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Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one.

Chaitra Navratri Will Be Of 8 Days In March 2018

chaitra navratri significance2018 by best astrologer
Chaitra Navratri Will Be Of 8 Days In March 2018
In this year chaitra navratri will be of 8 days and new Samwat 2075 will start from the Ist day of Navratri. 
The very important thing about this chaitra navratri is that it is starting on Sunday and ending also on Sunday so this year chaitr mataji days are heading by Sun which is very good for doing spiritual practices.

Date of Chaitra Navratris In 2018:

Navratri will start from 18th March, Sunday and Ashtmi and Navmi will be on 25th, Sunday. So this year chatra navratri will be of 8 days.

Planetary Positions As Per Astrology:

  1. In this navratri Sun and Budh are sitting together and forming budhaditya yoga which is very good for saadhna, rituals.
  2. Ketu is also in good position and so is good for performing tantrik prayog.
  3. Venus will be exalted and so is very good.
  4. Although Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter are not in good position so Practitioners may face difficulties in maintain stability of mind.
Since sun is heading this navratri so it is good to perform practices to attract Name, Fame, Knowledge in this chaitra mataji days. 
Also since Venus is exalted so it will help to perform practices to reform relationship problems, love problems, family problems, marriage life problems.

Navdugas has enormous power to transform anyone life. So it is good to perform practices devotedly during these powerful days to attract blessings of goddess.

Chaitra Navratri Ghat Sthapna Mahurat:
best time of kalash sthapna on this chaitra navratri march 2018
Mahurat of ghat sthapna
This year Navratri is celebrated with great joy in India for 8 DAYS. All the 9 days of navratris are very POWERFUL and ENERGETIC to perform rituals, pooja, spiritual practices. 
Worship of females child is also very important in Navratris.
To burn Akhand Jyoti is also said to be very auspicious in navratris.

Mahurat Of Kalash Sthapna/Ghat Sthapna:

On the first of day of Navratri People install a kalash which represent the goddess and whole the 9 day devotees worship this kalash. It is also called Ghat. If it is installed at right mahurat then no doubt power of goddess is felt.
In 2018 chaitra navratri will begin from 18th, Sundayand following are the best Mahurat for Kalsah sthapna or Ghat sthapna:
  • Morning from 9 to 10:30 AM -- Labh Mahurat
  • From 10:30 to 12:00 PM-- Amrut Mahurat
  • From 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM -- Shubh Mahurat

Let's Now Which Goddess Will Be Worshipped On Which Day of Navratris:

Astrology Services By Astrologer

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Astrologer is a person who can guide by reading horoscope, after studying the planetary positions in horoscope/kundli/birth chart. If any one is facing any problems in life then it is sure that there may be some changes in planetary positions. Because of transit of stars and planets we faces different circumstances in life. Stars and planets affect the personal life. Stars and planets affect the social life. Stars and planets affect the health. Stars and planets affect the professional life. Stars and planets affect the education, marriage, love life, family life etc. So astrology is equally important for every one in this universe. It helps us in taking important decision in life.
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Is It Good To Trust On Yogas In Horoscope?

What are yoga in vedic astrology. Is it good to decide about life just by seeing the yogas in birth chart, how predictions are made by astrologer astroshree, Importance of horoscope reading in a specific way.
best astrologer for horoscope reading and solutions of problems through vedic astrology
Astrology for Real Success
"Yoga" in vedic astrology gives an impression of a particular arrangement of planets or combination of planets which are responsible for a particular type of impacts in life. Some yogas are good and some are bad and by this people become happy and sad. We also know bad yogas as shraap or doshas in kundli. Angarak yoga, daridra yoga, paap kartri yoga, accidental yoga etc comes under bad yoga where as laxmi yoga, raj yoga, budhaditya yoga etc comes under the good yoga.

But a very important question which comes in mind after seeing various kundli/birth chart/horoscopes that -

Is It Good To Trust On Yogas In Birth Chart?
Generally people seems very excited to know about the type of yoga present in there horoscope but as an astrologer I don't give importance to these yogas. If you are surprising then here I am providing the real reasons of this. 
Actually yogas are form when planets are present in a specific combination in birth chart but only arrangements are not enough to do correct prediction. For example there are many persons who has budhaditya yoga in kundli which gives name, fame, money successful life but we can find that some of them are living in a very bad position. When they show horoscope then astrologers generally tells that "you have raj yoga, you have budhaditya yoga" you will definitely get success in life but in this illusion person spend whole life. At last trust from astrology go away. 
There are other many cases which I see daily in which in spite of having good yoga person is struggling in personal life and professional life. So it is not good to take any decision just by seeing yogas in kundli. 
For knowledge of Some Yogas You can read my article "Yogas in Birth Chart".

Now The Question Is What Should Be The Right Way To Understand The Horoscope:

Rajyoga In Horoscope Or Kundli | Astrology and Rajyoga

best raj yog astrology by astrologer astroshree, powerful yoga for success in horoscope
Rajyoga In Horoscope Or Kundli | Astrology and Rajyoga
People generally want to know in their horoscope that whether there is any good yoga in birth chart or not, they want to know that whether they will get the name, fame, power as per the kundli or not. Indian astrology which is a part of the great vedas clears every thing on this topic also. In this article i am going to tell you some thing about the raj yoga, the king yoga, the formation of planets which provides a person luxury life.
After reading this article You will come to know that what is raj yoga, who can get a very successful life, Why a person in spite of having raj yoga not getting the desired results, Which are the yoga comes under raj yoga, how many types of raj yoga, Benefits of raj yoga etc. 

Misconception related to Rajyoga:

People generally think that there is only 1 formation in kundli which makes raj yoga which is totally wrong. There are different types of combinations found in kundli which makes different types of rajyoga in horoscope. So it is good to consult a good and experienced astrologer before reaching at any decision.

What is raj yoga:

Raj yoga in kundli means arrangements of planets in a very powerful way so that the person will get all the luxury in life and also the happiness. If a person is having these yogas then no doubt the person will get tremendous success in the personal and professional life. The results may differ as per the strong and weak planetary combinations and powers of planets.

Power or Benefits of Rajyoga:

  1. It makes a person healthy, wealthy and Wise. 
  2. If a person having raj yoga is in politics then no doubt, he or she can achieve the highest post. 
  3. If the person is engineer then no doubt he or she will get name, fame in engineering field by doing some special work and destiny will support. 
  4. If a spiritual healer will have this yoga then it makes him or her the spiritual master. 
  5. If a doctor will have this then no doubt he or she will get good response every where. 
  6. Name, fame, money, power, every thing will come to the person having raj yoga or king yoga in kundli, horoscope or birth chart. 

Why A Person Not Get The Desired Success In spite of Having Raj Yoga in Kundli?

Many times persons came to me and ask this question that i have gajkesari yoga but i am not able to arrange bread and butter for me. some said there is a hansa yoga but i am not getting the proper result and so on.
In this context i just want to say that proper analysis of planetary positions in all respect is necessary before confirming that the person has really raj yoga in kundli or horoscope and some times the yoga comes in effect only after a certain period so it needs a minute analysis of horoscope
Let me clear you this with a very good e.g. which happens with one of my friend. He showed his horoscope to many astrologers and every one tell him only one thing that you have raj yoga. You will enjoy your life, don't worry. But the thing is different. due to hesitation he was not showing his kundli to me. But after hearing from many astrologer and finding no changes in life he came to me and showed his kundli. After analysis i found that there was gajkesari yoga in his horoscope but unfortunately the moon and Jupiter both are powerless. Thus in spite of having he raj yoga it was not actually. And because of this he was struggling a lot. Sometimes he doesn't get bread to eat. He doesn't have roof to live and many more problems are there in his life. So Destiny play with us.
So before deciding any thing i always suggest that please have patience and be alert.
There are many different types of rajyoga and all have different impacts in life. Person gets different types of result as per the raj yoga in the horoscope or kundli. Let's see some of the yoga which makes a person successful in life.

1. Raj Yoga in Horoscope:

If anyone has Jupiter of cancer, Venus in 9th place, mars and Saturn in 7th place then this combination form a special 'raj yoga'. The person will become a high officer in government department and get name, fame and happiness in life. 

2. Gajkesari Yoga in Kundli:

If Jupiter is present in center(Kendra) place from lagna or moon and if it is viewd by auspicious or good planets or it is with good planets. In this case 'Gajkesari yoga' forms in kundli. But the Jupiter must not be of Neech or malefic or with the enemy zodiac sign.
If this gajkesari yoga is forming then the person become chief minister, governor or governance officer.

3. Singhasan Yoga in birth chart:

If all the planets are present in 2nd house, 3rd house, 6th house 8th and 12th house then 'singhasan yoga' forms in birth chart or kundli. This yoga makes a person very good governance officer.

4. Hansa Yoga in kundli:

If all the planets are present in Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius zodiac sign then 'Hansa yoga' forms in horoscope.
This makes a person grandeur,splendor, rich. The person having hansa yoga in horoscope gets many awards in life and get a good social status.

5. Chatuhsaar Yoga in kundli:

A special yoga which makes a person powerful like a wise president and rich. If the planets are present with Aries, Cancer, 
Libra and Capricorn then 'Chatuhsaar yoga' forms in kundli. This type of person is able to getrid of any problems easily and achieve the desired success.

6. Shreenaath Yoga in birth chart:

If the Ascendent master of 7th place is present in 10th place and if the master of 10th place is with the master of 9th place then 'Shreenaath yoga' forms in horoscope. Happiness, Name, Fame, Money every thing is with the person having shreenath yoga. 

7. Shankh Yoga:

If the master of lagna or ist place is powerful and the master of 5th and 6th place is sitting in kendra or centre houses of horoscope, with this if the master of lagna and 10th place is in variable zodiac sign or Char raashi then shankh yoga forms in horoscope. 
This yoga makes a person Compassionate, pious, virtuous, intelligent, talented. It also gives longevity.

8. Shaashak Yoga:

Again a very important yoga which forms when Ascendent Saturn is present in any Center house or kendra place of kundli. This type of person don't have much height, small face,flicking mind, small eyes, nice thighs and body parts. This types of person have good group powers, they are able to keep forces with them and enjoy the life till the end of life. 
I have cleared here about 9 type of rajyoga but this is not the end there are many more types of formations in horoscope which makes the life of person like king. It is not possible to clear every yoga here. Now i am giving details regarding how to increase the power of any rajyoga in kundli or horoscope?

Difference between Normal And Rajyog Kundli:

Features Normal Kundli Rajyog Kundli
Name/Fame/Success Easily
Educational Success Easily
Love Life Success Easily
Top Position In Service
Satisfactory Monetary Power
Status in Society Easily

What Are The Ways To Make The Rajyoga Strong in Kundli or horoscope or Birth Chart?

Relationship Compatibility Through Astrology

best match making astrology services by astrologer astroshree
Relationship Compatibility Through Astrology
When anyone want to marry then the biggest question comes in mind is how to find a good match. As per vedic astrology, it is necessary to marry with a partner whose horoscope match. There are specific rules in astrology by which match-making is done.

This process is called ASHTKUT MILAN.

Relationship compatibility is very necessary to live a successful life. It is generally seen that some couples face too much problems in life if married without giving importance to match making. 
Astrologer role is very important while selecting any life partner. There is a tradition in India to fix marriage after getting green signal from any best astrologer. Jyotish guide the couples to perform some rituals if there is chance of problems due to some malefic planets to live a successful love life.

Astrologers can check the following things while doing match making/Ashtkut Milan:
  • Bonding between partner.
  • Health after marriage. 
  • Financial status after marriage. 
  • Emotional attachment with partner. 
  • Progeny status after marriage. 
  • Relationship after marriage with inlaws.
  • Mangalik yoga.
If good points comes out in relationship compatibility then it is said that the relationship will go longer without too many problems. 
Vedic astrology matchmaking is very famous world wide because it is based on proved science and people are experiencing the benefits of this match.

In marriage astrology, many important points are followed by people like as:
  • Mangalik person must marry with manglik to live successful life. If this is not done then one of the partner may suffer due to health loss. Also there is chance of misconceptions. 
  • Minimum 18 points is necessary to marry any person. 
  • If points are more than 26 then the marriage is said to be very good. 
  • If Nadi dosha takes place then it is good to not marry with the person. 
Kundli mismatch lead to many problems in life like as:
  • Lack of harmony in relationship. 
  • Problem  in saving money after marriage. 
  • Problems in having a healthy baby. 
  • Sometimes major health issues arise due to which it is not possible to enjoy life with partner. 
  • Some time divorce also takes place. 
  • So it is good to go for match making before finalising life partner. 
What To Do In Case Of Love Marriage?

Horoscope In Depth Analysis

best astrologer online, predictions online by best jyotish, kundli reading by astrologer
Horoscope In Depth Analysis
Astrology is study of stars, planets, celestial bodies on human life. 9 planets Sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, rahu, ketu are present in our horoscope and astrologer study the position, strength of these planets and then give predictions. By this personality differs, attitude differ from person to person.
Every person has different sound, different thinking, different study pattern. All this happen because impact of planets are different in every person. This can be studied only by in-depth analysis of horoscope/birth chart.
Earth is moving, sun is moving, even every planets are moving regularly and this movement is affecting the life of people. Because of this when transit takes place life also changes of person. This is studied by astrologers. 

While studying the horoscope in depth, 5 things are considered especially by Astrologer Astroshree:

  • Position of planets in horoscope
  • Strengths of planets in kundli.
  • Houses in birth chart. 
  • Current planetary transit
  • Mahadasha, antardasha, pratyantardasha.
Know about yourself through vedic astrology.
Know about yourself through vedic jyotish.
Get the best astrology guidance from one of the best astrologer online. 

Astrologer Astroshree Also Check Different Charts For In-depth Analysis:

Astrology Works You Believe or Not

best astrology predictor, kundli reader online, 100% astrology
Astrology Works You Believe or Not

We can often find that people debate in a subject that astrology works or not. Some are in favor of astrology and take it as a science but some take it as superstition. This debate is going on for decades. There are many real astrologers who are regularly making research and guiding people on the basis of astrology principles and proving that this is a real science. People know about their future life, job or business success, time of marriage, love life, name, fame in society by using astrology. It is the study of impact of celestial bodies on human and related activities. 
Another important thing to know about astrology is that this is the only subject which can reveal the future happenings and for which people have keen interest. Every one want to know what is hidden in future, what to do to avoid misshapen, loss, bad luck. Those who have not studied the principles and and not consulted any experienced astrologer believe that astrology is merely a myth but astrology lovers have already experienced that how planets are impacting life regularly. So Astrology is a proved science with millions of followers all over the world. 

Some important points to keep in mind about astrology:

  • We can see that no 2 horoscopes are same, the planetary arrangements, there degree, birth star etc are different and as per this personality, behavior, attitude etc. differ from person to person. 
  • Astrology is a predictive science not a life changing science but people every time get cheated by fake astrologers who misguide them that their life will change miraculously.
  • Through astrology we can know about the good and bad periods and by this we can take decisions to minimize risks, problems etc. We can also predict about the qualities in a person as per the impact of planets on him or her which will certainly help person to move in life. On the basis of this astrologer guide a person to choose career/work/livelihood/subjects.
  • In vedic astrology we study the 9 planets in horoscope i.e. sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, rahu, ketu. 
  • In vedic jyotish we also study the 12 houses present in horoscope which represent different segments of life. 
  • Astrology also clear in which time period which planet impact will be more and how it affect the life and people are experiencing the same. 

9 Reasons of Love Problems and Solutions Through Astrology

9 reasons of love problems and solutions through astrology, Know the hurdles of love life and love astrologer tips.
9 reasons of love problems and solutions through astrology, Know the hurdles of love life and love astrologer tips.
reasons of love life problems
Love is a very important part of everyone's life and If your love life is not good, if you are not satisfied from your partner, if you are not having good feelings about your partner then there is something wrong.
There are may be many reasons of love problems in life and those it is necessary to know the exact reasons because after that perfect solutions can come out.

Let's See Some Important Reasons of Love Life Problems:

  1. Lack of understanding between partner is a basic reason of problems in love life. It must be kept in mind that if any partner don't keep the values of others one in mind then problem will arise in love life. 
  2. Lack of time i.e. one of the partner don't give proper time to other. Spending time with each other is necessary to enhance the relationship. Not giving proper time to partner will create distance automatically.
  3. Unable to satisfy the sexual need of another partner also leads to breakup in love. This may be because of not having proper time, due to work load or physical weakness. But it must be kept in mind that sex is a biological need of every human being, if anyone is not cooperating with another then distance between lovers can be seen easily.
  4. Over expectations is another reasons of problems between lovers. Sometimes someone expect much more from other which is not at all good. It is necessary to understand his or her conditions, calibre, ability and don't expect much.
  5. Comparison of nature with someone else is another important factor which leads to breakup with beloved. Don't ever compare with anyone. No one can become like anyone else.
  6. Lack of trust is a very common problem which is found in lovers. Due to this misunderstanding arises and love life become finished.

Chandra Grahan Significance

Chandra grahan significance as per occult science, what to do during Moon eclipse/Lunar eclipse?, What not to do during chandra grahan or Moon eclipse/Lunar eclipse.
best grahan astrology by astorloger
Lunar eclipse importance

Eclipse is actually not good from the point of view of science because harmful rays generated at that times so it is advised to not see the grahan or eclipse or not to come in contact with rays any how. 

But there is another very positive aspect of grahan and i.e. worship at this time is very powerful, prayers are accepted easily at the time of Grahan or eclipse and so Tantriks, scholars, devotees wait whole year for the Chandra grahan or Surya grahan. 

As per vedic astrology Moon/chandra is related with mind, coolness, dreaming power, mother etc. Zodiac Cancer is related with Moon. Metal related with this planet is silver and color related is white. 

Actually emotional feelings are related with Moon and so persons who have problem with Moon in horoscope faces too much emotional problems, diseases, relationship with mother etc. 

What to do at the time of Chandra Grahan?
As per the practitioners of occult sciences it is believed that at the time of grahan or eclipse, rahu and ketu powers increases and these are planets which are responsible for giving at once benefits and also these planets are very closely related with special powers known as tantrik siddhis. And so for fast results of any mantra or tantra or any worship it is done during chandra grahan/lunar eclipse time.
  • So whether any one is facing relationship problem then it is good to perform prayers during this time. 
  • If any one is facing health problems then also it is good to perform rog nivaran puja during chandra grahan.
  • If any one is facing wealth problem then also it is good to perform prayers to attract wealth in life. 
  • If any one want to please any god or goddess then also chandra grahan time is the best time to perform worship or anusthaan.
  • If any one want fame and name in life then also this is the golden period to perform prayers. 
  • Yantra siddhi is also possible at this time. 
  •  Devotees of lord shiva can chant Shiv panchakshari mantra(Om namah shivay) during this lunar eclipse.
  • Devotees of hari can chant the mantra "Om namo bhagwate vasudevaay"
  • Devotees of goddess durga can chant durga mantra.
  • Lord Ganesha devotees can chant ganesh mantra.
  • Disciples of any guru can chant the related mantra.
  • Fast on this day and night is also very good.
So one can choose mantra as per there wish and please there related god or goddess.

What not to do During Lunar eclipse?

Chandra Grhan On 31st January 2018

Where Lunar eclipse/chandra grahan will be seen, impacts on different zodiacs as per astrology, what to do for successful life?
chandra grahan astrology, what to do for success as per astrology
Chandra Grhan On 31st January 2018

Chandra Grahan 31 January 2018 Astrology

Where can we see the Chandra Grahan?
North-East Europe, Australia, East african countries, Many places in North america, North-east places in south america, Prashant mahasagr, atlantic ocean, arctic ocean, antarctic ocean, many parts of asia.
  • Starting time of Lunar eclipse: 5:19 PM
  • Mid time of Chandra Grahan: 7:01 PM
  • Lunar eclipse will end on : 8:43 PM

Sutak will start from the morning due to chandra grahan.

Let's See the impacts of Lunar Eclipse as per Astrology in on 12 zodiacs: