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Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one. 

What To Do For Success on Guru Poornima?

What is guru poornima?, Story of guru poornima, Importance of Guru poornima, What to do on guru poornima for success?, Gurupurnima 2015

Astrologer, Motivator, Spiritual guide, what to do on Guru poornima?
Guru Poornima
2015 Guru Purnima:
This year guru purnima is falling on 31st July2015, Friday, A very Auspicious day to please our GURU or the universal master to make our life successful.

Let's Understand Guru Poornima:
Guru poornima is the day to show gratitude to the spiritual masters. It is the day fixed by rishi ved vyas to worship our guru and show our thanks, felicitation. 

Guru is the person who shows us the right path and also teach us how to reach our real destination successfully. Guru is a power who transform a general person into a powerful and real personality who become beneficial for whole the world. 

In India gurus are worshipped for the ancient times. 

Lord shiva also says that there is no difference between god and guru that's why it is the duty of disciple to devote completely to the gurus feet. 

The ultimate goal of life is salvation which is not possible without guru or spiritual master.
The wandering of person also not stop without guru. 
The ultimate peace is also not possible without guru. 
The Successful life is also not possible without guru.
The inner treasure is also not able to come before us without guru.

That's why it is said that take every step to find a guru. When a person get guru then the real journey of life start.

God is present in this world physically in the form of guru. 

Guru Poornima is comes in the Month of Ashad as per Hindu panchang and on this day every desciple worship their spiritual master or preceptor and show their deep gratitude. 

Poornima is also taken as the auspicious day to start any saadhna or spiritual practice so many persons start their spiritual journey on this important and sacred day or guru poornima. 

"Chaturmas" also start from this day. Next four months from this guru poornima is very important for the spiritual practices. 

Spiritual masters stop wandering and teach their disciples at one place. 

What To Do On Guru Poornima?

Shravan Month 2015 Importance

Shravan Month of 2015 importance, shravan mas 2015, saawan mahina, what to do for success, festivals on 2015 Sawan month.
best astrologer for shravan month astrology and solutions
Shravan month power

In this year 2015 the 'Shravan Month' will start on Ist of August and remain till 29th August 2015 just after the very auspicious and sacred day GURU PURNIMA. In these 29 days the 'star Shravan' will be in sky and major impact of this star will be there and so these Twenty nine days will be called as Shravan Month. This start is very important from the point of view of spiritual practices and so very important festival will come on the shravan month. 

In hindi we call this month "Sawan Mahina/ shravan maas" and this month is dedicated to lord shiva and so everywhere in the world devotees perform shiva aradhna to please shiva to make life successful.  

Kanwad Yatra is also very popular in Shravan month, in this devotees take the water from holy river and then abhishek the shivling. It is said to be very auspicious. 

Religious Significance of Shravan Month:
It is a belief that Samundra Manthan took place in the month of Shravan as per hindu panchang and lord shiva inhale the halahal poison which came out in this manthan in this month and save the universe. 

So devotees worship lord shiva in this month to remove the obstacles of life. 

Also this shravan month is the beginning of chaturmaas and also the symbol of rainy season so is very good for saadhna or spiritual practices. 

Festival Falling During Sawan Month of 2015:
1. Four Sawan somwaar falling on 3rd of August, 10th of august, 17th of august, 24th of august. these 4 mondays are very important to please lord shiva. In Ujjain, the city of Mahakal, special "Sawari of Mahakal" takes place on these monday and lakhs of people come in Ujjain to seek the blessings of Mahakal.

2. Ganesh Chaturthi of krishna paksh is falling on 3rd of august.

3. Mangala Gauri fast is on 4th of august. 

4. Kamika Ekadashi is falling on 10th August, Monday. 

5. Pradosh Fast is on 11th August. 

6. Shiv Chaturddashi fast is on 12th August 2015. 

7. Hariyali Amavasya is falling on 14th August.

8. Sindhara Doj is on 16th august. 

9. Hariyaali Teej is on 17th August 2015.

10. Durva Ganpati Vinayaki Chouth is on 18th August. 

11. NAAGPANCHMI is on 19th August. 

12. Putrada ekadashi is on 26th august 2015.

13. Raksha bandhan and Poornima is on 29th august.

So above important festivals are coming on which people can perform puja or worship to make there life successful. It will be good to consult astrologer to know about the best ways to make life hurdle free. 

Benefits of Performing Rituals In The Month of Shravan:

How To Enhance Luck In Shravan Month

How to enhance luck in shravan month, best astrology tips to open the way of success in month of sawan, best pooja for sawan month, whom to worship in shrawan month, astrologer for predictions and solutions.
best astrology tips for shravan month by astrologer FREE
Shravan Month For Good Luck

In my previous articles I have already revealed secrets of shravan month. It is the month of lord shiva, It is a month to perform spiritual practices, It is a month to gain virtues by performing shiv pooja and daan to the needy persons.

Shravan month is a great month for the devotees of god shiva, every where we can see the chanting of lord shiva names, bhajans etc. One can gain positive energies easily by worshipping in this auspicious and sacred month of shiva. 

If any one if facing bad luck in life, if any one is suffering from evil eye effects, if any one is suffering from destiny problems then this is the month to over come from the problems of life, shravan is the time to attract the blessings of shiva and make the life hurdle free. 

Luck is very important in life, lucky person is able to get name, fame, money, wealth easily and without any much effort but unlucky persons in spite of doing too much labour and struggle are unable to fulfil the basic needs of life. 

But it is another fact that if any one gets the blessings of lord shiva then no one can stop that person to get success in life, it is possible to live a satisfactory life by the blessings of god. It is possible to live a graceful life by getting the powers from the universal god. 

Shiva is the destroyer of negativity, lord shiv is the destroyer of evil eye effects, he is known as bhootnath i.e. the masters of ghosts, he is known as Mahakaal i.e. who control the times, he is known as bholenath i.e. who can be easily pleased by prayers. 

So if nothing good is happening then the best way to over come from problems is to worship lord shiva in shravan month with full faith and devotion. 

Some Tips To Make The Life Better And Wonderful In The Month of Shravan:

What To Do In Shravan Month For Success?

What To Do In Shravan Month For Success, kya kare shravan maas mai, kaise door kare daridrata, kaise paaye safalta, freeencylopaidia, kaise kare mangalik dosh door shravan mai, what to do to minimize pitra dosha in shravan month, importance of shiv aradhna in sravan, best tips for success by ASTROLGER.
best use of shravan month by astrologer
What To Do In Shravan Month

If you want to know about a month which is dedicated to lord shiva then of course it is shravan/sravan/shavan month. If you want to know about a month which is most fruitful and good for spiritual practices then it is shravan maast, if you want to know about the month in which pooja of kaalsarp yoga, pitra dosha, mangal dosha, pret dosha, angark yoga and other dosha are done easily then I must say that Sravan month is that month. 

The most auspicious month, the best spiritual month, the shiva month is shravan. In whole month we will find a different type of environment around us. Every where we are able to listen the bhajan of shiva, mantra of shiva, puja of shiva. 
Shiva temples are seen with devotees daily. People engage in doing shiva pooja in different way, Rishi- Munis are engage is performing there special practices in this month. 

Many important festivals come only in this month and so every where there is environment of joy and happiness whole the month. All the 12 jyotirlinga are worshipped specially in this period. 

Specially the Sravan Monday which is also called shravan somwaar are very important to perform shiv pooja. Monday is the day of Moon/Chandrama and Moon always resides on the head of Lord shiva as per the scriptures and that's why Monday is very special for shiv pooja. Also Moon represent water so in whole country Monsoon celebrations also seen. 

The special 'Kawad Yatra' is also seen only in shravan month in which devotees take the holy water of holy river like Ganga, Narmada etc and then go to shiv temple to offer it on Lord shiva. It is said that it is the best way to please lord shiva. 

What to do on shraavan month for SUCCESS?

Astrology Counselling For Success In Life

Astrology Counselling On line for success, Analysis of Horoscope/kundli/birth chart, Predictions based on planetary positions in horoscope.
best astrology counselling for successful life by astrologer astroshree
Astro counselling On line

If no way is seen, if mind is in the state of dilemma, if decision power is getting low, if loss is occurring continuously, if you are facing problem in choosing subject, if you are facing problem in choosing career then astrology counselling may help you better. 

An experienced astrologer can tell about possibilities in life, the time to get opportunities in life after analysing the horoscope. 

An good astrologer can reveal you about the planetary reasons of your problems and sufferings in life. 
An fortune teller can tell about the good and bad period of life. 
Jyotish can clear the best Gems stone for your better life. 
An astrologer can tell you about the best puja, best daan to remove hurdles of life. 

Astrology counselling can help you to balance your life by using the best astrology ways and spiritual practices. A person can take decision by consulting an astrologer. 

Astrology is not a siddhi or magical power but is a "science of planets" , here impacts of planets are studied by making birth chart/kundli/horoscope of a person by using the birth details of a person. 

If any one don't have the birth details then the use of 'palmistry' is used and with this 'Prashn kundli' is also helpful to know the reasons of sufferings. 

Astrology counselling is good if anyone is facing problems in marital life. 
Astrology counselling is good if anyone is suffering from health problems for long time and doctors are unable to find the reasons. 
It is also very helpful for the students who are going to choose the subjects to make career. 
It is also helpful for the people who are already in job and want to switch or want to enhance there career. 

No one can ignore destiny and it is behind our most of the happenings in life. It is a fact that it is not possible to change the destiny but by knowing about it we can make ourself prepared about the coming time. Here astrologer can help you. 

Astrology counselling can help you to develop strategy for your life, it will help to decide what to do and what to not for a better future.

Power of shiva | Sucess Through Worship of lord Shiva

How to worship lord shiva?, How to worship shiva to get powers, Why To worship lord shiva? how to pray to lord shiva for planetary peace?, Best ways to worship lord shiva, Power of shiva, How to get rid of evils by worshiping lord shiva?, What to do on Shiv ratri For Success?

Best astrologer for shiva pooja, success through shiva pooja, how to please lord shiva
Success With Lord Shiva
It is very easy to please the lord shiva. People from the world over like to worship lord shiva. There are many famous temples of shiva in the world. It is said that nothing is impossible for the devotee of shiva. 
Lord shiva says to the devotees that if some one chant my mantra 'OM'then the person will get good destiny and knowledge too of the spiritual world. If this 'OM' is chanted on Chaturdasi with Ardra Nakshatra then the chanter will get tremendous result.
 'SHIV LINGa' is worshipped generally to get blessings of god shiva. It is the most good way to please lord shiva. It is good to worship shiv linga with the spell 'OM'. 
In Rawan Shanhita the great scholar Rawan said about shiva pooja that It is good to make shiva ling with sacred soil or metal or stone in the bank of any spiritual place in auspicious time so that daily it must be worshipped properly. If the shiva ling is worshipped properly as per the process given in our holy epic then it provides great results to the devotees. 

Some Important Things About Shiva Pooja:

Shravan Month Importance And What To Do For Success

Shravan Month Importance, What to do for success in shravan month?, power of shravan month, astrologer, Easy way to perform fast of Shravan Monday, Important things to do on Shravan Month, Astrologer.

astrologer, jyotish, shravan month pooja for success
Importance of Shravan Month
Shravan Month is the important month of chaturmas, It is the month to perform spiritual practices for success. This month is also very good to perform worship of lord shiva. Specially on Monday people pray in different manner to please Shiva. Monday of Shravan Month is also known as 'Shravan Somvar' in India.

Different types of poojas are possible In Shravan Month like as:
1. Poojas for Marriage is done successfully on shravan month.
2. Poojas to remove hurdles of business is possible easily in Shravan month.
3. Poojas to get the blessings of lord Shiva is done on this auspicious month.
4. Poojas to get money is also easily done on Shravan Month.

Shravan month is very auspicious and sacred too. Pooja, aradhna, mantra siddhi and other spiritual practices if done properly then no doubt success will come.

If any one worship lord shiva by installing SIDDHA PARAD SHIVLING then no doubt devotee will get the best results. To read more about Power of Parad shivling Click Here.

Many other special celebrations are also done only in Shravan Month like as-
A) Hariyaali Amavasya comes in Shravan Month.
B) Haryaali Teej also comes in Shravan Month.
C) NaagPanchmi also comes in this month.
D) Tulsidas Jayanti also comes in this Month.
E) Rishi Panchmi also comes in Shravan Month.
F) Pavitra or Putra ekadashi vrat is also done on this month.
G) Krishna Janmastmi also celebrated on Shravan Month.
H) Raksha Bandhan also celebrated on this month.

Things to do during Shravan month:

Black Magic Effects And Remedies

Black magic effects, types and remedies, Black magic remedies through gems, black magic remedy through utara, black magic remedy through totkays, How to Cut Black magic?, Astrologer For Black Magic Protection.

tabij for black magic protection, yantra for black magic protection, astrologer for black magic protection
Black Magic Effects And Remedies
Are you suffering from black magic, are you suffering from unusual incidents with you in daily life, are you not getting well in spite of taking medicines, are you hit hardly by malefic effects of planets? 
Do you want to get rid of your problems? Do you want to live a better life?, Do you want to come out of your problems then Astroshree is the right place. Here you will get the solutions of your problems. 
In this age of competition people are ready to anything for success. Because of the negative competition in the market, because of the feeling to present ourselves superior people are using black magic. 

People are using black magic to get success in different types of work like-

1. Black magic to kill enemy.
2. Black magic to get the property.
3. Black magic to get the love.
4. Black magic to create impression in work.
5. Black magic to get money from any where. 
6. Black magic to harass some one because of jealousy etc.
7. Black magic to hypnotize any boy or girl for specific work.
8. Black magic to get powers.
9. Black magic to win election. 

There are many types of problems arises on victims of black magic like as -
a) Mental problems arises suddenly in family.
b) Financial crisis arises in family at once.
c) Health problems without any reasons.
d) Different types of physical problems without any reasons.
e) Business problems of different types. 
f) Increase of debt In spite of doing hard work.

If you are suffering from black magic then don't wait for time. Just contact now to get solutions from