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Why 4 February Is Special To Remove Problems?

If you want to know about a day which will help you to minimize problems of life then here is the important date and time. This day is very important to perform rituals, totkay, pooja, prayers to remove hurdles of life.

Yes I am talking about 4th of February 2019, Monday. This day is very auspicious if you believe in astrology and want to perform some special poojas. Why February 4 is Important? If you want to know that why this day is auspicious then do know the reasons from the point of astrology - Mauni Amavasya is falling i.e. no moon night which is treated as very important day to perform prayers for the peace of ancestors. Next is, there is sarwarth siddhi yoga on this day which is making this day sacred and importat.Next is Kumbh shahi bath will be done on this day too. With this the most important thing is that when Amavasya falls on Monday then the importance increases too much and this day is known as "Somwati Amavasya". It is said to be the best day for offering p…

Related Day and Foods of Planets

Related Day and Foods of Planets, what to do to strengthen the planets and to minimize the impacts of malefic planets as per Laal kitab. Planet Moon – If moon is weak in horoscope then it is good to eat kheer on Monday. Use silver utensils and wear white dresses. Do use tilak of white sandalwood, use pearl ring or pendent and wear silver jewelry.
But if moon is malefic in horoscope then do donate the things related to moon. Planet Mars – The related day of mars is Tuesday, If mangal is weak in kundli then it is good to eat masoor daal on Tuesday, wear red cloths on Tuesday, do eat sweet chapattis, do keep red hanky in pocket.
If mars is malefic in horoscope then do not use masoor dal, red cloths. Distribute sweets on Tuesday and do visit hanuman temple regularly. Read more about mars>> Planet Mercury – The related day of budh is Wednesday, if mercury is weak in horoscope then it is good to use green cloth on Wednesday and wear emerald, eat green vegetables.
On the other hand i…

Tantrokt Nariyal And It's Magical Power

What is Tantrokt Nariyal(coconut) or Laghu Nariyal, Use of Tantrokt Nariyal or coconut in Tantra, Astrologer for perfect solutions of problems. In Tantra it is seen that the things which are very general in look are very important and have tremendous power. In india various types of coconut are found. Among them laghu or tantrokt nariyal is also very important and effective. In look it is very small but use in various types of flicks or totkas.It has the power to protect from black magic, shani saade saati, in pregnancy, grief and many other sufferings.

TANTROKT NARIYAL CAN OPEN THE WAY OF SUCCESS Lets see some use of Tantrokt Nariyal :If Tantrokt nariyal is wrapped with 7feet thread and rotate 7 times from the head of every member of family and burn it in holy fire or holika in night then it destroys the effect of black magic.When saturn or shani is malefic in our horoscope or at the time of shani sade sati do this 11 Saturday- In a vessel full of mustard oil put a tantrokt nariyal or…

Free Totkays | Flicks For Prosperity

Rules To Do Any Totka, Things Important In Life, Totkay For Prosperity, Best ways to increase prosperity, astrologer for prosperity problems,
Prosperity, Name, Fame, Money is the wish f every one but very few of us are able to get all these things in life and the person who have are in the list of successful persons. To Be a successful person is not an easy task it is a continuous process which must be continued till death. Not Only Hardworking is enough to be a successful person but your luck must be with you.

There are many person who are lucky from the birth but what about the common person so here in this article we will see how to be successful by using some simple Totkays for prosperity. By doing these totkays regularly with trust and confidence you will find a great positive change in your life. Rules must be kept before doing any Totka :Keep in mind the exact time to do the totka.Do the totka alone.Don't Revela about the totka…

Why 2019 Makar Sankranti is Special ?

Why 2019 Makar Sankranti is Special, what is date of 2019 makar-sankaranti, why this year celebration will be on 15th January.

Although every year maker sankranti pooja is done on 14th January but in 2019 sun will enter in Capricorn in the evening of 14th and so for holy bath and offering things for wellbeing will be done on 15th January, Tuesday as per astrology.

This is also a fact that kite lovers will enjoy 14th and 15th both in this new year.

15th January, Tuesday is also important because this is the date of KUMBH SHAAHI SNAAN i.e. grand holy bath. So as per astrology the early morning time is best for holy bath and donating things for well-being. This sankranti will be very powerful from the religious point of view.

Click to read about significance of makar-sankranti>> What devotees do for virtue/Punya on Makar Sankranti? On this auspicious day devotees perform holy bath in holy-rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kshipra and  donate special things, some also do hidden don…

Makar Sankranti Significance | What To Do For Success?

Makar Sankranti Significance, Importance of Makar sankranti, What to do on akarsankranti, How to get astrology power in makar sankranti. Totkays for makar sankranti.
Makar sankranti is celebrated in a very huge way in the Great India. This is one of the great festival of India. People used to fly kites on this auspicious day. Whole the day, people enjoy with family members, friends, relatives in ground or roof with kites and eating Laddu or Til. But this is not only the importance there is a great astrological changes takes place on this day of makar sankranti.  This auspicious day is celebrated in different ways in different states of India like as in Tamil Nadu it is called as pongal festival, In Assam this auspicios event is celebrated as Bihu, In punjab and Haryana Lohri is celebrated on this day.

Some Important Facts Related withMakar Sankranti:The Sun become Uttarayan on this day. sun enter in the Capricorn zodiac sign on this makar sankranti.From Makar sankranti Day time of God…