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Nag Panchmi And Astrology

Nag panchmi 2023, Importance of Naga panchmi 2023, When is nag panchmi of 2023, What to do for success in this nag panchmi. Snake species are considered very important in Hindu religion and people believe that if someone gets the blessings of the deity of snakes, then his life becomes full of wealth. According to Vedic texts, Panchami Tithi which falls every month is considered best for worshiping snakes, that is why it is forbidden to kill snakes on Panchami. Nagpanchami, an important Hindu festival, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion all over India. It falls on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Shravan. This festival holds immense astrological significance, as it is believed that worships performed on this day emancipate many doshas and pave the way for success in life. In 2023, Nag Panchami is coming on Monday, August 21. Panchmi Tithi will start at 12:23 AM in the night and will remain till 2:01 in the night. Nag Panchmi And Astrology

Nagchandreshwar Temple! Why Open Once In a Year

Know about Nagchandreshwar Temple, नागचंद्रेश्वर मंदिर साल में एक बार क्यों खुलता है?, ujjain mystery, why this temple open once in a year. Nagchandreshwar Temple Ujjain Ujjain Nagchandreshwar Temple: why Open Once In a Year? Every devotee wants to know the mystery of a divine temple present at Mahakaleshwar temple, Ujjain. Very few people know about nagchandreshwar temple. There is a tradition of worshiping snakes in hindu religion and for decades devotees are offering prayers to snakes. As per hindu culture snakes are ornaments of lord shiva and so they have special place in heart of hindus. There are many temples of snakes in all over India and among them "NAGCHANDRESHWAR temple" of ujjain is very famous. It is present in the premises of Mahakal temple and in 3rd floor . The important things about this temple is that, it opens only once in a year and on Panchmi of shrawan shukla paksh as per hindu panchang. It is believed that Nagraj TAKSHAK lives in

Snake Curse Signs And Remedies

Which is the best day to worship snake deity, सर्प श्राप से बचने के लिए कौन से उपाय हैं, how to remove snake curse, best day to bring fame, prestige, well-being and prosperity in life. There is a very powerful time once a year when any person who is suffering from snake curse can perform the puja to make their life obstacle free. On this day it is possible to perform sacred rituals to get relief from snake related afflictions in present and past lives and to remove delays in personal and professional progress. Snake Curse Signs And Remedies हिंदी में पढ़िए सर्प श्राप के संकेत और बचने के उपाय  Importance of snake worship According to traditional belief, serpents are often seen as guardians of ancestral treasures and protector deities of the family. People who are blessed by snakes are able to lead a successful life. In addition, the spiritual energy at the base of the spine is called Kundalini, which means "snake". It refers to the serpent power inside the human body. On t

Naagpanchmi | नागपंचमी ! What To Do For Success

Power of Nag panchmi, What to do on naagpanchmi, How to worship on naagpanchmi, what not to do on naagpanchmi. How to get success through anusthaans on naagpanchmi. Naagpanchmi | नागपंचमी ! What To Do For Success Naagpanchmi is on 21st of August 2022, Monday If you are suffering from kaalsarp dosha, if you are suffering from pitra dosha, if you are suffering from rahu dosha, if rahu is generating malefic effects in your kundli, horoscope or janm patrika then DON'T MISS THE AUSPICIOUS DAY OF NAAGPANCMI. Naagpanchmi is celebrated on the month of shravan on the 5th day of moonlight after amavasya. This is very important festival for the devotees of Shiva and snake deity. This festival is also very important from the point of view of vedic astrology as many anusthans are performed on this day to rectify the malefic effects of planets. Let's see what type of Anusthaans are performed on Naagpanchmi For Successful Life: Kaalsarp dosh nivaran anusthaan or pooja i

Naag Panchmi How To Worship As Per Zodiac Signs?

Naag Panchmi importance as per astrology, Way to worship on naag panchmi as per zodiac signs, Astrologer views.  Naag panchmi is a very auspicious day to get the blessings of god of snakes. As per astrology Panchmi tithi is for worshiping the snakes and in the whole year naag panchmi is the day which comes in shrawan shukla paksh  and this is the special day for everyone who want solutions of problems which arises due to kalsarp dosha, vish dosha, rahu or ketu dosha, pitru dosha etc. . how to worship on nagpanchmi It is said that if any one worship snakes on this day then by their grace it is possible to get happiness, prosperity, good health, progeny easily. That's why in India people worship snakes on this special day.  If there is any curse of snakes in our kundli or horoscope then on naag panchmi it is possible to get rid of this easily. If there is kaal sarp yoga in kundli then also it is possible to minimize the impacts through special pooja on this day.

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