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Weekly rashifal 21 to 26 september 2020 By astrologer

Weekly predictions, rashifal of 12 zodiacs, know about career, love life/relationships, health issues as per changes in stars in gochar kundli. Welcome to the weekly predictions by Astrologer Om Prakash( Here blog readers and astrology lovers can know about the changes in life of 12 zodiacs as per vedic astrology. Know the rashifal of coming week.
21st of September 2020, Monday to 26th September 2020, saturday-Aries Rashifal predictions: In this week, you will be able to fulfill your dreams by your caliber and will power,  you will be able to take bold decisions. You will be more ambitious and energetic. Because of saturn planet support you will be able to focus in your work and your relations with colleagues will also help you a lot to perform your work in a better way. Money wise the day is general. If you love someone then be fair to avoid any type of misconceptions. You may feel warmness and temper may also increase so try to maintain cool atmosphere at home and in …

Some Ways To Stop Negative Energies

Best ways to stop negative energies,what is negativity, how to stop negativity, astrology and vastu ways to stop negativity, free tips to protect ourselves from negative energies.

Negativity is a name given to bad energies or harmful energies which disturb our life and generate obstacles of different types. We can include the ghost effects in this criteria, the bad smell , the geopathic stress, diseases, black magic effects etc.

Read about Reasons of unwanted happenings

The simple ways to test the negativity of any place is to feel the environment, if we find ourself uncomfortable somewhere that means there is something wrong. Suppose if we stand nearby garbage area then we feel the smell which makes us uncomfortable, if we stand nearby toilet area then also the same thing happens etc. So it is suggested to keep the areas clean and pure as much as possible at home too.

Negativity attract bad luck, diseases, conflicts, loss in health and wealth, etc. So it is necessary to take some sp…

Santan Prapti Yog In Horoscope in English

Santan prapti yoga in horoscope by astrologer, how to know about children in horoscope as per vedic astrology, yogas showing happiness from children in life, what to do for santan prapti, who faces problems in having baby?, solutions of santan problems through astrology by astrologer astroshree.

Having a baby/santan/child in life is a very important part of married life. It gives a new sight to the couples and make a good changes in life. Couples do lot of efforts in life to have a healthy baby or santan. There are many couples who are deprive of children and all there efforts are not giving results. In spite of taking treatment also some couples are not having progeny.

Do you know about santanprapti Saadhna.

The reasons of this can be known by astrology. Horoscope is the mirror of our life and so we can know many things about our life through horoscope, There are 12 houses in horoscope/kundli and all the houses represent different segments of life. One of the house is responsible for…

Transit of Rahu in Taurus on 23 September predictions

Effect of Rahu Transit In Taurus From 23 September 2020 To 12 April 2022, impacts On Zodiac Sign | Rahu Transit 2020.

Shree Yantra Power And Way To Worship

What is shree yantra, know about power, mantra or spell, simple Method to worship shree yantra.

Shree yantra is a special design developed by our former scholars(Rishi munis) who were the great researcher of occult sciences. The design of shree yantra is so powerful that if it is charged with proper spell and installed then it energizes the whole area.

As per our epics Shree yantra is said to be the king among the yantras. It is the best yantras which is able to fulfill every desire of a person related to dharma, arth, kama and moksha. It is able to provide every type of success. If any one do regular worship of shreeyantra with faith and belief then He or she is able to get Money, power, prosperity, honor, happiness etc easily. If any one drink the water through which the ablution is done of shree yantra then no doubt the person will get rid of any type of negative energies. Some Important facts about Shree Yantra:This yantra boasts the entire universe in itself. there are many variet…

Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas or Mal Maas | Importance

Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas or Mal Maas, difference of Adhik maas and kshay maas, Mythology Concept of Purushottam Maas, Purushottam Maas in Ujjain, Sapt Sagr of Ujjain
Mal Maas: As per Indian Panchang or almanac in every 3 year 1 month extra comes in a year. But this is a astronomical event. In every year there are 12 sankranti of sun and due to this there are 12 month in a year as per moon calender. In sun and moon year there is a difference of 11 days. These extra days collectively make a new month which is known as 'Purushottam Maas' or 'Adhik Maas' or 'Mal Maas.  Another concept is that When there is no surya sankranti on any month that month is called as 'Purushottam Maas' or 'Adhik Maas' or 'Mal Maas.  If any month has 2 surya snkranti that month is called 'Kshay Maas'.
Mythology Concept of Purushottam Maas: As per mythology Purushottam maas is called mal maas or khar maas too because there is no lord of this month. Because of thi…

Pitru Moksh Amavasya Ke Liye Totkay

Pitru Moksh Amavasya Ke Liye Totkay, kaise kare pitro ko khush, kaise door kare durbhagya, kaise prapt kare pitro ka ashirvaad asaan totko se, sarwpitru amavasya.
Pitru paksh ka antim din hota hai SARWAPITRU MOKSH AMAVASYA. Ye din bahut mahattwpoorn hota hai, is din log vibhinn prakaar ke poojaaye karte hain taki pitaro ko santusht kiya jaa sake aur jivan ko sukhi kiya jaa sake.
Agar koi kisi ka shraadh kisi tithi me nahi kiya hai to wo pitru amavasya ko unke nimitt shraadh karke laabh utha sakta hai.

Agar kisi ko apne kisi poorwaj ke mrityu tithi ka pata na ho to bhi wo sarwapitru amavasya ko unke nimitt pooja paath aadi kar sakta hai.

Pitru moksh amavasya ko pitaro ke nimitt tarpan karne se pitro ki kripa prapt hoti hai.  Jo log pitru moksh amavasya ko pitro ke nimitt pooja, tarpan, bhojan aadi nikaalte hain, daan dete hain unke jivan me khushiyan aati hai, badhaaye nasht hoti hai, dharm, arth, kaam aur moksh ki prapti hoti hai.

Sarwapitru moksh amavasya ko pitru dosh shanti ki pooja…

Pitru Moksh Amvasya Importance

Pitru moksh amavasya importance,Importance of last day of shradh (no moon night).
Every year hindu people do special process for 16 days to please the ancestors, these sixteen days are called sharadh paksh, Indian sages has made this tradition so that people may come out of there problems which arises due to the bad wishes of there ancestors.

Actually we must pay tribute to our ancestors because of which we are here in this wonderful earth. As per the hindu epics it is necessary to worship our ancestors/Pitru so as to live a happy and prosperous life. As per hindu calender these days comes in the Ashwin Month.

It is believe that whatever we donate in the name of souls , they get the benefit any how and in return they bless the family.

The last day of shradh paksh is called "PITRA MOKSH AMAVASYA/SARWA PITRA AMAVASYA", This is the no moon night and day when it is preferred to perform sharadh or rituals for the peace of souls.

If any one don't know the tithi or day of death…