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Astrologer through this astrology website is trying to aware people world wide about the power of Indian Astrology and the occult sciences. This Website contains FREE articles on mainy subjects related to astrology, vastu, Tantra, Vashikaran science, Jyotishiya Yogas in kundli, the reasons of problems and there remedies, personality development etc. 

The main thing is that all the articles are prepared by astrologer him self and so he has used the experiences of working in this field for years. The articles are very practical and easy to understand by every one. 
Every one can take guidance from astrologer through email and phone daily. You can easily know about your destiny, fortune, fate, horoscope secrets, ways to make life hurdle free, best gems stones for you, best yantra for you, best spell for you.

World famous ON LINE ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE(Shri Om Prakash) is a trusted name in Google and people around the world are taking the benefits of his astrology services through email and phone.

Astrology services by jyotish has set the benchmark for Indian astrology and the deep and profound knowledge of astrologer/fortune-teller/jyotish in the vedic astrology, dasha and mahadasha analysis, planetary analysis horoscope analysis, mangalik dosha, pitra dosha analysis, shani impacts, grahan yoga analysis, weak planetary position always become a beneficial part for the clients. 

Astrologer astroshree has also shown his excellency in knowing the reasons of chronic diseases and healing them through the spells/mantra, gems stones, yantra pooja etc. and thus he is also using the power of astrology and occult sciences in healing diseases as a medical astrologer. 

 Not only this people who are suffering from black magic also find a good protection from him in a very easy way. Black magic know a days is becoming a very common problem and true persons are becoming the victim of this and so protection and remedies must be needed for them and here easy remedies are given by astrologer for living life smoothly.

Astroshree is a dedicated astrologer and is working continuously for the happiness of all by guiding people to make life better through astrology ways. He is blessed with the skill of logical analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart which can help in finding out the real planetary reasons of problems related to relationship, love, family, job, marriage, social status, business, career, black magic etc. and then to find the real remedies of those problems of life. 

" Nothing is Impossible, Keep in mind and take a step to win this world"...........Astroshree

Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one. 

Fat Reducing Life Style

Fat reducing life style, tips for weight loss easily, what to do for weight loss, free tips for healthy life.
fat reducing tips by astrologer, ring to reduce fat
Weight loss life style

If you are trying to loose fat for long time, if you are passionate about having a slim and fit body, if you are in search of tips to reduce weight or fat then here are some easy tips for you. Here I am focusing about the life style and the way to live life so as to reduce fat. These tricks can be used easily to live a successful life. 

If you are doing too much exercise, if you are taking too much medicines, if you are doing workout in excess to reduce fat but not getting the desired results then it is good to focus on life style. It will definitely change your life. 

Here are some helpful tips:

Mauni Amavasya Importance

Mauni Amavasya importance, what to do on mauni amavasya for success, tips for successful life free.

best free article on mauni amvasya
Mauni amvasya significance

Silence is the best way to generate and to store the energy for growth in life. In hindi silence means "Maun". Normally we think that silence means not to talk but it is not so, the main meaning to be in silence is to be silence from within. No wandering of mind, no thinking, no movement, only in to be in the state of stability. This will be achieved by intense practice.

Mauni amavasya which falls every years brings an opportunity for everyone to practice silence and to devote the whole day and night to perform spiritual practices. This is the day to take holy bath in holy rivers like Ganga, yamuna, Narmada etc. and then to pray for the peace of growth of ancestors. This is the day to worship shiva, this is the day to perform puja, rituals to open the way of success in life. 

Mauni amavasya falls on the "Magh mahina"(hindi month) in winter. On this day devotees practices the silence and also keep fast/upwaas, On this day bath in triveni sangam(junction of three river) is also very fruitful. 

Mauni amavas is the day to feel the power of silence in life, it is the day to know ourself, it is the day to energize our self. So it is good to not miss this day to charge our life. 

On 20th January 2015, Maun Amvasya is falling and on this day Sun is present in Capricorn zodiac and so is the very good day to perform the pitra shanti puja, grahan dosha nivaran puja, black magic removal puja etc. 

As per the religious stories this day is also celebrated as the birthday of "Rishi Manu" (a great saint). In India People gathered in the river bank and take holy bath, perform tarpan, hawan, pujan to get rid of sins, health problems, planetary problems etc. 

What to do on mauni amavasya for success?

Gajkesari Yoga In Astrology

Gajkesari yoga encyclopaedia, what is gajkesari yoga in astrology, benefits of this yoga, power of Gajkesari yoga, Impacts of this yoga in life, When this yoga don't show effects?.
best reading on gajkesari yoga online,
Gajkesari yoga

In astrology when we talk about raj yoga then Gajesari yoga is one of the important yoga which comes in mind. This yoga is definitely if forms properly in kundli/horoscope/birth chart then the person gets success in life. Health, wealth, prosperity will come in life and person lives life happily. But there are many people who have 

this yoga and are not able to earn satisfactorily and live life comfortably. Here in this article I am going to put focus on many aspects of this gajkesari yoga, how it forms and when it is powerful, when it is weak and what to do to live a successful life?.

What Is Gajkesari Yoga In Astrology?
In this yoga Moon and Moon lagna gets power from powerful planets. Because of this person become intelligent, healthy, wealthy, prosperous. Jupiter present in centre house from Moon and due to this moon gets power. Moon is also called Chandra in Hindi and this also represent water element and is very fickle in nature. But due to getting power it gives the person patience, power, stability in life, money, good health etc. 

As per the astrology gajekesari yoga forms in following ways:

Precautions While Dealing With Depressed Person

Understand depression, how to treat depression carefully, free tips for treating depressed person, astrologer for depression problems analysis and remedies. 
best and free ways to treat depressed person by astrologer astroshree
Precautions while treating Depression 

There is no age to enter in depression, there is no specific time to enter in depression, there is no specific reason to enter in depression. It is a state of mind when a person become negative in every respect. This is the time when a person need the personal assistant of relatives, friends, colleagues etc. This state of negativity arise in generally every ones' life time to time. So it is very necessary for every one to understand that how to deal with the depressed person, what points to keep in mind while dealing with a person who is totally negative. 

Before moving further let's see some points which show that person is in depression:

1. Regular wish to eat something or there is no wish to eat anything for long time may be due to depression. 
2. No excitement for making any relationships with any one of any type.
3. Trying to live alone every time.
4. Increase of thyroid.
5. Not taking care of himself or herself.
6. Pessimistic feeling always.
7. Crying in a very short time again and again.
8. Headache regularly.
9. Passing time with social media or in anywhere alone.
10. Not doing any work with interest and properly.
11. Becoming angry in every thing.

So there are many negative incidents which shows that person is entering in depression zone. There are many persons who aware about this dangerous feeling and come-out 

by themselves by adopting mind changing activities but some are not able to control there feelings and suffers a lot. 

So it is very necessary for the relatives, friends, family members, colleagues to help that person to over come from this dangerous part of life. Life is not very cheap so don't waste time in trifles, enjoy every moments with every one. 

Berries For Health

What is berry?, importance of Indian berries, Is it beneficial for health, nutrients present in berries, Free tips for healthy life.
free health tips by using berries of India
Berries For Health

In winter season berries are available in market in abundant and is not at all expensive. This is not a very rare item. Berry is a special fruit which is very tasty and healthy too bu it is available in winter only. 

The leaf, the fruit, the bark of berry tree are very useful and is used for the decades in treating various diseases. In ayurveda this tree and fruits are used in various ways. 

Every one likes the taste of berries but specially children and females enjoy this fruit very much. It is a fact that if in this season if take regular this berry then many positive changes will be seen in health. 

Let's know some benefits of berries:

kamdev Mantra Power

Kam dev puja, kam dev and rati puja for love and smooth relationships, kam dev gayatri mantra, sadhna for success.

best astrologer for kam devsadhna, free, how to get back love in life
Kamdev power

This vedic ritual – Kamdev-Rati Puja is meant for bringing in positivity and warmth in love life and relationships. Lord Kamdev and Goddess Rati are the ones which create the love and affection in our life.

Through kamdev puja it is possible to generate a hypnotic power in our body due to which men and women come closer. This is very helpful in living a successful life. 

It doesn't mean that any one will be able to misuse any one through the power of kam dev mantra but the mantra sadhna is for inner development to fulfil our good wishes. Also god also knows that who is doing practice for which intention. 

It must be kept in mind that spiritual practitioner are not able to  use the powers in wrong way, This mantra can’t be used to do illegal sex with any one, this spell can’t be used to control any one’s mind. 

It is to develop a magnetic personality through which a person become fully positive in life and because of that success will enter in life from all direction. 

Suppose if your colleagues, business partners, friends are not giving proper response then also this practice of spell can change your life in a positive way. One can reform the love relations, business relations, social relations etc by doing Kamdev sadhna properly. 

Do You Know About the “kamdev Gayatri mantra”:

On Body Monitoring System

What is meant by on body monitoring system?, how it works, benefits of on body monitoring devices, Is it good to use these health devices, free knowledge about latest medical technology devices. 
free encyclopaedia about on body monitoring systems for health
know about on body monitoring system

Technology is changing continuously and due to this in every field we are finding good changes in life. Now because of technology life is getting easy so it is necessary to use the devices to live life perfectly without worries. 

In medical field also good developments are done which are helping the people very much. In this field "On body monitoring systems" are showing magical performance. Now the question is that what is this on body monitoring devices. General people are not aware about this device due to which we are not able to take the benefits of these devices. 

In Simple Language these devices are wearable health devices which work on nano technology. These are used to collect real time data We can also called them body guardian which take care of our body. These devices are used for weight management, calorie management, sleeping monitoring, awareness about different activity going on within the body. 
So if you have doubt that something wrong is going on within and continuous observation is needed then in this case these devices are for you. As per the need one can use these devices. 

Let's Know About Some Hi-Tech Wearable Devices :

Some Facts About True Relationship

Some facts about true love relationship, Disadvantages of fake relationship, Which things shows that a person is in deep and true relationship, How to solve any relationship problems.
best and free article on relationship facts and solutions of love problems
Relationships facts

While talking about relationships in life we take different things about couples or lovers. Some are in general relationship which we can say is affection, some are in true relationship but some are in deep and dyeing relationship.

Now the important questions here is that what real real relationship means, is it good to be in dyeing relationship, how to develop a true love relationship. In this article I am focusing on this important topic of life. 

As an astrologer I have heard from the mouth of many ones that -
1. "I can't live without him or her, please do something".
2. "We were in relationships for the last 5 years but suddenly relationship broke, now I can't live".
3. "Third person has cut our relationships, what to do?"
4. "He or she has cheated me, I want to teach him/her a lesson, please help" etc. 

This type of words are generally comes out from the lovers who passes from any relationship breakup suddenly but there are some important facts which must be kept in mind if we really want to be in true love relationship. 

Ask Some Important Questions From Yourself To Know The Bitter Truth: