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Astrologer can Show the right way by reading the Horoscope, Kundli or birth chart. Get the best astrology consultancy on line from one of the best astrologer.

Best vedic astrologer of India for kundli reading, predictions and solutions of problems, black magic remedies
Astrologer From India
Are you in search of astrologer to get minute analysis of your horoscope, do you want to know about your doshas of kundli, are you in search of astrologer who can guide you properly to take steps so as to get success in life as per your horoscope, are you in search of astrologer who can suggest you about your lucky stone, lucky number, lucky puja, Are you suffering from any type of negativity due to which you are not getting success in life then here is the way to get proper guidance via analysis of your horoscope/kundli/birth chart. Get total Online astrology consultancy from Astrologer Astroshree.

Get Guidance To Over Come From Problems of Life through Real Astrology.
Astrologer through this astrology website is trying to aware people world wide about the power of Indian Astrology and the occult sciences. This Website contains FREE articles on mainy subjects related to astrology, vastu, Tantra, Vashikaran science, Jyotishiya Yogas in kundli, the reasons of problems and there remedies, personality development etc. 

The main thing is that all the articles are prepared by astrologer him self and so he has used the experiences of working in this field for years. The articles are very practical and easy to understand by every one. 
Every one can take guidance from astrologer through email and phone daily. You can easily know about your destiny, fortune, fate, horoscope secrets, ways to make life hurdle free, best gems stones for you, best yantra for you, best spell for you.

World famous ON LINE ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE(Shri Om Prakash) is a trusted name in Google and people around the world are taking the benefits of his astrology services through email and phone.

Astrology services by jyotish has set the benchmark for Indian astrology and the deep and profound knowledge of astrologer/fortune-teller/jyotish in the vedic astrology, dasha and mahadasha analysis, planetary analysis horoscope analysis, mangalik dosha, pitra dosha analysis, shani impacts, grahan yoga analysis, weak planetary position always become a beneficial part for the clients. 

Astrologer astroshree has also shown his excellency in knowing the reasons of chronic diseases and healing them through the spells/mantra, gems stones, yantra pooja etc. and thus he is also using the power of astrology and occult sciences in healing diseases as a medical astrologer. 

 Not only this people who are suffering from black magic also find a good protection from him in a very easy way. Black magic know a days is becoming a very common problem and true persons are becoming the victim of this and so protection and remedies must be needed for them and here easy remedies are given by astrologer for living life smoothly.

Astroshree is a dedicated astrologer and is working continuously for the happiness of all by guiding people to make life better through astrology ways. He is blessed with the skill of logical analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart which can help in finding out the real planetary reasons of problems related to relationship, love, family, job, marriage, social status, business, career, black magic etc. and then to find the real remedies of those problems of life. 

" Nothing is Impossible, Keep in mind and take a step to win this world"...........Astroshree

Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one. 

Black Magic Effects And Remedies

Black magic effects, types and remedies, Black magic remedies through gems, black magic remedy through utara, black magic remedy through totkays, How to Cut Black magic?, Astrologer For Black Magic Protection.

tabij for black magic protection, yantra for black magic protection, astrologer for black magic protection
Black Magic Effects And Remedies
Are you suffering from black magic, are you suffering from unusual incidents with you in daily life, are you not getting well in spite of taking medicines, are you hit hardly by malefic effects of planets? 
Do you want to get rid of your problems? Do you want to live a better life?, Do you want to come out of your problems then Astroshree is the right place. Here you will get the solutions of your problems. 
In this age of competition people are ready to anything for success. Because of the negative competition in the market, because of the feeling to present ourselves superior people are using black magic. 

People are using black magic to get success in different types of work like-

1. Black magic to kill enemy.
2. Black magic to get the property.
3. Black magic to get the love.
4. Black magic to create impression in work.
5. Black magic to get money from any where. 
6. Black magic to harass some one because of jealousy etc.
7. Black magic to hypnotize any boy or girl for specific work.
8. Black magic to get powers.
9. Black magic to win election. 

There are many types of problems arises on victims of black magic like as -
a) Mental problems arises suddenly in family.
b) Financial crisis arises in family at once.
c) Health problems without any reasons.
d) Different types of physical problems without any reasons.
e) Business problems of different types. 
f) Increase of debt In spite of doing hard work.

If you are suffering from black magic then don't wait for time. Just contact now to get solutions from 

How Toxins Affect Our Body ?

How toxins affect our body, bad impacts of toxins, how we accumulate poison in our body, Tips for healthy life, free tips for detoxification, Astrologer for health Problems Remedies.
best medical astrologer for health problems solutions, toxins effects and ways of detoxification free by astrologer
How Toxins Affect Body

"Health is wealth", but we all are suffering from some types of health issues among which some are becoming common in these days due to imbalanced life style and they are migraine, constipation, lethargy, diarrhoea, unable to take proper breathe, loss of memory, obesity, allergies of different kind, pains in body parts, etc. 

It is also seen that if we don't take precautions at early stage then the disease become chronic and heavy health and financial losses occurs. In this article I am going to focus on the common reasons of health problems. 

Have you ever think about the basic reasons behind these problems, let me clear that behind any problems TOXINS are present, When toxins accumulated in body then gradually body suffers with different types of problems. It is because in Ayurveda first focus is given on taking out the poision from body before starting any medicine. In acupressure also pressure are given at different points to release toxins from that part. 

What are TOXINS?
Harmful chemicals present in our body which creates health problems are called toxins. These may enter from water we drink, food we eat, air we breathe etc. Precaution is the best way to save ourselves from toxins. 

How we accumulate TOXINS in our body?
It is a fact that it is impossible to live a life without toxins because by some means we inhale it but here I am going to clear that what are the major sources of toxins in daily life. 

1. Luxury Life Style:
Now a days due to having gadgets and automatic systems people are becoming habitual of doing every thing in ease and this is the basic cause of every health problems. By 

not doing physical work or body deprive of sweat(pasina) which is necessary to take out poison from body.  And thus we accumulate poison in body. It is very necessary to perform physical work to perspire. 

2. Use of Fast Food:
Fast food is very dangerous for healthy life but in these days children are becoming addicted of fast food in which many preservatives are used and are not easily digestible, They also enhance FAT, contains salts of different kinds. All these increase the amount of toxins in body. Regular use of these things affect our digestive system badly make it weak day by day, in long run we see the impacts of it. 

3. Use of cosmetics too much in daily life for beauty:
This is again a problematic part of daily life. To show our beauty in society cosmetics are used at very high level which generally affect our natural beauty and the immunity powers of skins and other parts, gradually it becomes necessary for the user to use them continuously which prohibits the body to take out the poisons properly and gradually the user face health problems of different kinds. 

4. Not Drinking Proper Water:
Drinking water is a natural and best way to take out poisons from body but generally many ones are not able to have proper and pure water which also enhances the toxins in body. 

How to know that Toxins are Increasing in our Body?
It is not very difficult to know about this poisons in body. One can very easily find that now the amount of toxins are increasing. Let's see the symptoms of increasing toxins in body-

1. Regular headache or Migraine:
If any one is facing this problem then it is sure that digestion is affected and toxins are affecting the brain regularly and so it is necessary to take proper treatment before it becomes chronic.

2. Increasing Fat Continuously:
Gaining weight is the very common sign which confirm that person is accumulating toxins in body parts. Due to this many types of health problems arises in body. So beware of obesity and take steps as soon as possible.

3. Continuously living in Stress and Fatigue:
It is also seen in people who are having toxins in body, Due to this people are not able to perform there work properly and take stress of every thing. 

4. Unable to take proper breath:
If anyone is not able to take proper breath then it also shows the weakness of organs due to toxins in body so beware and take steps to over come from this. 

5. Regular Constipation:
A person who have good digestion is able to take out toxins easily daily but our digestive become weak due to unhealthy food and lifestyle. Due to this constipation starts. If any one is facing constipation regularly then it is a bad thing and shows the impact of toxins in body. Due to this person faces fatigues, stress, headache and become short-tempered.

6. Pains in body parts without any proper physical reason:
It is proved in acupressure and puncture that if any one is facing pain in any body parts then toxins are present there so pressure is given to release them, so if you are 

having pain then beware that you are accumulating poison in body, Do proper massage and take treatment to fit yourself. 


Importance of Ashad Adhik Maas 2015

Importance of Ashad Adhik Maas 2015, important celebration in adhi maas 2015, what to do to attract success in life.
best astrologer article on adhik maas in english
adhikmaas 2015 importance
If we want to know about the best period to enhance our spiritual practices, sadhna, rituals for success then as per astrology adhik maas is the best period for this. This is the period which is dedicated to lord vishnu and so people perform rituals to get blessings of supreme god in this month. 

2015 Adhik Maas:
In this year adhik maas will start on 17th June and will remain till 16th July 2015. As per hindu panchang Ashad month is there during adhik maas and is bringing many important festivals which is increasing the importance of adhik maas of ashad month. 

Let's know about the important events which are coming in this adhik maas-
1. Vinayaki Chaturthi Fast and Shani Pushya is falling on 20th june 2015. So on this day one can please lord ganesha as well as shani deva, special rituals are possible to get rid of shani sade sati and shani dhaiya. So if any one is suffering from malefic shani in horoscope then don't miss this day. Consult astrologer or any experienced pundit and know the best way to perform puja on this day which is falling on mal maas.

2. Kamla ekadashi is also falling on mal maas i.e. on 28th june 2015. Ekadashi is a day which is dedicated to lord vishnu and when it is falling in mal maas then importance increases many times. So do fast and worship lord vishnu to make life fill with peace and happiness. 

3. Adhi ashad Poornima is on 2nd July 2015, a very auspicious day to perform satyanarayan katha which is to please lord narayan. It is good to recite satyanarayan katha on poornima and to feed any brhamin and take blessings from him. Do daan as per capacity.

4. Krishna paksh ganesh chaturthi fast is falling on 5th July 2015 in adhik maas, This is a good day to perform ganesh puja to get rid of problems.

5. Kamla Ekadashi fast of krishna paksh is falling on 12th July 2015, again a good day to worship lord vishnu in adhik maas.

6. Shiv chaturdashi fast is on 14th July 2015, a day to worship lord shiva and to pray for the peace and prosperity.

7. Adhk maas shradh amavasya is on 15th and on 16th adhik maas will end. 

So 2 ekadashi or gyaras with 2 ganesh chaturthi fast day, 1 amavasya and 1 poornima is coming on this adhik maas, so engage in these sacred days to perform rituals, chanting mantra, homa. Enhance your spiritual practices, attract blessings of divine energies and make your life successful. 

Easy Ways To Remove Hurdles Of Life In Ashad Adhik Maas:

How We Attract Bad Luck In Life ?

How we attract bad luck in life, What type of activities are responsible for bad luck, how a person generate obstacles in life by his or her own work?
free tips to avoid badluck from life
Tips to get rid of bad luck
Actually we always cry for the hurdles which we face in life, we always do complaints regarding the obstacles present in life but in really there are many problems which we create by our own deeds. Knowingly or unknowingly we do many work which is not good for attracting luck. Because of them we sometime suffers from many types of problems. 

In this article I am going to focus on very simple points which are dangerous for getting a successful life. There are some habits which are not good for us and brings bad luck. These habits may attract negative energies, may attract bad luck , misfortune so must be avoided. 

If your dream is to live a successful life, if your dream is to become a lucky person, if your dream is to live a smooth life then this article will be very beneficial for you. 

Let's Know The Habits Which Attract Misfortune in Life:

1. Person who sleep after sun rise unknowingly deprived from the positive energies and thus attract dullness, laziness. The early morning time is very good to energize our mind and body and so it is recommend to perform yoga, pranayam early in the morning. So it is good to use the morning time to make our self strong and fit otherwise in long run this habit may create many types of health problems. 

2. Person who use broken comb to make hair also attract misfortune. Don't use broken comb, broken mirror, it brings bad luck. 

3. Those family suffer a lot who keeps garbage or unwanted materials in home. So do throw them as soon as possible. Don't keep waste material for long time. They also attract negative energies in life. 

4. Don't cut nails from teeth , it is not good for health and wealth.

5. Don't ever humiliate guests as they are equal to god as per our scriptures. 

6. If any one is habitual of sleeping at evening time then also it is a dangerous habit and may create obstacles in life.

Siddha Yantras Are Very Useful Tools for Success

What are Siddha or charged Yantras or Instruments, Types of Siddha yantras, Which Yantra To Install, Auspicious Time, Astrologer To Get Siddha Yantras.
best yantra astrologer for success, Online astrologer
Siddha Yantras

Charge (Siddha)yantras are source of Energy as yantras are charge with the power of lakhs of mantras. So if a charged yantra is installed at right place at right time by the right person then no doubts magical effects are seen. Various types of yatnras are available for different purpose, so before installing it is must that we know the purpose and then use that type of yantra.

Siddha yantras are used very secretly by scholars. Siddha yantras always helps the person to get the health, wealth and prosperity. But we must maintain its purity.
It is a fact that if we take care of the siddha yantras then the siddha yantras will take care of us. It is good to install a siddha yantra after proper consultation with astrologer for over all success.

ज्योतिष, वास्तु , विवाह ,प्रेम , व्यापार, शारीरिक समस्याए आदि का समाधान पाए 

Types of Yantras :
Different types of yantras are present in the market for Health, Wealth, Prosperity, black magic, diseases etc. let's see some of them--

1) Siddha Yantras for increasing Business.

2) Siddha Yantras for Health.

3) Siddha Yantras for planetary peace.

4) Siddha Yantras to get protection from evil eye    effects.

5) Siddha Yantras to protect from black magic.

6) Siddha Yantras to get success in a specific work.

7) Siddha Yantras to Hypnotize.

8) Siddha Yantras for Prosperity.

9) Siddha Yantras to protect from negative energy etc.

Which Yantra to Install ?

Hindi Astrologer | Hindi Astrology | Jyotish in Hindi

Hindi astrologer, astrology in hindi, Indian vedic astrology in hindi, hindi mai paaye janm kundli ka vishleshan, Horoscope analysis in hindi, hindi jyotish, ज्योतिषीय समाधान hindi में पाने के लिए संपर्क करे, भविष्य जानिए, कुंडली के रहस्य को जानिये.
best jyotish in Hindi in Google, web
Jyotish In Hindi

अगर आपको अपने कुंडली का विश्लेषण अंग्रेजी में चाहिए, अगर आप चाहते हैं की hindi वैदिक ज्योतिष द्वारा आपको सफलता के नए स्त्रोत मिले तो आप आज ही संपर्क कर सकते हैं ज्योतिष astroshree से. 
1. यहाँ आप पा सकते हैं अपने कुंडली की जानकारी. 
2. आप जान सकते हैं की कौनसा रत्न आपके लिए शुभ है.
3. आप जान सकते हैं की आपके जीवन का स्वर्णिम समय कब है.
4. आप ज्योतिष द्वारा जान सकते हैं की कुंडली में मौजूद दोषों को दूर करने के उपाय क्या है. 
5. hindi ज्योतिष द्वारा जानिये की आपके कुंडली में कौन से ग्रह मजबूत है और कौन से कमजोर है, आपको सफलता के लिए क्या करना चाहिए. 
6. आपके जीवन में प्रेम संबंधो को कैसे सुधारे.
7. कला जादू का समाधान भी आप जान सकते हैं hindi में. 
8. अगर आप विवाह करना चाहते है तो आप जानिये गुण मिलान hindi में. 
9. राशिफल की जानकारी hindi में पाइए. 
विद्यार्थी पा सकते हैं पढ़ाई में सफलता के सूत्र hindi ज्योतिष द्वारा, नौकरी पेशा लोग जान सकते हैं अपने क्षेत्र में सफलता पाने के उपाय, व्यापारी जान सकते हैं अपने व्यापार को बढ़ने के तरीके प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिष द्वारा.

वैदिक ज्योतिष पुरे विश्व में अपनी पहचान बना चूका है, देश विदेश के लोग वैदिक ज्योतिष को सीखने में जुटे हुए हैं, इसका एक ही कारण है इसकी प्रमाणिकता. hindi वैदिक ज्योतिष द्वारा जो भविष्यवानियाँ होती है वो बहुत सटीक होती है. अतः इस विद्या को पुरे विश्व में आदर मिला है. 
ग्रहों का हमारे जीवन में बहुत प्रभाव है अतः ग्रहों की चाल को जानकार हम अपने जीवन के महत्त्वपूर्ण फैसले ले सकते हैं. 
आज ही आप संपर्क कर सकते हैं hindi में समस्त ज्योतिषीय समाधान प्राप्त कर ने के लिए. 
आपको ज्योतिषीय सलाह लेने के लिए निम्न जानकारी email करना होगा :

Yantras for success

Yantras for success, power of yantras and use. Benefits of different types of yantras, astrologer for siddha yantras, Best Yantras for success. 

best yantras by best astrologer
Yantras For Success
1) Yantras for Wealth

(1). Shree Kuber Yantra:
This yantra  is dedicated to Lord Kuber who is the God of wealth and money, and hence bestows wealth, money and success in business as well as acquisition and accumulation of wealth.  The owner of this Yantra is blessed with wealth & prosperity.

(2). Shree Yantra:
 Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power & mental strength.

(3). Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra:
Mahalakshmi Yantra is for the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, "the Eternal Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity". It is believed that mere "Darshan" (sight) of this unique Mahalakshmi Yantra in the morning blesses the person with Wealth.

(4). Shree kanakdhara yantra: 
Kanakdhara yantra Helps in getting immense wealth, prosperity and luck. Establishing KanakDhara Yantra in the home can sure bring Good Luck ". Establishing it at Home can open the doors to fortune for the whole family.

2) Yantras for Wealth:

(1).Shree Mahamrityunjay yantra:
This Yantra is for the worship of Lord Shiva, and is extremely powerful. This Yantra is known to relieve one from any dreadful chronic diseases, all sorts of fear and phobia, influence of all evil planets, evil spells, ghosts and spirits. It also bestows fortune, name, fame, wealth and prosperity.

(2). Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra: 
'Vaahan' is vehicle and 'Durghatna' is accident. As the name denotes, this Yantra ensures protection from accidents, injury, or other mis-haps, especially those related to vehicles. It acts as a shield to protect and save the worshipper from any such mis-fortunes, and ensures his own, his family's and his belonging's safety during journeys.

3) Yantras for Business

(1). Shree Vyapar vriddhi yantra:
 'Vyapar' means business and 'Vridhi' means increase. As the name signifies, this Yantra increases sales, turnover and profits in business or profession, and blesses the owner or holder of this Yantra with success, progress and prosperity in work & career.

(2). Shree Subh Labh Yantra: 
Shubh Labh Yantra is a combined Yantra of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh and is called Maha Yantra. Through Ganesh Yantra one attains Siddhi and through lakshmi one is blessed with wealth. Shubh Labh Yantra can be placed in Pooja Ghar (Worship place), in cash box or a Almirah.

(3). Shree Karya Siddhi Yantra: 
A highly effective Yantra, which ensures the individual's well-being & success in almost every aspect of his life. The Yantra is composed of a circle, divided into seven equal segments, each segment containing a figure & a number. These segments are for knowledge, wisdom & healing of diseases; music, confidence & happiness; for family progress in the present and future.

4) Yantras for Luck

Santan Prapti Yog In Horoscope in English

Santan prapti yoga in horoscope by astrologer, how to know about children in horoscope as per vedic astrology, yogas showing happiness from children in life, what to do for santan prapti, who faces problems in having baby?, solutions of santan problems through astrologyby astrologer astroshree.
santan problems reasons and remedies in english by best astrologer astroshree
Santan Prapti Yoga in Horoscope

Having a baby/santan/child in life is a very important part of married life. It gives a new sight to the couples and make a good changes in life. Couples do lot of efforts in life to have a healthy baby or santan. There are many couples who are deprive of children and all there efforts are not giving results. In spite of taking treatment also some couples are not having progeny. 

The reasons of this can be known by astrology. Horoscope is the mirror of our life and so we can know many things about our life through horoscope, There are 12 houses in horoscope/kundli and all the houses represent different segments of life. One of the house is responsible for the progeny and by studying it and othere planetary positions with combination we can know about the reasons of not having baby. 

In this article I am focusing on the children problems i.e. why couple don't have baby or why abortion takes place again and again, how to have a healthy baby, what puja is good etc.

As an ASTROLOGER, I get several mails related to child problems in life, When couples fails to get result from other sources then they contact jyotish to know the reasons of problems and appropriate solutions. 

Importance of Santan/Child In Life: