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Mangal Shanti Pooja

Benefits of Mangal Shanti Puja According to astrology, how to remove the ill-effects of Mars, know how Mars affects life? Mars is a powerful planet which represents power, passion, creativity, anger, war, energy, desires, adventurous nature, aggression etc. Mars is also related to  brother and sister, job in army, security work, surgery, accident, violence etc.   Mangal Shanti Pooja Let us know some special things related to Mars according to Vedic astrology: Among the metals, copper is related to Mars. In Vedic astrology, the gem of Mars is coral. According to numerology, the number related to Mars is 9. The direction of Mars is South and the day is Tuesday . Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. In the birth chart, Mars sitting with Capricorn is exalted and if it is sitting with Cancer, then it is debilitated. If Mars sits with Rahu in any house then Angarak Yoga is formed which is a dangerous yoga. Read about predictions based on mars in 12 houses .  Let

Ketu Shanti Pooja

Ketu Shanti pooja and solution of malefic ketu in horoscope by astrologer of india. A very mysterious planet is ketu which is related with maternal grand parents, obstacles, spiritual powers, speculation powers.salvation, asceticism, esoteric knowledge, sudden success, negative energies effects, conspiracy etc. It is also called dragon's tail. Ketu Shanti Pooja A good ketu is able to provide health, wealth, parananormal powers where as a negative ketu can ruin the complete life. so if anyone's life is affected by malefic ketu then it is suggested to enter in the world of ketu shanti pooja and follow the rules told by scholars to calm down the ketu. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> Ketu is 2nd shadow planet i.e. chhaya grah. It is also responsible for the illusions in life, hidden enemies or obstacles,evil eye effects, drishti dosha, inferiority complex, over confidence etc. Direction of Ketu is North-West. Gems stone of Ketu is Cat's Eye .

Shani Shanti Pooja

Shani Shanti pooja and remedies of malefic saturn as per horoscope by astrologer. One of the main and religious planet is shani. Shani is also known for justice. Because of this people generally scared of the mahadasha or sade sati of shani deva. At the time of mahadasha or antardasha in kundli shani gives the benefits and punishments too. As per hindu mythology shani is the son of planet Sun. Shani Shanti Pooja Saturn is related with serious nature, serving nature, discipline, detachment, spiritual practices, inner calmness, philosophy, religion, depression, grief, responsibilities, problems, frustration, science, discoveries etc. Shani is exalted with Libra and debilitated with Aries. Direction of shani is West or paschim. Gem stone of shani is Blue sapphire or Neelam.  Day of Shani is Saturday. Metal is Iron or Lead. Color of Shani is Black. Number of Shani is 8. Read about  Shani impacts in 12 houses of Kundli . There is no need to fear with shani if it is

Shukra Shanti Pooja

Benefits of Shukra shanti pooja, why to perform shukra Shanti Puja as per astrology, what is the effect of planet Venus on life, shukr grah shanty puja online, how to remove the malefic effects of Venus? Venus is the brightest planet and is related to beauty, love, romance, luxury, wealth, attraction power, pleasure, hypnotic power, jewelry, sex organs etc. In hindi, it is called shukra. Shukra Shanti Pooja: Shukra Puja is beneficial for those people whose Venus is weak. Those who have trouble in making a relationship with opposite sex, who are facing problems in making an impact in society and unable to live a luxurious life inspite of having monetary power are advised to show their horoscope to an experienced astrologer and perform Shukra Shanti pooja. Let us know some special things related to the planet Venus according to Vedic astrology - The metals related to Venus are silver and platinum. The gem of Venus is diamond. The number related to Venus is 6. The dire

Guru Shanti Pooja

Benefits of guru shanty pooja, best remedies of malefic Jupiter in birth chart, what is the effect of the planet Guru on life, vedic astrology solutions for successful life. Jupiter is a planet which represents religion, knowledge, spirituality, philosophy, attainment of learning, health, wealth, intelligence, brahmin, respect, fame, morality, discipline, positive thinking, divinity etc. Guru Shanti Pooja: Let us know some special points related to the planet Jupiter as per vedic astrology: The powerful Jupiter shows the right path to the person, Guru is a teacher and that is why this planet is taken as the most powerful planet among the 9 planets according to Indian astrology. It is said that if the Jupiter is strong in a horoscope, then the person is able to achieve grand success in his life. Prestige and wealth automatically start coming in life due to the power of Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Guru Puja is beneficial for tho

Budh Shanti Pooja

Benefits of budh Shanti pooja, how mercury affect our life as per vedic astrology, how to remove malefic impacts of mercury from life?. Mercury is a planet which represent the communication power, mind power, study, business handling tricks, cleverness etc. Many successful businessman and authors have the power of Mercury in their kundli. Budh Shanti Pooja Budh pooja is beneficial for those person who has debilitated budh or weak budh. Those who are facing problems in talking, business, decision making are also suggested to perform budh pooja. let's know some important points related to mercury as per vedic astrology: Metal represented by Budh is Bronze. Gem stone of Mercury is Emerald or Panna. Number related to Mercury as per numerology is 5 Direction of mercury planet is North and Day is Wednesday. Mercury is the master of  Gemini and Virgo sign. Mercury is exalted if it is sitting with Virgo or Kanya zodiac and it is debilitated if it is sitting with Pis

Chandra Shanti Pooja

benefits of Chandra Shanti pooja, Remedies for better life, How to worship moon, chandra in astrology, Astrologer for analysis of chandra problems in horoscope or kundli. Moon is another important planet which affect our life very much. In hindi we call it chandrama. It's nature is cool and it rules our mind, senses, emotions etc. It is 2nd easily visible planet from earth. On full moon day we can see the power of moon in sea. High tides shows the attraction power of moon. Chandra Shanti Pooja Let's know some important points related to Moon as per vedic astrology: The day of moon or chandra is Monday. Direction Associated With Chandra or Moon is North-West. Color Associated With It is White. Food is curd and rice. Gem stone of Moon is Pearl . Zodiac of Moon is Kark or Cancer. Metal represented by Moon is Silver. हिंदी में पढ़िए चन्द्र शांति पूजा के फायदे   Moon or Chandra is exalted if it is sitting with Taurus zodiac and If chandra is sitting with scor

Surya Shanti Pooja

Surya Shanti pooja, Remedies of sun, surya grah shanti, surya yagya, How to worship sun, Surya in astrology, Impacts of surya in life, surya grah dosh nivaran pooja importance, Astrologer for analysis of surya problems in horoscope or kundli, Surya shanti ke upay. Sun or surya is one of the most important planets and the study of sun in horoscope reading is very essential if we want to know about father, ambition, nature, soul, will power, vitality, relationships with higher authorities, personality, social status, political career, government job etc. It also represents our ego, eyes, honor etc. Surya Shanti Pooja Sury is the only planet which is visible clearly from this earth. Sun gives us energy to carry out our work. Metal represented by surya is Gold. Gem stone of surya is Ruby . Direction of Surya is East. Day of Surya is Sunday. Associated number of surya is 1(one). Zodiac of surya is Singh i.e. Leo. Sun or surya is exalted if it is sitting with Aries zo

Rahu Shanti Pooja

Rahu Shanti pooja and remedies of planet rahu by best astrologer as per horoscope reading. Rahu is a very important planet as per Indian astrology and it is also known as chaya grah(shadow planet). Rahu if becomes negative in horoscope then it becomes the master of negative energies in life and disturb our life from every aspect. But a positive rahu is very beneficial for person. Rahu shanti pooja is recommended when it is generating malefic impacts in life and when it is going on in antardasha, mahadasha etc. It is also responsible for the kalsrp yoga and grahan yoga. Rahu Shanti Pooja In our birth chart rahu represents grand parents, sudden loss changes, intelligence, illusion, unwanted fear, riots, contradictions, insanity, technology, science, psychology, madness, negative energies, para normal experiences etc. It is responsible for the eclipse. A positive rahu is a true friend but malefic rahu is a very bad enemy. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> N

Grahan Shanti Pooja

Grahan dosh nivaran pooja is very important for those male and females who have grahan yoga in there horoscope/kundli/janmpatrika. This pooja helps the person to come out of struggle in life if it is due to the grahan dosha. Grahan Shanti Pooja If any one is facing problems in education due to grahan yoga then it is good to perform grahan dosha nivaran pooja. If any one is facing marriage problem due to grahan dosha in kundli then perform this pooja. If any one is facing health issues due to grahan yoga in horoscope then it is good to perform grahan shanti puja. If anyone is facing saving problems due to grahan yoga then also it is good to do this pooja. If there is problem in career then also this pooja can help you. If there is problem in having baby after marriage due to grahan yoga then also this pooja can help you. In my previous ariticle I have already clear about "what is grahan yoga" and how it affect our life, read them to know details about grahan yo

Special Poojas For Success

Special Poojas For Success and astrology guidance to make life better. Vedic astrology science is the only science which not only give the way to know the problems of life but also shows the remedies to get rid off from the malefic effects of different things. In horoscope there are many types of problems presents and due to that a person suffers whole the life until a good person tells him or her about the problems and remedies. So here i am going to tell you about very important different types of pooja which will help you to find the right way to move for your success. Special Poojas For Success Astroshree is the trusted place and serving around the world for the years. Our mission is not to earn and earn from the spiritual science but to keep them alive so that people may take the benefits from this science for their upliftment.  Here i am providing the different types of poojas and their importance. It is not necessary that every one needs to go for every poojas bu