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Significance Of Adhik Maas In Astrology

Date of adhikmas/malmas, What to do in adhikmas, Significance of Mal Maas in astrology, important celebration in adhi maas , what to do to attract success in life in purushottam month.

This is the month to gain virtue by performing rituals, this is the best month to perform daan, chanting of mantra, reciting bhagwad stories. The daan and worship done in Kharmas gives great virtue. 

Significance of Adhik Maas| Mal Maas|Purushottam maas:

We have often see that devotees engage in prayer, offering things to needy, listening bhagwat stories, etc.  In astrology also many important things are said about Mal maas. This month is very important from the point of view of gaining virtue by doing spiritual practices, pilgrimage, rituals etc. 
Adhik mas is also known as mal maas, purushottam maas, khar maas.

As per hindi panchang Adhik maas will be from 18 July to 16th of August 2023.

Devotees do chant spells, listen bhaagwat stories, perform daan etc. to gain virtue in this sacred month. 
Purushottam maas is devoted to lord Vishnu and and therefore devotees spend lots of time in worshipping vasudev.
Significance Of Adhik Maas In Astrology

Let’s know about which auspicious days will come in this Adhik month:

  • The yoga of Mangala Gauri Vrat and Bhaum Pushya will be on Tuesday, July 18.
  • Vinayaki Chaturthi is on Friday 21st July.
  • Adhikamas Shravan Somwar is on 24th July.
  • Mangalagauri fast is on 25th.
  • Kamla Ekadashi fast is on 29th Saturday.
  • Pradosh Vrat is on 30 July Sunday.
  • Adhikamas Shravan Somwar is on  31st July.
  • Mangalagauri Vrat and Purnima is on 1st August Tuesday.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi is on Friday 4th August.
  • Adhikamas Shravan somwar is on 7th August.
  • Mangalagauri fast is on 8 August 2023.
  • Kamla Ekadashi fast is on 12th date Shaniwar.
  • Pradosh Vrat is on 13th August.
  • Adhikamas Shravan Monday and Shiv Chaturdashi fast is on 14th August.
  • Mangalagauri Vrat is on 15th August.
  • Amavasya and Maal month will end on Wednesday, 16th August
It is good to perform prayers with reverence and devotion to attract success in life.

so engage in these sacred days to perform rituals, chanting mantra, homa. Enhance your spiritual practices, attract blessings of divine energies and make your life successful.

Easy Ways To Remove Hurdles Of Life In Adhik Maas:

Now after knowing about the importance of adhik maas and important days let me tell you how easily one can perform pooja daily on this day to enter in success zone, although it is good to consult astrologer to know about the poojas and daan as per horoscope but here some easy tips are being given for every one -
  1. Do get up early in the morning and get fresh and then offer deepak, dhoop and bhog and then recite 108 names of lord vishnu daily. If it is not possible then it is good to chant mantra "om namo bhagwate vasudevaay".
  2. Do visit any vishnu temple daily or any shiva temple daily and do deep daan i.e. offer deepak there. 
  3.  As per capacity do donate coconut in temple. 
  4. Don't cheat any one, don't lie to any one, do remember lord vishnu every time.
  5. Help the needy ones.
  6. Whenever possible do the abhishek of lord vishnu statue with panchamrit, specially on gyaras, poornima and amavasya in Kharmas/adhikmas/malmas. 
  7. Visiting and offering prayers in Sapt sagars is also very auspicious in purushottam maas. 

Purushottam month in Ujjain:

Purushottam month is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the religious city of Ujjain. Every Vaishnava temple has a festival celebrated throughout the month, Annakoot is organized in this month in Vaishnava temple.

One very important thing is that there are 'Sapta Sagars' in Ujjain where devotees worship only in this Purushottam month.

Let us know about the seven seas of Ujjain::

  1. Ksheer Sagar- It is near Ksheer Sagar Stadium. According to mythology, this ocean is known as 'Ocean of Kheer'. Bathing in this ocean is said to bring prosperity and growth in life.
  2. Shri Pushkar Sagar- This Sagar is in Bakhal area, now a big colony has been built around this Sagar. According to mythology, worshiping at this place gives the result of worshiping Naimisharanya. Worshiping here increases progeny.
  3. Rudra Sagar- Rudra Sagar is just behind the Mahakal temple. According to mythology, the first 4 oceans came here. Worship here is considered very auspicious. Worshiping here removes the obstacle of child.
  4. Govardhan Sagar- Govardhan Sagar is near Nagarkot Mataji. According to mythology, worshiping here removes poverty. Prosperity comes in all forms.
  5. Ratnakar Sagar also known as Undasa Talab – It is on Maxi Road. According to mythology, this Sagar was a very miraculous. In ancient times precious stones used to come out of this place. Goddess Lakshmi fulfills the wishes of the devotees here.
  6. Vishnu Sagar – It is situated in Ankpat Marg. According to mythology, Vishnu Sagar has its own spiritual significance. Devotees worship the ancestors here for peace and to increase spiritual power.
  7. Purushottam Sagar - This is near Ankpat Darwaza and everyone worships here to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
It is a belief that those who worship these seven Sagar in the city of Ujjain in the month of Purusottam attain salvation after leaving the body by the grace of Lord Vishnu.

If seen, the month of Mal is the month of worship of Lord Vishnu. This is the month to get the blessings of Lord Vishnu. It opens the way to get success in life and life after death.

Worship, fasting, charity and meditation have been considered best in Malmas. According to mythological beliefs, God should be remembered in Malmas. Worship, charity etc. done in Adhik Maas gives manifold virtue. This month is also associated with self-purification. In Adhik Maas, a person also gets time to try for the purification of the mind, when one can move forward in the path of welfare by doing self-contemplation.

Let us know which works can be done in Khar month?
  • If you want to buy new clothes, you can buy them.
  • Things of daily need can be bought.
  • Gemstones can be bought, but they should be worn after Khar month.
Date of adhikmas/malmas, What to do in adhikmas, Significance of Mal Maas in astrology, important celebration in adhi maas , what to do to attract success in life in purushottam month.


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