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2019 Rashifal Predictions

Rashifal 2019 by vedic astrologer, know about new year predictions, how will be business, job, love life as per planets?.

New year means new dreams, new aims, plans to achieve dreams life in a new way. Every astrology lovers want to know about how will be the new-year.   Every New Year brings very important changes in life. Some people face challenges in life, some get tremendous success, some suffers from shani sade sati. All these things we can know in this article.  Here blog visitors can read predictions related with 12 zodiacs i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Know about 2019 family life, health changes, love life, job, business etc.  also know about what to do to make the new year hurdle-free.

First of all Let’s Know About New Year Prediction: The king of this year is SATURN.And Minister is SUN. Saturn is the god of justice and a hard planet due to which some mysterious environment will be seen in country. Fe…

Horoscope In Depth Analysis

In-depth analysis of horoscope/kundli, deep analysis of birth chart, minute analysis of kundli by astrologer, solution through vedic astrology, tips to live successful life by using vedic jyotish.. Astrology is study of stars, planets, celestial bodies on human life. 9 planets Sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, rahu, ketu are present in our horoscope and astrologer study the position, strength of these planets and then give predictions. By this personality differs, attitude differ from person to person.

Every person has different sound, different thinking, different study pattern. All this happen because impact of planets are different in every person. This can be studied only by in-depth analysis of horoscope/birth chart.

Earth is moving, sun is moving, even every planets are moving regularly and this movement is affecting the life of people. Because of this when transit takes place life also changes of person. This is studied by astrologers.  While studying the horosc…

Sharad Poornima- What To Do ? | Importance

Sharad Poornima- What To Do ? | Importance, Some facts related to Shard Poornima, Whom To Worship as per Astrology.

If you want healthy and wealthy and peaceful life then sharad poornima is the night to workout for success.
As per the Hindu calender there are 12 full moon day i.e. poornima in 12 month. Among them the SHARAD POORNIMA is the most important.  Some facts related to Shard Poornima:It falls on the month of Ashwin as per the Hindu Calender.Sharad Poornima falls on the last date of Ashwin Month as per the hindu calender.On this auspicious day Moon is present in it's full power that's why this night is the brightest night of the year.It is considered that on the night of sharad poornima nector shower takes place.This poornima is also known as 'Kojaagar Poornima'.It is also considered that on this night goddess laxmi in white dress wander in the world so the person who worship on this night will get the bless of goddess.It is also said that on this auspicious ni…

Astrology For Lovers

Astrology for lovers !Here astrology lovers can read about Compatibility importance in life, how jyotish help to make life full of love,  Challenges in love life, remedies of unmatched kundli.
Love life is very important in life. The moments which partners spend with each other without any tension and fear is a memorable time and some time those events are sufficient to live the whole life without anything else. So it is very important to understand the real love, our partner. Love is a very delicate feeling which needs handling with care. Read about 9 Ways To Bring Simple and True Love in Life.

Generally teenagers falls in love and think that it is real but they don't know how to maintain it and because of this breakups happens easily. Not only teenagers but adults too are not able to maintain their love life. Daily i received so many requests related to love life problems.

At the early stage of love life generally partners are unable to think about anything except their love on…

Career As Per Planet In Horoscope or Kundli

Career As Per Planet In Horoscope or Kundli, Impact of Planetary combination on earning sources in astrology, Career as per nakshatra or birth star,  27 Nakshatra and related career,  Many Times questions related to career is asked like- What will be the best career as per the astrology?In which field i should go for monetary purpose?Is is good for me to choose that business or job as a career? etc. Not only youth but elders are also curious to know the right direction to get the successful career and this is not wrong. Until a person choose right platform or right career he or she will not attain the real success as per astrology. This is not a blank words but is proved. Astrology is a science and it shows the right things. Astrology work as a magical mirror which shows the future of a person. Here i am going to clear that how we can find the right career. Although it is best to consult an experienced astrologer who can show the right way. Career as Per Planets in 10th House: In our …

How To Destroy Black Magic Effects?

How To Destroy Black Magic Effects?, What are the ways to get-rid of  kala jadoo?, How to know black magic is done? Safe and Secure ways to over come from evils, Why people use negative ways to harm?, Things used in black magics, Powerful remedies by Astrologer For Protection.
Destroy Black Magic Effects if it is ruining your personal life. Get-rid of Black Magic Effects if it is disturbing your professional life.
Come out from  Dark evil eyes Effects if it is creating problems in your business life.
Destroy Kala jadooEffects if it is generating health problems in your life.
It is very dangerous and victims of black magics also suffers a lot so it is very necessary to protect our self from any type of black magic.
First of all it is very necessary to find out that whether there is any black magic or not: I am clearing here some symptoms which will help you to know that is there any black magic problem or not. Although effects are not same every time. Effects of black magic are different …