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Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one.

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Shravan Month Importance

Shravan Month of 2016 importance, shravan mas 2016, saawan mahina, what to do for success, festivals on 2016 Sawan month.
best astrologer for shravan month astrology and solutions
Shravan month power
In this year 2016 the 'Shravan Month' will start from 20th July and remain till 18th August 2016 just after the very auspicious and sacred day GURU PURNIMA. In these 29 days the 'star Shravan' will be in sky and major impact of this star will be there and so these Twenty nine days will be called as Shravan Month. This start is very important from the point of view of spiritual practices and so very important festival will come on the shravan month. 
In hindi we call this month "Sawan Mahina/ shravan maas" and this month is dedicated to lord shiva and so everywhere in the world devotees perform shiva aradhna to please shiva to make life successful.  
Kanwad Yatra is also very popular in Shravan month, in this devotees take the water from holy river and then abhishek the shivling. It is said to be very auspicious. 
Religious Significance of Shravan Month:
It is a belief that Samundra Manthan took place in the month of Shravan as per hindu panchang and lord shiva inhale the halahal poison which came out in this manthan in this month and save the universe. 
So devotees worship lord shiva in this month to remove the obstacles of life. 
Also this shravan month is the beginning of chaturmaas and also the symbol of rainy season so is very good for saadhna or spiritual practices. 
Festival Falling During Sawan Month of 2016:
1. Four Sawan somwaar is falling in shravan month. On 25th July, 1st of august, 8th of august, 15th of august. these 4 mondays are very important to please lord shiva. In Ujjain, the city of Mahakal, special "Sawari of Mahakal" takes place on these monday and lakhs of people come in Ujjain to seek the blessings of Mahakal.
2. Ganesh Chaturthi of krishna paksh is falling on 23rd of July.

3. Mangala Gauri fast is on 26th July 2016.

4. Kamika Ekadashi is falling on 30th July, Saturday.

5. Hariyali amavasya is falling on 2nd august.

6. Sindhara Doj is on 4th August.

7. Hariyali Teej ison 5th August.

8. Durwa ganpati fast is on 6th August.

9. Nagpanchmi is on 7th August.

10. Pavitra Ekadashi is on 14th August.

11. Raksha bandhan is on 18th august 2016.

So above important festivals are coming on which people can perform puja or worship to make there life successful. It will be good to consult astrologer to know about the best ways to make life hurdle free. 
Benefits of Performing Rituals In The Month of Shravan:

What Is Yoga In Astrology ?

Yogas in astrology, power of yogas in life, advantages of yogas as per astrology.
Yogas in astrology, power of yogas in life, advantages of yogas as per astrology.
Yogaas in Kundli
In astrology people are very interested in knowing about yoga in there horoscope/birth chart/kundli. Astrology lovers are very attracted towards yogas in there kundli, some yogas are bad and some are good. Although it is not good to reach at any decision just by seeing yoga in horoscope but it reveal many things about life. 

What are YOGAS?
Yogas are formed when more than 1 planet sits in a particular way in horoscope. As per there position in kundli they generate different types of effects in life. Some yogas show full effects in life, some yogas show partly effects and some don't affect the life because of there power. 

If planets which are making yoga are positive and in higher degree then no doubt they will make good yoga and show full effect in life, if planets are malefic or debilitated then the yoga may be khandit or show very less effect in life. 

If malefic planets with higher degree make any malefic yoga then it may affect the life negatively. But it is good to consult experience astrologer to getrid of any problems without any tension because every problem has some solution. 

There is no need to get excited by knowing any good yoga in kundli and there is no need to get depressed by seeing any bad yoga in horoscope because time will not remain same all the time. Change is the law of nature. 

Do work continuously and definitely result will appear. 

Read About Different Important Yogas In Horoscope:

What To Do For Success on Guru Poornima?

What is guru poornima?, Story of guru poornima, Importance of Guru poornima, What to do on guru poornima for success?, Gurupurnima 2016

Astrologer, Motivator, Spiritual guide, what to do on Guru poornima?
Guru Poornima
2016 Guru Purnima:
This year guru purnima is falling on 19th July2016, Tueday, A very Auspicious day to please our GURU or the universal master to make our life successful.

Let's Understand Guru Poornima:
Guru poornima is the day to show gratitude to the spiritual masters. It is the day fixed by rishi ved vyas to worship our guru and show our thanks, felicitation. 

Guru is the person who shows us the right path and also teach us how to reach our real destination successfully. Guru is a power who transform a general person into a powerful and real personality who become beneficial for whole the world. 

In India gurus are worshipped for the ancient times. 

Lord shiva also says that there is no difference between god and guru that's why it is the duty of disciple to devote completely to the gurus feet. 

The ultimate goal of life is salvation which is not possible without guru or spiritual master.
The wandering of person also not stop without guru. 
The ultimate peace is also not possible without guru. 
The Successful life is also not possible without guru.
The inner treasure is also not able to come before us without guru.

That's why it is said that take every step to find a guru. When a person get guru then the real journey of life start.

God is present in this world physically in the form of guru. 

Guru Poornima is comes in the Month of Ashad as per Hindu panchang and on this day every desciple worship their spiritual master or preceptor and show their deep gratitude. 

Poornima is also taken as the auspicious day to start any saadhna or spiritual practice so many persons start their spiritual journey on this important and sacred day or guru poornima. 

"Chaturmas" also start from this day. Next four months from this guru poornima is very important for the spiritual practices. 

Spiritual masters stop wandering and teach their disciples at one place. 

What To Do On Guru Poornima?

84 Mahadev In Ujjain

Ujjain is a city of temple and so is a very religious and spiritual city. Here there are 84 divine temples of mahadev and during panchkroshi and shravan/sawan month devotees do special prayers in these temples.
84 Mahadev In Ujjain, divine temples of shivji in ujjain, spiritual and religious places of Ujjain in India, astrologer in Ujjain
84 mahadev temple list of ujjain

Here in this article my blog readers will come to know about all the 84 mahadev temples in Ujjain. These shiv temples are said to be self generated and so are divine and have great spiritual significance.

Ujjain is surrounded by these mahadev temples and so by visiting these 84 temples of lord shiva one is able to see whole ujjain.

List of 84 Mahadev Temples In Ujjain:

  1. Shree Agesteshwar Mahadev Temple inside santoshi mata mandir, which is just behind harsiddhi mata temple. 
  2. Shree Guheshwar Mahadev temple which is near by Dharmraj temple in ramghat.
  3. Shree Dhundeshwar mahadev temple in ramghat.
  4. Shree Damrukeshwar mahadev temple in ram stairs in ramghat.
  5. Shree anadikalpeshwar mahdadev just near to Joona mahakal.
  6. Shree Swarnjwaleshwar mahadev above dhundeshwar mahadev in ramghat.
  7. Shree Trivishteshwar mahadev near by mahakal sabha mandap. 
  8. Shree kapaleshwar mahadev in bada pool slope. 
  9. Swarndwarpaleshwar mahadev near to harifatak over bridge.
  10. Karkoteshwar mahadev temple in harsiddhi temple area.
  11. Shree Siddheshwar mahadev in siddhawat.
  12. Lokpaleshwar mahadev in kartik chowk.
  13. Shree mankameshwar mahadev in gandharwa ghaat near to udaseen akhada.
  14. Shree kutumbkeshwar mahadev just ahead to shree gowardhan nathji haweli. 
  15. Shree Idyumneshwar mahadev in modiji gali.
  16.  Shree ishaneshwar mahadev just before idyumneshwar mahadev. 
  17. Apsareshwar mahadev in sugandhi gali in patni bajaar. 
  18. Shree kalkaleshwar mahadev after ishaneshwar mahadev.
  19. Shree nagchandreshwar mahadev in nagnath gali in patni bazaar.
  20. pratihareshwar mahadev temple in in nagchandreshwar temple area.
  21. Kuteshwar mahadev near by udaseen akhada.
  22. karkoteshwar mahadav temple near by porwal dharmshala.
  23. Meghnadeshwar mahadev temple behind narsingh temple in chota sarafa.
  24. Shree mahaleshwar mahadev temple behind siddheshwar mahadev.
  25. Shree Mukteshwar mahadev mandir behind siddheshwar mahadev mandir.
  26. Shree someshwar mahadev near by bada pool.
  27. Shree Ankeshwar mahadev In indiranagar before water tank.
  28. Jateshwar mahadev temple in makodiyam.
  29. Rameshwar mahadev temple near by sati darwaja in rameshwar gali .
  30. Chyawaneshwar mahadev near by eidgaah in indiranagar.
  31. Khandeshwar mahadev temple in khilchipur. 
  32. Shree pateshwar mahadev mandir near by RDGARDI Medical college.
  33. Anandeshwar mahadev near by chakratirth gate.
  34. Kanthdeshwar mahadev in bhairavgarh village. 
  35. Indreshwar mahadev temple just above bada pool.
  36. Markandeshwar mahadev in vishnu sagar near by ram laxman temple. 
  37. Shree shiveshwar mahadev in stairs of ram-laxman temple stairs. 
  38. Shree kusumeshwar mahadev temple under dwarkadheesh temple stairs. 
  39. Akrureshwar mahadev mandir just outside ram-laxman mandir. 
  40. Kundeshwar mahadev just ahead of ankpat chouraaha inside baithakji.
  41. Shree lumpeshwar mahadev in bhairavgarh inside police line. 
  42. Shree gangeshwar mahadev in mangalnath bank of river. 

Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology

Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology, how this yoga form in kundli, advantages of anafa yoga, astrologer for kundli reading.

If 12 house of kundli from Moon is having planets then ANAFA YOGA form in horoscope. In this yoga also sun is kept apart i.e. sun must not be present in 12 house from moon. If sun will be there then no anafa yoga will form. 

Advantages of Anafa yoga In Kundli:
1. This is also a good yoga and give good phusique to a person. 
2. Person having anafa yoga have a good face cut and so is very attractive. 
3. The person is fond of self respect. 
4. Anafa yoga attract fame in life. 
5. The person enjoy the life. 
6. But at the end person detach himself or herself from worldly desire and live a spiritual life. 

The impacts may differ because of the power of planets.

Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology, how this yoga form in kundli, advantages of anafa yoga, astrologer for kundli reading.
anafa yoga in kundli
Anafa Yoga In Vedic Astrology, how this yoga form in kundli, advantages of anafa yoga.

Adhi Yoga In Astrology

Adhi Yoga In Astrology, how adhi yoga form in kundli, benefits of adhee yoga in horoscope, astrologer for horoscope reading.

If good planets are present in 6th, 7th and 12th house from Moon then "ADHEE YOGA" form in kundli. This adhi yoga is a very good yoga and make life successful. 

Impact of adhi yoga in life:
This adhi yoga makes a person humble.
This yoga gives a self confidence which is necessary for success in life.
The person get luxurious life.
This adhi yoga makes a person enemy dominating.
This yoga also make person healthy.

So overall adhee yoga is a very good yoga and make the person successful in life. So if this yoga is in horoscope then definitely person will get success in life. If planets are not so strong then by using gems stone, prayers one can make this yoga stronger and make life successful. 

what is adhee yoga in astrology, effect of adhi yoga in life as per vedic astrologer
Adhi yoga in jyotish
Adhi Yoga In Astrology, how adhi yoga form in kundli, benefits of adhee yoga in horoscope, astrologer for horoscope reading.

Sunafa Yoga In Astrology

Sunafa yoga in astrology, effect of sunafa yoga in horoscope how to enhance power of this yoga in kundli, astrologer for birth chart analysis. 

If the 2nd house from moon in kundli has any planet then sunafa yoga form in kundli, but here Sun is not allowed. So except sun, if any planet is present here then no doubt the person will get advantages of sunafa yoga. 

Advantages Of Sunafa Yoga:
The person having this yoga is a self motivating and is a hard worker. 
This yoga help the person to save money of his own hard work. 
Sunafa yoga makes the person intelligent. 
Sunafa yoga makes the person wealthy. 
It also give fame in society. 

Depend upon the power of planets results may vary.

If this yoga is good in horoscope but weak then do consult astrologer and know the right way to enhance theh power of this yoga. Gems Stone, Isht Pooja, mantra jap may be helpful very much in this case. 

what is sunafa yoga , effects of sunafa yoga in life by astrologer
Sunafa Yoga in vedic astrology
Sunafa yoga in astrology, effect of sunafa yoga in horoscope how to enhance power of this yoga in kundli. 

How To Take Care In Rainy Season ?

How To Take Care In Rainy Season, Monsoon care, natural ways to keep us fit and fine, free health tips for monsoon.
best ways to take care health during rainy days free by astrologer
health tips for rainy days
After a very hot weather when rainy season start then people enjoy the moments, When regular raining happens then many changes take place in environment and due to this there is need of taking great care. In this article of astroshree, I am going to focus on how to maintain health in rainy days or during monsoon. 
During monsoon sometimes it is impossible to get sunlight and different types of bacteria comes in existence and due to this different types of health problems arises in life like itching problem, eczema problem, fever, viral infections , beauty problems, digestion problems etc. So it is necessary to understand the reasons of problems and take precaution so as to live a healthy life in rainy days. 
Free Tips To Maintain Good Health During Rainy Days:
1. Don't use wet cloth in any case, it is generally seen that to enjoy the rain people just wander with wet cloth but it is not good and is dangerous for skin, If anyone wear wet cloth for long time then eczema, itching and possibility of many other skin problems may arise. 
2. Don't keep your hair wet for long time , it may cause problem of cold and cough. 
3. Use real coconut oil for massage. after taking bath just take few drops and put on body parts, it will help to make your body parts safe from different skin problems. 
4. While taking bath put some dettol in bathing water and take bath. 
5. In rainy season due to polluted water problems related to digestion also arises too much so it is good to use boil water or RO. Don't drink anywhere, keep your own water bottle always to avoid diseases from polluted water. 
6. Digestion become weak in rainy season so avoid using oily foods and fast food, eat light for healthy day.

Dev Shayani Ekadashi Significance

Dev shayani ekadashi significance, padma ekadashi importance, hari shayani gyaras, meaning of dev shayani ekadashi. 
Dev shayani ekadashi significance, padma ekadashi importance, hari shayani gyaras, meaning of dev shayani ekadashi.
hari shayani ekadashi

The eleventh day of Ashadh Shukla Paksh is very popular in India specially in hindus. It is believed that on this day lord vishnu start sleeping in Ksheer Sagar. In different region people call this ekadashi Padma ekadashi, prathama ekadashi, dev shayani ekadashi, hari shayani ekadashi. 

Whole day and night devotees of lord vishnu or vasudev keep fast and try to engage themselves in chanting mantra, performing rituals etc. This day is also the starting of CHATURMAS which means 4 months to perform special rituals to get spiritual growth.

In the year 2016 hari shayani ekadashi is falling on 15th july, Friday.

As per belief this ekadashi day came into existence when king Mandata performed the fast and rituals on this day after getting advise from a sage ANGIRA. After doing this vrat his kingdom is blessed with rain, prosperity. So people also perform this fast and pooja to attract prosperity in life. 

What To Do On Devshayani Ekadashi For Good Life?

Mission Success Part 2

In mission success part 1 we have already read about what is real success, how to attract real success, In this article we are moving further to know some more points related to attract success in life. If you have not read the part 1 then do read it first for clear understanding. 
Mission success part 2, best free tips to attract success in life
Free tips to attract success in life part 2

This is a very important part of your personality, without courage our creativity, network, money is useless. Because to do anything we need courage.For example if any one is a good singer but if he or she doesn't have courage to show performance in stage then no one will know and person will be deprived of success. Courage is the most important characteristics of personality to live life successfully. 

We have often found that we naturally attracted towards the smile of any child, in the same way we keep a smile in our face then no doubt it is the open invitation for all to connect with you. It will help to develop a good network to attract success in life.

It must be kept in mind that past and future are not in our hand so it is useless to think on these topics. In-spite of this enjoy the present which will definitely make future good. 

Dressing is one of the important part of personality, a good dressing can get attention of people easily. Wear dress as per the profession to enhance the business. It will open the way to success. 

Some products like cigarette, guthka, paan masala, tambakhu, alcohol, wine etc are very dangerous for health, they give happiness for a particular period but body become addict of it and weakness increases continuously.