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 Astrology consultation, astrologer contact, contacts number of jyotish, email of vedic astrologer. Contact Astrologer 9893695155 Fees Per Person: Services Pricing Horoscope Reading 600 INR or $11 Match Making For Marriage 901 INR or $21 Black Magic Analysis & Remedies 1500 INR or $24 Love Compatibility Reading 901 INR or $21 Numerology Reading Service 2100 INR or $30 Palm Reading Service 901 INR or $21 Vastu Consultancy 5100 INR or $81 Child Birth Consultancy 1200 INR or $21 Pay Securely via Debit cards/credit cards/Net Banking Here Buy Services Now>> Phonepe Number :: +91 989 369 5155 Client Out side India Can Use Paypal To Pay Fees Below:: Paypal ID is : UPI ID:astroshree@ybl Use Your Email To Send DETAILS To ""::

Lucky Metals As per Zodiacs in Astrology

Auspicious metal as per zodiacs, which metal is auspicious for which zodiac sign, Metal and Zodiac Sign  in astrology| Just as there are auspicious gems for 12 zodiac signs, there are also auspicious metals. According to astrology, if the person wears a bracelet or chain of auspicious metal according to the zodiac, then it enhance luck. Planets can be strengthened by wearing auspicious metal, while wearing inauspicious metal can lead to problems. Lucky Metals As per Zodiacs in Astrology Let us know which metals are related to which zodiac signs: Gold metal: If your zodiac sign is Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces, then gold metal is beneficial for you according to astrology. The master of of gold metal is Jupiter. Silver: If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Cancer, Libra then silver metal is beneficial for you according to astrology. The lord of this metal is Moon. Iron: If your zodiac sign is Capricorn and Aquarius, then iron metal is beneficial for you a

Astrology Remedies To Attract Friends and relationship

Astrological remedies to attract friends and relationship, which planet represents friends in astrology?, Role of venus in life. A horoscope can reveal many secrets about life like personality, hurdles in life, weaknesses in personality, problems in attracting friends, reasons of loneliness, marriage timings, happiness in life etc.  Friends and relationships are very important in our life because without them we cannot enjoy our life and so it is necessary to know the reasons through astrology if we are suffering from loneliness, no friends, no relationships.  There are many people who try a lot to get a healthy relationship and friends but they fail because our life is regularly affected by planets as per astrology.  As per planets in our horoscope our life moves and we face happiness and grief’s in life.  Index: Astrology reasons of failure to attract friends and relationship in life Role Of Venus In life How Venus in different houses affects our life? Some astrology remedies to

When is Aghan Amavasya

When is aghan amavasya, date and auspicious time of अगहन अमावस्या  2022, what to do to remove problems of life, astrological remedies for successful life, how will be the position of planets. Aghan Amavasya is also very important in Hinduism, this is the day when we can perform special pujas to get the blessings of ancestors. 2022 Aghan Amavasya Date and Timings: In the year 2022, Aghan Amavasya Tithi will start from 06.56 am on 23rd November wednesday and will continue till 4.29 am on 24th November thursday. When is Aghan Amavasya Aghan Amavasya 2022:  The Amavasya date of the month of Aghan will be on Wednesday, 23 November. It is also known as margshirsh amavasya. Due to Amavasya on Wednesday, for those who have Malefic  Mercury in their horoscope, this day will also be auspicious for worshiping Mercury Shanti Pooja. हिंदी में पढ़िए अगहन अमावस्या कब है ? Let us know some important mahurat on Aghan Amavasya 2022: On this day Rahu Kaal will be from 12 to 1:30 in the afternoon. Guli

Dattatray Jayanti Significance

when is datta jayanti in 2022, Dattatray Jayanti significance,  Birthday of Lord Dattatreya, what to do for success on dutt poornima.  One of the auspicious day for the devotees and scholars is Poornima of Aghan month as per hindu panchang which falls in December every year. This day is very important because the birthday of guru dattatray is celebrated on this day. This day is also known as Dattatreya Jayanti/dutt poornima. Hindu God Dattatreya (Datta) is a combined form of the powerful trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. हिंदी में पढ़िए दत्त जयंती कब है 2022 में और क्या महत्त्व है  In the year 2022, Datt jayanti will be celebrated on 7th of December, Wednesday   Dattatray Jayanti Significance Lord Dutta is also known as Avadhut and Digambar. Devotees feel the presence of lord in these days also. The worship of guru dattatray is very popular in Maharashtra and gujarat in India. Not only normal people but tantric also prefer to worship dattatray because it is believed t

upcoming weekly panchang and rashifal

Upcoming weekly panchang and rashifal, 27 November to 3rd of december 2022 predictions| love life predictions, Which zodiac sign's people will get benefit in the coming week, आने वाला सप्ताह के महत्त्वपूर्ण दिन और राशिफल, know how many sarwarth siddhi yoga and important days will be available in the coming week. Upcoming weekly Sarvartha Siddhi Yogas: On November 27, from 4:47 pm till the end of the night, Sarvarth Siddi will be there. On November 28, from 03:02 till the end of the night, there will be the yoga of Sarvartha Siddhi. panhang and rashifal Let us now know which important days we will get in the coming week: Vinayaki Chaturthi fast will be on 27th November, Sunday. Nag Diwali / Vivah Panchami is on Monday 28th November. Champa Shashti is on Tuesday, 29 November. Nanda Saptami is on 30th. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>>   Let us now know which zodiac signs can see more changes in their lives between  27 November to 3rd of  December  2022 : At

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astrology future prediction, exact future predictions, accurate astrology predictions, most accurate life prediction, accurate future prediction by date of birth and time, most accurate horoscope predictions, spouse prediction by date of birth and time. Astrologer For Accurate Predictions is here if you are in search of vedic jyotish, know about need of prediction, how astroshree analyse kundli online and provide report?,  what the new year is bringing, how to make our life successful through astrology predictions. astrologer astroshree Prediction which is also called as bhavishyawani is done by every astrologer /jyotish and for that study of planets with zodiac are done. But horoscope reading is not only the way to predict about some thing, there are many other ways through which also predictions are done by different types of scholars like as predictions by Ramal astrology, predictions by seeing dreams and intuition, predictions by seeing omen/portent/sign, prediction