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Lucky Direction For 12 Zodiacs

Which direction is good for which zodiac sign? Which direction is good for which zodiac sign? How to use the direction? Which direction will bring success?. Lucky Direction For 12 Zodiacs: According to Vastu and Astrology, every planet and zodiac sign is related to a particular direction and if someone uses the lucky direction in worship, work, buying a house, then we get to see great benefits in life. In this article, we will learn about the lucky direction related to the 12 zodiac signs and will also learn how to use the directions to increase the speed of success. Lucky Direction For 12 Zodiacs हिंदी में पढ़िए 12 राशियों की भाग्यशाली दिशा  By using the right direction, we can enhance our will power, our efficiency, our sphere of influence, the path of money inflow etc. We can also build our own room, own office in the auspicious direction to enhance our life. Do use the lucky direction to take important decisions in life to enhance speed of success. Watch Video Here Let us know

Vastu Purush Mantra For Vastu Shanti

VASTU Shanti Mantra Benefits, Way to Remove All Home Negative Energies, वास्तु पुरुष शांति मंत्र | Just as there is a defect due to bad planets in the horoscope, in the same way, making a wrong place in the ground in the wrong direction causes a defect, due to which the energy does not reach the people living there in the right way and various types of problems arise in personal and work life. in | Unrest and struggle increases in life due to Vastu defects. According to the rules of Vastu Shastra , the directions in any land are related to the five elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and sky and this should be kept in mind while building a house, shop, flat, factory etc. But this is not possible completely. So, by worshiping Vastu Purush, we can bring happiness, peace and prosperity in our life. Vastu Purush Mantra For Vastu Shanti हिंदी में पढ़िए वास्तु पुरुष मंत्र के बारे में  Whenever we build something on the land like house, shop, factory, office flat etc. then it is not nec

Benefits of Lucky Bamboo plant

What is lucky bamboo, Real name of indoor plant lucky bamboo, Facts related to lucky bamboo?, remedial vastu  One of the most demanding plant in these days are LUCKY BAMBOO but in actual this plant does not belongs to bamboo family.  In this article we will check facts related to this lucky plant which is used in attracting luck, to remove vastu dosha, to increase positive energies.  The real name of lucky bamboo is Dracaena sanderiana which comes under family of Asparagaceae, native to Central Africa. In different part of the world people know this plant with different names like Sander's dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, Goddess of Mercy's plant, Belgian evergreen etc.  It is actually an African species. Dracaena sanderiana is often confused with Dracaena braunii, a plant from coastal West Africa. Benefits of Lucky Bamboo plant Lucky bamboo can thrive in water and soil both but Hydroponic method is most popular. It has great imp

Vastu tips for school office

How to enhance energy in school office as per vastu , स्कूल के ऑफिस में ऊर्जा को कैसे बनाए रखें ज्योतिष और वास्तु अनुसार, Interior tips for school office, and remedies of vastu dosha in school. School is a place where we can learn, study perform experiments, gather knowledge which is necessary for personality development. The future of students depends upon the environment of school and so this is very important to maintain the energy of school.  Vastu tips for school office Running school is not only a business but it is the place to create genius who can participate in development of society, city, country so those who are running schools have great responsibility.  Here in this article I am going to provide tips to enhance the energy of SCHOOL OFFICE where counseling is done, where parents and student get the first impression. We will know that how we can increase and maintain the energy of school office.  Let’s understand the importance of school office: The office of school

How To Please Vastu Purushn Success?

Why is it important to worship Vastu Purusha, how to worship Vastu Purusha at home everyday, know the mantra to offer Naivedya, Vastu consultation. We all know about Vastu Deity Vastu Deity is present in every part of the earth. As per Vastu Shashthra, it is necessary to worship vastu purush before starting any new construction like as building home, hospital, factory, office etc.  According to Vastu Shastra, Vastu Purusha is situated downwards on the ground. Downward facing means their face is towards the ground and their back is upwards. The head is in the north-east direction, the feet are in the south-west direction. Thus their arms are in the east and north. How To Please Vastu Purushn Success? Vastu owner may have to go through various types of problems if he does not worship the Vastu Deity, it is because the Vastu Deity has the blessings of Brahma Ji. And the people who do not worship them after knowing pass through different kinds of sufferings, they get obstacles at ever

Khaat Mahurth in Vastu

What is the Khat Muhurta in Vastu ?, know its benefits, how can we start construction for tremendous profit? , What if it is not taken care of? bout Khat Muhurta in Vastu ? What is the Khat Muhurta in Vastu ? As per vastu shashtra and astrology, before starting any construction work it is good to dig a pit of 2 feet in a particular direction and then put some auspicious things after worshipping. Then do put 5 bricks over it and. This process in known as khaat muhurth. This is a very important process and is necessary for good and auspicious construction.  The Khata Muhurta is actually associated with the Shesh Nag. In Shastras it is said that Sheshnag ji changes his position every 3 months and we should never do the Khata Muhurta on the side where he has a mouth or tail, otherwise builder has to suffer terrible losses.  That is why it is important to consult astrologers and Vastu consultant properly and get the construction work done only during the best Muhurta. Generally, in

Mirror Astrology

Do yo know that mirror are use as a remedial measures in vastu, Mirrors have great power to attract positive energies, to reflect negative energies, Mirrors are also used to remove the vastu dosha, mirrors are also used to open the ways of monetary sources.  Mirror Astrology So if this common thing is used properly then no doubt we can open our ways to success. Here in this article I am going to provide information to use mirror in daily life, in house, in business place, in interior and in exterior.  Some Precaution With Mirrors: In the south direction, West direction, South-west direction, don't use the mirror. Don't use the shinning tiles in the above direction. Otherwise it will enhance the negative energies.  Don't use any defective mirrors in house, business place etc.  Don't use the cupboards having mirrors in bed room.  Don't install mirror facing towards main door. Don't buy and install mirrors in bad time. Where To use Mirror:

Auspicious Paintings For VASTU

Auspicious Paintings For VASTU, Importance of paintings in Vastu, Which paintings brings good luck in life, how to use paintings as per astrology and vastu to make our life successful. Paintings, Photos, sculptures are very important part of our home, office, vastu and so there are important rules given in epics to place them to get maximum benefits. If we place photos or paintings in proper place then no doubt it helps in enhancing energy in our life and open way to success. There are different types of views present in minds of people to place paintings, some says it is good to place in north-east direction, some says that east direction is good, some says south direction is good and so on. But the place of any painting depends upon the what type of painting is that and what is the purpose of that painting. Auspicious Paintings For VASTU So if you are going to place any painting then keep in mind the following points: What is the purpose of placing painting ? What typ

What is Vastu?

What is Vastu?, Direction and their lord, Importance of Vastu Science Sthapatya veda is the source of Vastu Shashtra and Sthatya veda is a brancha of Atharva veda. Vastu shashtra is a science of place where a person live, work, play etc. Every place is surrounded with 5 important elements i.e. air, water, sky, Fire and Earth. These 5 elements has a tremendous effect on every thing in this universe. Without these 5 elements we can't imagine a single thing in this universe. The principles given in the vastushastra reveals the mystery to make harmony among these 5 elements in any vastu or place so that to live a successful life.  What is Vastu? If your office, home, factory playground etc is made as per the rules of vastu then it will definitely open prospects for the bright future. But if the vastu is not as per the rules then it will generate negative energy and make the life hell. There in many places you have found that member of family are frequently falling ill, i

Healthy Life Through Body Vastu

Healthy life through body vastu, free tips to live a happy life by maintaining energy in body, get success in life through body. A very important way to remove vastu dosha is to maintain pollution free vastu and so it is suggested to clean vastu every day properly so as to remove the negativity from home, office, etc. If we keep our vastu clean then no doubt prosperity comes in life and we are able to live proper and successful life. In the same way if we keep our body clean then also we able to live healthy life. Here in this article we will focus on BODY VASTU means different parts of body and there impacts in life. Healthy Life Through Body Vastu Generally when we take bath then due to routine activity , we don't give importance every where but after reading this article we will be able to give importance more in every body part. Importance of Body: Body is very important for all of us, in spiritual term , body is the living place of our soul, sages also said th

Vastu and Colors Effect

Impact of colors in personality, impact of colors in psychology, use of colors in therapy, Effect of your outfit on others, What colors says? Vastu with colors is also a very important part of Interior designing as per Vastu principles. Colors has their own psychology. Some places are very famous because of their color combinations and use of right colors at right place. Do you know colors speak?, Do you know colors are very important in success of any one?, Do you know the right color in right place can take you to the height of success where as wrong color can be the reason of your failure? Colors are very important in life. Every one wants to make the life colorful and for this reason he or she can do anything.  Vastu and Colors Effect Let's have a look on which color is good for which room- For Office- It is good to use shades of blue which can increase the productivity and help to reduce the stress. Girls Room- Here pink color can give advantage. It repre