on Shani Pushya Yoga?