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Astrologer From India
Are you in search of astrologer to get minute analysis of your horoscope, do you want to know about your doshas of kundli, are you in search of astrologer who can guide you properly to take steps so as to get success in life as per your horoscope, are you in search of astrologer who can suggest you about your lucky stone, lucky number, lucky puja, Are you suffering from any type of negativity due to which you are not getting success in life then here is the way to get proper guidance via analysis of your horoscope/kundli/birth chart. Get total Online astrology consultancy from Astrologer Astroshree.

Get Guidance To Over Come From Problems of Life through Real Astrology.
Astrologer through this astrology website is trying to aware people world wide about the power of Indian Astrology and the occult sciences. This Website contains FREE articles on mainy subjects related to astrology, vastu, Tantra, Vashikaran science, Jyotishiya Yogas in kundli, the reasons of problems and there remedies, personality development etc. 

The main thing is that all the articles are prepared by astrologer him self and so he has used the experiences of working in this field for years. The articles are very practical and easy to understand by every one. 
Every one can take guidance from astrologer through email and phone daily. You can easily know about your destiny, fortune, fate, horoscope secrets, ways to make life hurdle free, best gems stones for you, best yantra for you, best spell for you.

World famous ON LINE ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE(Shri Om Prakash) is a trusted name in Google and people around the world are taking the benefits of his astrology services through email and phone.

Astrology services by jyotish has set the benchmark for Indian astrology and the deep and profound knowledge of astrologer/fortune-teller/jyotish in the vedic astrology, dasha and mahadasha analysis, planetary analysis horoscope analysis, mangalik dosha, pitra dosha analysis, shani impacts, grahan yoga analysis, weak planetary position always become a beneficial part for the clients. 

Astrologer astroshree has also shown his excellency in knowing the reasons of chronic diseases and healing them through the spells/mantra, gems stones, yantra pooja etc. and thus he is also using the power of astrology and occult sciences in healing diseases as a medical astrologer. 

 Not only this people who are suffering from black magic also find a good protection from him in a very easy way. Black magic know a days is becoming a very common problem and true persons are becoming the victim of this and so protection and remedies must be needed for them and here easy remedies are given by astrologer for living life smoothly.

Astroshree is a dedicated astrologer and is working continuously for the happiness of all by guiding people to make life better through astrology ways. He is blessed with the skill of logical analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart which can help in finding out the real planetary reasons of problems related to relationship, love, family, job, marriage, social status, business, career, black magic etc. and then to find the real remedies of those problems of life. 

" Nothing is Impossible, Keep in mind and take a step to win this world"...........Astroshree

Indian astrology has always proved it's power before the whole world and because of this it is known as the spiritual master. This science has always shown some mysterious things before us and thus is loved by all. Scholars from world are trying to learn Indian astrology, they want to know the secret of vedic astrology, they want to know the science behind the predictions and thus is a very interesting science for every one. 

Katyayani Pooja To Remove Obstacles In Marriage

Katyayni pooja to remove obstacles in marriage, how to over come from delay in marriage, what to do for early marriage, easy way for a successful marriage, astrologer for marriage problems analysis and easy remedies.
best solution of marriage problems free by astrologer astroshree
Puja for early marriage

One of the powerful incarnation of goddess durga is goddess Katyayni, It is a belief that Gopis also worshipped maa katyaayni to get krishna as there husband. And so for decades girls are worshipping Katyaayni to get desired husband and for timely marriage. 

To do the katyaayni puja it is said that month of MARGSHIRSHA is good but it is also a fact that god is present everywhere and at every time so everyday is good and after starting this puja it is good to continue it till one get a good life partner. 

Problems/Doshas In Girls Horoscopes:
Some girls have mangal problem, some have malefic 7th house, some has vish yoga, some has angarak yoga, some has grahn yoga and so on and there are various types of pujas available to minimize the impacts of different types of doshas in kundli but there is another fact and that is if any one is devotee of Maa Katyaayni worship her 

regularly then automatically all the doshas of Kundli get away gradually by the blessing of Goddess katyayni. So this is the easiest way to overcome from any type of malefic impacts of planets in life. 

Some Important Things To Know About Maa Katyayni:
1. She is said to be the 6th incarnation of maa durga.
2. She is the daughter of Rishi Katyayan who pleased goddess durga and pray to goddess to appear in his family as daughter. 
3. The Sixth day of Navratri is the day of Maa Katyaayni and devotees worship goddess durga in the form of katyayni.
4. She is able to remove all doshas of kundli and also able to bless the girls with good life partner. 

Easy Way To Perform Katyayni Pooja:

Astrology Counselling For Success In Life

Astrology Counselling On line for success, Analysis of Horoscope/kundli/birth chart, Predictions based on planetary positions in horoscope.
best astrology counselling for successful life by astrologer astroshree
Astro counselling On line

If no way is seen, if mind is in the state of dilemma, if decision power is getting low, if loss is occurring continuously, if you are facing problem in choosing subject, if you are facing problem in choosing career then astrology counselling may help you better. 

An experienced astrologer can tell about possibilities in life, the time to get opportunities in life after analysing the horoscope. 

An good astrologer can reveal you about the planetary reasons of your problems and sufferings in life. 
An fortune teller can tell about the good and bad period of life. 
Jyotish can clear the best Gems stone for your better life. 
An astrologer can tell you about the best puja, best daan to remove hurdles of life. 

Astrology counselling can help you to balance your life by using the best astrology ways and spiritual practices. A person can take decision by consulting an astrologer. 

Astrology is not a siddhi or magical power but is a "science of planets" , here impacts of planets are studied by making birth chart/kundli/horoscope of a person by using the birth details of a person. 

If any one don't have the birth details then the use of 'palmistry' is used and with this 'Prashn kundli' is also helpful to know the reasons of sufferings. 

Astrology counselling is good if anyone is facing problems in marital life. 
Astrology counselling is good if anyone is suffering from health problems for long time and doctors are unable to find the reasons. 
It is also very helpful for the students who are going to choose the subjects to make career. 
It is also helpful for the people who are already in job and want to switch or want to enhance there career. 

No one can ignore destiny and it is behind our most of the happenings in life. It is a fact that it is not possible to change the destiny but by knowing about it we can make ourself prepared about the coming time. Here astrologer can help you. 

Astrology counselling can help you to develop strategy for your life, it will help to decide what to do and what to not for a better future.

Janmashtami Significance

Krishna Janmashtmi 2015, What special about janmashtmi of 2015, significance of krishna janmashtmi, What to do for success, Astrology of Janmashtmi, How to perform janmashtami pooja at home?
free knowledge of janmanshti by astrologer
Krishna janmashtmi importance

Krishna janmasthami is not only popular festival of India but in all over the world devotees of krishna celebrate this day with great joy and devotion. Janmastmi means the day when lord krishna took birth in earth. So this day is the birthday of lord krishna.

Krishna is believed to be the incarnation of lord vishnu and this divine process of taking birth took place in the midnight of Ashtmi tithi After the full Moon day as per hindu calender.

Celebration Of krishna Janmashtmi:
This is the day for which devotees of krishna waited whole the year, whole the night people enjoy the chantings of lord krishna name in temple and in home too, glimpses are made in temple and home showing the birth of this divine energies in earth. 

Jhula is also placed with the idol of baby krishna and devotees swing it at midnight to please bal-gopal. Fast is also kept by people in the memory of krishna and to overcome from the problems of life. 

Astrology Significance of Janmashtmi:
As per the scriptures there are 4 MAHARATRIS i.e. powerful nights to perform saadhna or spiritual practices and they are 'Shiv Ratri', 'Holy Ratri', 'Diwali ratri' and 'Janmashtmi ratri'

Ratri means night and so Janmashthmi one of the maharatris and also famous as "MOH RATRI". The night of krishna janmashtami is said to be the best night to activate the spells, tantra, mantra, totkay etc. Due to this reason whole the year tantriks, spiritual practitioners, ghoris, spell casters etc wait. 

General people can also attract the blessings by chanting the names whole the night of krishna. This night is divine and magical, one can feel the divine energy everywhere on this night.   

Krishna was born to kill the evil energies from the earth and he did it very well and so people who are suffering from various problems worship whole the night so that krishna take out there problems too. 

It is also believed that on this night vashikaran practices are also successful. 

Game of Dahi-Handi In The Night of krishna janmastmi:
A very attractive part of janmashtmi celebration is the game of dahi handi, in this actually at a particular height a pot with curd is hanged and team are invited to break it, A large gathering takes place in different places to see this game. It is actually a part of celebration and people do this in the memory of bal gopal i.e. child krishna who was very naughty and love to steal the butter of every one in village. 

2015 Krishna Janmashtmi Importance:

Mystery of Bhagwad Geeta

What is bhagwad geeta?, mystery of teachings of shri krishna, benefits of Geeta reading, free encyclopaedia of bhagwad geeta, how to take benefits from geeta?, Solutions of problems through Geeta reading, who can read geeta, How to get real success in life?.
best astrologer for total development, bhagwad geeta for success
Secrets of Bhagwad Geeta

During the war of mahabharat when Arjun entered in depression zone by seeing all the relatives in front of him in the battlefield then shri Krishna had taught him some mysterious facts of life and these lessons are famous as 'Shreemad Bhawad Geeta'. The shlok given in this book are actually the words of shree krishna and therefore are great sacred and taken as mantra or spell by the krishna devotees. 

The main thing about this Geeta is that it is actually not for any religious person or community but it is just for the welfare of society. It has revealed the secret regarding how to live a successful life, what is importance of karma yoga, what is the importance of life, how to deal with different situations of life etc. It is a fact that if any one read this and contemplate seriously then no doubt it has the power to change the complete life of a person. It provides great tips to develop our personality into a super developed personality. 

Here in this article I am going to provide the importance of all the 18 lessons present in the bhagwad geeta which will help every one about the real importance of this great epic.

Some Important things for knowledge:
Geeta is told by Shree krishna to Arjun about 7000 years ago on the aspicious day of ekadashi. This great incident was happened in the place known as Kurukshetra battlefield.
There are 700 shloks are present in bhagwad geeta which are discribing about bhakti yoga, gyan yoga, karma yoga. In this it is cleared that how to live a stress free life and how to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha easily by doing our work. 

A real conversation which can transform any one's life.

Lesson 1:
The first lesson of gita book is about the state of mind of Arjun. What to do and what not to do in this situation when duty and relations are before each other. What to do in the state of dilemma, doubts. 
Actually every common person enter in this type of situations and therefore need guidance from an experience holder. Here Arjun has entered in same common situation by seeing all his relatives and beloved in front of him in battlefield. So he is thinking that how he can fight with there own relatives. Read this lesson to know that how he is asking questions to shree krishna.

Lesson 2:
In the 2nd lesson Shree krishna has started the clarification to Arjun regarding what to do. Here it is said that if a person follow prudence/vivek or perform his or her duties well then all the worries go away from life. The world is evanescent, nothing is immortal, every thing is changing so there is no need to worry about any thing. It is good to perform our duties well and live a comfortable life. If any one perform duties without attachment as per rules given in scriptures then nothing will disturb the life. 

Lesson 3:
Work is very important, no one can live life without doing any work so the best thing is to perform work without any hesitation. Without work no one can get the peaceful and successful life. Even supreme power is performing duties well for the well being of this universe. 

Lesson 4:
This lesson is clearing about how to live a free life and why. How to over come from any type of bond and why. This lesson is giving focus on 'Tatva Gyan'. If if know the base of any work then there is no need to attach our self with any work. By doing any work without detachment is the best way to not enter in any bond. This is the way to  live a successful life. 
By getting the abstract knowledge(tatva gyan) it is possible to over come from any type of sin too. So must read this lesson.

Lesson 5:
The secret of getting growth in life is given in lesson 5 of bhagwad geeta. It is cleared in this lesson that people must keep the balance mind means not getting upset in negative situation and not to become over excite in favourable situation. 
Saint is a person who has detached himself or herself from mind and understand the evanescent world. How to deal in every situations and why is given in this lesson of geeta. 

Lesson 6:
This lesson is on samta/parity i.e. every one must work to get the balance state of mind. Without parity it is not possible to over come from any type of doubts, griefs etc and mind is unable to meditate properly. 
The person who is able to remain in samta is only able to attain the best state of mind. So read about samta yoga in this lesson of bhagwad geeta. 

Lesson 7:
Every thing is god, everwhere there is lord vasudeva, nothing is other than god and this is the reality. Every one must try to know this fact after which the life become easy and successful. This is the mystery given in the 7th lesson. 

Lesson 8:
Life after death depends upon the current state of mind so always be attentive. We must try to behave in such a way that at the time of death we must remember the supreme power so that to achieve the salvation easily. Here in 8th lesson of geeta krishna has told the secret of after death life, what type of birth a person get after leaving the current body. This is a very great secret and every one must read this lesson if want the real success in life.

Read more Below about Secrets of Geeta -

How To Remove Snake Curse From Horoscope?

How to remove snake curse from life, how to find that there is snake curse in kundli, way to over come from sarp shraap, astrologer for analysis of kundli dosha and remedies. 
best astrologer for snake curse analysis and remedies
Snake Curse And Astrology

Snake curse is one of the dangerous thing which affect the life very much due to this it is not possible to uplift in life, every where, problems arises and create obstacles. 

Person gets nervous, depressed due to financial problems, debt problems, social status problems, love life problems etc. So it is necessary to recognized the snake curse in horoscope and then to take steps to minimize the impacts of it. 

Horoscope and Snake Curse/sarp shraap:
In kundli Rahu and Ketu are very closely associated with snake and therefore to know the curse of snake we analyse these 2 planets. These are shadow planet/chaya grah and also known as dragon head and dragon tail. Positive Rahu and ketu makes the life divine and magical where as negative rahu and ketu makes the life full of problems and failure. 

Let's Understand Some Benefits Of Rahu and Ketu:
1. Due to positive and powerful rahu and ketu person is able to get indepth knowledge of mysterious subjects like astrology, tantra, mantra and yantra. 
2. It also makes the person proficient and excellent in the related field. 
3. Sudden benefits always makes the life happy.
4. Person gets honour from anywhere.
5. Person is able to experience the divine inner world and other world which are generally unseen by common people. 
6. It also makes the person obstinate which become one of the reason of success in life 
7. It also gives a logical mind and which makes the person scientist in normal life too. 

Now Let's See Some Problems which arises due to Snake Curse or Malefic Rahu and Ketu:

Health, Wealth and Prosperity Through The Blessings Of COW

Health, wealth and prosperity through the blessings of cow. how the cow is useful to attract money, health and prosperity by cow astrology, Gau seva se dhan prapti, gau seva se vastu dosha ka samadhaan, gau seva se sampannta, Totkay related with cow, Astrologer for simple remedies of problems.
cow astrologer
Cow Worship For Success

Cow is considered as a sacred animal in India and Indian call cow 'gau mata' i.e. goddess cow. Not in India but in Egypt, Greece, Ancient Israel and Rome also held the belief that cow is a very sacred animal. 

As Per Hindu mythology cow has the following powers-
1. 33 crore god and goddess powers are there in cow.
2. Surbhi laxmi resides in cow.
3. The presence of cow helps to get-rid of many chronic diseases.
4. If cow is pleased then the person get health, wealth prosperity easily.
5. Vast dosha can also be rectified by using the products made by cow dung, urine, ghee etc.
6. Cow milk is best suitable for the development of baby. 
7. Cow milk, cow urine and cow dung is used to make many types of powerful medicines. 
8. Panchgavya in which we take cow dung, urine of cow, milk of cow, curd made by cow milk and ghee made by cow milk are the most sacred things in this world as per 

Indian holy books. These are used in worshipping god and goddesses. 
9. For the decades saints, scholars, kings and knowledgeable people are worshipping cow get positive energies. 

So in one sentence I must say that cow is full of positive energies and makes the person positive but it is necessary to be in touch with cow for some time daily to feel its power.

Totkay Related With Cow:

Hindi Astrologer | Hindi Astrology | Jyotish in Hindi

Hindi astrologer, astrology in hindi, Indian vedic astrology in hindi, hindi mai paaye janm kundli ka vishleshan, Horoscope analysis in hindi, hindi jyotish, ज्योतिषीय समाधान hindi में पाने के लिए संपर्क करे, भविष्य जानिए, कुंडली के रहस्य को जानिये.
best jyotish in Hindi in Google, web
Jyotish In Hindi

अगर आपको अपने कुंडली का विश्लेषण अंग्रेजी में चाहिए, अगर आप चाहते हैं की hindi वैदिक ज्योतिष द्वारा आपको सफलता के नए स्त्रोत मिले तो आप आज ही संपर्क कर सकते हैं ज्योतिष astroshree से. 
1. यहाँ आप पा सकते हैं अपने कुंडली की जानकारी. 
2. आप जान सकते हैं की कौनसा रत्न आपके लिए शुभ है.
3. आप जान सकते हैं की आपके जीवन का स्वर्णिम समय कब है.
4. आप ज्योतिष द्वारा जान सकते हैं की कुंडली में मौजूद दोषों को दूर करने के उपाय क्या है. 
5. hindi ज्योतिष द्वारा जानिये की आपके कुंडली में कौन से ग्रह मजबूत है और कौन से कमजोर है, आपको सफलता के लिए क्या करना चाहिए. 
6. आपके जीवन में प्रेम संबंधो को कैसे सुधारे.
7. कला जादू का समाधान भी आप जान सकते हैं hindi में. 
8. अगर आप विवाह करना चाहते है तो आप जानिये गुण मिलान hindi में. 
9. राशिफल की जानकारी hindi में पाइए. 
विद्यार्थी पा सकते हैं पढ़ाई में सफलता के सूत्र hindi ज्योतिष द्वारा, नौकरी पेशा लोग जान सकते हैं अपने क्षेत्र में सफलता पाने के उपाय, व्यापारी जान सकते हैं अपने व्यापार को बढ़ने के तरीके प्रसिद्ध ज्योतिष द्वारा.

वैदिक ज्योतिष पुरे विश्व में अपनी पहचान बना चूका है, देश विदेश के लोग वैदिक ज्योतिष को सीखने में जुटे हुए हैं, इसका एक ही कारण है इसकी प्रमाणिकता. hindi वैदिक ज्योतिष द्वारा जो भविष्यवानियाँ होती है वो बहुत सटीक होती है. अतः इस विद्या को पुरे विश्व में आदर मिला है. 
ग्रहों का हमारे जीवन में बहुत प्रभाव है अतः ग्रहों की चाल को जानकार हम अपने जीवन के महत्त्वपूर्ण फैसले ले सकते हैं. 
आज ही आप संपर्क कर सकते हैं hindi में समस्त ज्योतिषीय समाधान प्राप्त कर ने के लिए. 
आपको ज्योतिषीय सलाह लेने के लिए निम्न जानकारी email करना होगा :

Reasons Of Delay In Marriage By Astrologer

Reasons of delay in marriage, Late marriage why as per astrology, Causes of delay in Vivah, what are the planetary reasons of delay in marriage, Remedies of delay in marriage.
best astrologer tips to get rid of marriage problems.
Why delay in marriage

Human being is a social right from birth and so there is need of friends, family members, lover, life partners etc. And it is a bitter truth that many ones are passing life just in search of a good life partner. 

Marriage is a social ceremony in which two persons male and female take oath to live together for life time and take care of each other. If it is happened in time then no doubt the couples are able to live a happy life but in case of delay in marriage many problems arises in personal life as well as in social life. 

In this article I am going to focus on various reasons of late in marriage. Hope this will help my blog readers to understand the power of vedic astrology. By knowing it is possible to take the right decision at right time.  

Let's See Some General Reasons Of Delay In Marriage:
1. Some persons are alone because of there high expectations from partner so there search has not reached at culmination because no one is complete. 
2. Some persons are alone because there parents are not taking interest properly in searching a good life partner in life. 
3. Some are alone because of there bad experience with people. 
4. Some are living a ascetic life because they have not got there beloved as a partner. 
5. Some are alone because no one is taking interest in marry with them. 
6. Some males are alone because they don't have proper job. 
7. Some are highly educated and not getting partner as per there level. 
8. Some are suffering due to mangalik yoga.

The above are some general reasons which are seen in society and many problems can be root out just by changing the way of thinking so it is in our hand to live a good life but since here we are talking about astrology reasons of problems. So now I am providing details about those reasons which cause delay in marriage.

Now Let's See Some Astrology Reasons Of Delay In Marriage:

Astrologer For Accurate Predictions

Astrologer For Accurate Predictions, what is the need of prediction, Get Best predictions from astrologer astroshree, astrology prediction on-line, What is present in Kundli/horoscope/birth chart, how predictions are done by ASTROLOGER ASTROSHREE, what the new year is bringing, how to make our life successful through astrology predictions. 
astrologer/jyotish for best predictions of horoscope/kundli/birth chart
astrologer/jyotish for predictions on line

Prediction which is also called as bhavishyawani is done by every astrologer/jyotish and for that study of planets with zodiac are done. But horoscope reading is not only the way to predict about some thing, there are many other ways through which also predictions are done by different types of scholars like as predictions by Ramal astrology, predictions by seeing dreams and intuition, predictions by seeing omen/portent/sign, prediction by nadi reading, prediction by calculating numbers and so on. 

There are different types of ways used by different types of experienced persons but here I want to say that Vedic astrology has always shown it's authenticity in predicting about life and related matter.

There are many types of things present in our horoscope, there are many yogas present, some of them are good, some of them are bad, some create raj yoga, some create daridra yoga, some create struggle and so on. 

Here I want to say that making prediction is not an easy task, minute analysis is needed, study of degree, study of planetary positions, study of zodiac are done to predict about any thing. So here experience matters a lot. 

Only a devoted astrologer can provide you the best predictions of your life. It is not good to reach at any conclusion just by seeing one thing in kundli so thorough study is needed before saying anything. 

If any one don't believe in astrology then it is suggested to not play with any astrologer or jyotish because any type of prediction may enter in your mind and change your life. 
If you are serious, if you really want guidance to make your life successful then proceed for kundli reading and seek solutions to make your life fruitful. 

Astrology is not the subject of making fun, it is not the matter of passing time. So just give respect to this great subject of India and then you can feel the power of vedic astrology by yourself. 

There may be mangal dosha, pitra dosha, raj yoga, daridra yoga, gaj kesari yoga, gand mool dosha, kal sarp yoga etc and it may be possible that you want to know about your horoscope strength and weakness then you can contact astrologer to know and to reform your life. 

Benefits Of Astrology Predictions By Astrologer:

Black Magic Effects And Remedies

Black magic effects, types and remedies, Black magic remedies through gems, black magic remedy through utara, black magic remedy through totkays, How to Cut Black magic?, Astrologer For Black Magic Protection.

tabij for black magic protection, yantra for black magic protection, astrologer for black magic protection
Black Magic Effects And Remedies
Are you suffering from black magic, are you suffering from unusual incidents with you in daily life, are you not getting well in spite of taking medicines, are you hit hardly by malefic effects of planets? 
Do you want to get rid of your problems? Do you want to live a better life?, Do you want to come out of your problems then Astroshree is the right place. Here you will get the solutions of your problems. 
In this age of competition people are ready to anything for success. Because of the negative competition in the market, because of the feeling to present ourselves superior people are using black magic. 

People are using black magic to get success in different types of work like-

1. Black magic to kill enemy.
2. Black magic to get the property.
3. Black magic to get the love.
4. Black magic to create impression in work.
5. Black magic to get money from any where. 
6. Black magic to harass some one because of jealousy etc.
7. Black magic to hypnotize any boy or girl for specific work.
8. Black magic to get powers.
9. Black magic to win election. 

There are many types of problems arises on victims of black magic like as -
a) Mental problems arises suddenly in family.
b) Financial crisis arises in family at once.
c) Health problems without any reasons.
d) Different types of physical problems without any reasons.
e) Business problems of different types. 
f) Increase of debt In spite of doing hard work.

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