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om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra benefits

om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra benefits, How can I please Mahakali/Mata Kali?, Benefits of chanting mahakali mantra.

Goddess kali is the incarnation of durga and she is capable to eradicate the negative energies, evil eye effects, kala jadu, black magic etc. 

Kali mata is very aggressive and so people fear of her but there is not need to think negative of her because mother don’t harm anyone, she just protect devotees from evil energies. 

om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra benefits, How can I please Mahakali/Mata Kali?, Benefits of chanting mahakali mantra.
benefits of om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra

हिंदी में पढ़िए ॐ क्रीं कालिकाये नमः मंत्र के लाभ

Let’s see the benefits  of chanting Om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra :

Meaning of kreem mantra:

Kreem is a beeja mantra of goddess Kali, yogis and saints practice this beej-mantra to seek blessings of goddess. This divine beeja-mantra invokes the blessings of goddess kali and bless the devotee with health, wealth and salvation. 

Benefits of chanting ऊँ क्रीं कालिकायै नमः –

  1. This mantra is very powerful and is capable to to transform the life of chanter. This makes a shield around the chanter which protects from negative energies, evil energies. 
  2. If anyone regular recites this kali mantra then is able to develop courage to handle any type of situation in life. 
  3. om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra hasthe capability to bless the chanter with power, knowledge, strength. 
  4. If anyone is suffering from chronic disease then also this mahakali mantra is able to give relief. 
  5. If enemy is making life hell and no other options are seen then use this spell for protection.
  6. If any type of fear is making life hell then also use this mantra. Gradually you will see the benefits in life. 
  7. Black magic remedy is also possible by reciting this mantra. 

User of this kali mantra is able to overcome from any type of problems. 

So this om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra is very useful. Chant this mantra with devotion, passion and dedication.

Listen this divine mantra of kali :

What things to keep in mind while practicing this mantra:

  • Do follow celibacy during anusthan. 
  • Keep in mind to not hurt anyone while practicing this divine spell of goddess kali. 
  • See goddess in every female for best result soon. 
  • Night time is best to practice this om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra.
  • Maintain the purity of worship place. 
  • Don’t make any type of debate, conflicts with anyone.
  • Eat light and fresh food. 

Points To keep in mind:

While practicing this mantra, some people pass through mood swings, frightening dreams but don’t worry at all. After some days, everything will be ok. 

When to start practicing this om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra ?

  1. Navratris are the best days to start chanting of this mantra.
  2. One can also start this mantra from any sarwarth siddhi yoga. 

ऊँ क्रीं कालिकायै नमः spell is very good for those who want to please goddess kali. 

This spell of mahakali is able to bless devotees with health, wealth, prosperity and salvation. 

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om kreem kalikaaye namah mantra benefits, How can I please Mahakali/Mata Kali?, Benefits of chanting mahakali mantra.


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