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Moles Astrology

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Generally there are no person in this world who has no mole in body. The moles in our body tells many things about our personality, nature, destiny etc. Different types of things are known by studying the moles in body parts. It is a subject of "saamudrik shaastra".
moles on body and there meaning in astrology
Moles Astrology

In this article we will see how moles are used to study the personality of a person as per astrology. Through Moles astrology we will be able to find many positive and negative impacts of our own personality. But before reaching to any conclusion it is good to consult any experienced astrologer. Because things may be changed as per the positions of planets in horoscope. Read about moles showing bad luck.

What are moles?

It is a small round mark present in different part of body. In astrology it is used to study about the human nature and destiny.
While studying the moles it is seen that what is the color of mole, where it is located in body, what is the size of it etc.

Types of Moles:

As per astrology there are 2 types of moles found- Black Color Moles and Red color moles which is very auspicious.
If we talk about the shapes of moles so it is found in round shape, square shape, triangle shape, big moles, small moles etc.

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Now let's understand some of the impacts of moles in human life:

1. Astrology for Mole on Lips:

  • If the mole is present on the upper lip it means that the person is good with every one. It also shows the diversion of a person mind towards the luxurious life.
  • If the mole is present on the lower lip, it shows the interest in food and it also makes a person artist. This type of persons are made for this materialistic world.
  • If the mole is present in the inner lower lip then it shows that the person will loose his life in gambling and alcohol.
  • The mole in the upper inner side of lip shows that the person has interest in occult sciences like tantra, mantra etc.

2. Astrology for Mole on Chest:

  • If a person has mole on right chest then he or she will worry for money mostly But right side mole gives good social respect.
  • Right side mole also shows the female progeny.
  • Left side mole represent the good mind power, sharp mind power, clever. This type of persons knows how to maintain any relation ship.
  • Mole in middle of chest shows great financial problem.

3. Astrology For Mole on Cheek:

  • Right cheek mole shows the quality of responsibility, loving nature, interest in worldly things, feelings for relatives etc.
  • Left side mole on cheek shows that the introvert nature,arrogant behavior, struggle in life but are lucky from progeny side.

4. Astrology for Mole on Stomach:

  • A mole nearby navel shows the mind which is very much divert towards the luxurious and are very frank.
  • Right side mole on stomach shows weaknesses, while as left side mole on stomach shows the nature ofjealousybut is very much money loving.

5. Astrology for Mole on Back:
Mole on back side shows the name, fame, money, leading nature, good health, courage, clever etc.

6. Astrology for Mole on Neck:

  • If the mole is present in back side of neck it shows the negative mind, short tempered, aggressive etc.
  • A Mole on front side of neck shows sweet voice, artistic nature, good marriage life.

7. Astrology for Mole on Fore Head:

  • Due to mole in right forehead the person get name, fame, money. It also makes a person helping nature, devotee of god.
  • The left side mole shows selfishness,

8. Astrology for Mole on Head:

  • A mole on right head makes a person good in politics. This type of person knows how to get good status, finance and how to get success in life.
  • Left side mole on head shows the poorness and struggle in life. This type of person waste their life in wandering here and there. It makes a person successful in spiritual field.

9. Astrology for Mole on Tongue:

  • Health problem will arise if the black mole is present in the middle of the tongue.
  • But the mole on the tip of tongue shows the expert in talking, having good fate, good family. it shows a lucky person.

10. Astrology for mole on Feet:

  • The person will get good life partner, good family life, grace of good if the mole is on right foot.
  • The person will faces financial problem and struggle in life if the mole is present in left feet, Moles on the bottom of the feet represent journeys, enemies and moody nature.

Moles astrology, what are moles?, power of Moles, Types of Moles, How to predict destiny with moles?, Best moles astrology, Know about your moles, Revealing Personality through moles.

11. Eye brow mole astrology:

  • Mole on left eye brow leads to struggle in life, misfortune etc. where as mole on the right eye brow makes a person successful from the point of view of money, wife, luck etc.
  • Mole on the middle of eyebrow makes a person leader. This type of person get name, fame, money easily.

12. Eye lid mole astrology:

  • Right eyelid mole makes a person pompous and because of this nature he suffers a lot. While a mole on left eye lid shows a general life.
  • Person is lucky and wealthy if the mole is present in the inner side of top eyelids. While as mole on inner-side if lower eyelid represent misfortune and struggle.

13. Eyes mole astrology:
Right eye mole makes a person lucky in terms of money while mole in left eye shows a person having pride and it also shows relationships with others.

14. Astrology for mole on palm:
As per samudrik shastra mole on palm shows struggle and obstacles in life. Where ever it is forming create hurdles in that area.

15. Nose mole astrology:

  • A mole on right side of nose represents luck while left side mole represent struggle. It also lead to illegal relationships.
  • A mole on tip of nose represent good mind and power to win the arguments.
  • A mole on the bridge between nostrils represent the problems in career, financial problems,dis satisfactory life.

16. Astrology for mole on ribs:

  • Fear full life if the mole is present on right ribs.
  • Mole on left rib shows a general life.

17. Thighs Mole Astrology:

  • Mole on right thigh makes a person able to settle in abroad. It also makes a person lucky in terms of females support.
  • Mole on left thigh makes a person successful artist but it also shows the lazy nature.

18. Moles on Ears:

  • Moles on ears shows good earning power and a nature to spend any where easily.
  • Mole on back side of ear shows that the person follows the tradition of family.

19. Moles on Shoulder:
Right shoulder mole shows a person having good courage, zeal and passion towards the target. While the mole on left shoulder represent a person involves in fighting with every one.

So i have cleared some knowledge about the mole astrology. Hope it will increase the knowledge of my blog readers. I wish best of luck for a successful life and want to remind that don't make any prediction just by reading this article because the nature of persons are also very much depends upon the planetary position. You need to take proper consultancy to know about your personality and life opportunities.

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Moles astrology, what are moles? know about types of Moles, भाग्यशाली तिल ,How to predict destiny with moles? .


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