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14 Astrology Reasons of Delay In Marriage

14 Astrology Reasons of Delay In Marriage,  Astrological solutions to overcome marriage problems, which are the houses in the horoscope related to marriage, solution to marriage problems. Due to delay in marriage, some people have to go through many problems in the family and society, hence it is important to know the reasons for delay in marriage. If you are troubled by delay in marriage, troubled by repeated break up of marriage, then this astrology article is for you. Finding a good and understanding life partner is a matter of luck which only a few people have. Most of the people keep spending time in search of the right life partner and some people become completely disappointed. The planets present in the horoscope are responsible for delayed marriage, some houses are also responsible and some bad yogas are also responsible. If there are many obstacles in marriage, then it is important to understand its reasons, only then success can be achieved with the right solution.

Astrology Reasons of Bad luck After Marriage

Astrology Reasons of Bad luck After Marriage, Why do some people get ruined after marriage, why do marriages get ruined, what are the reasons for breaking relationships, what measures can be taken to save relationships?, astrological tips. It is said that the one who tastes the wedding laddu(Sweet) regrets and the one who does not taste the wedding laddu also regrets. Although this is not true for everyone, most of the people appear troubled after marriage. Diseases start appearing in the life of some people. Some people start becoming restless. Some people start getting very angry and irritable. Some people start drowning in debt. The married life of some people completely collapses. Some people lose their happiness, peace and freedom after marriage. Astrology Reasons of Bad luck After Marriage हिंदी में पढ़िए कुछ लोग शादी के बाद बर्बाद क्यों हो जाते हैं ? So in this astrology article we will know the astrological reasons which make life full of troubles after marriage. Everyone

Reasons Of Delay In Marriage By Astrologer

Reasons of delay in marriage, Late marriage why as per astrology, Causes of delay in Vivah, what are the planetary reasons of delay in marriage, Remedies of delay in marriage. Reasons of delay in marriage:  Human being is a social right from birth and so there is need of friends, family members, lover, life partners etc. And it is a bitter truth that many ones are passing life just in search of a good life partner. Marriage is a social ceremony in which two persons male and female take oath to live together for life time and take care of each other. If it is happened in time then no doubt the couples are able to live a happy life but in case of delay in marriage many problems arises in personal life as well as in social life. Reasons Of Delay In Marriage By Astrologer In this article I am going to focus on various reasons of late in marriage. Hope this will help my blog readers to understand the power of vedic astrology. By knowing it is possible to take the right deci

Marriage Curse Reasons and Solutions

Marriage Curse reasons and remedies, impacts of vivah shraap and solutions, how to detect problems in married life as per astrology and how to over-come, learn the remedies to make life successful. Marriage Curse  Reasons and Solutions INDEX: Importance of marriage Marriage Curse Impacts In life How To Detect Vivah Shraap or Marriage Curse? Match Making Must Not Be The Only Basis of Finalizing The Partner: Some planetary position which shows marriage-curse in Kundli or birth chart Remedies of Marriage Curse or Vivah Shraap Marriage is one of the important aspect of life. Marriage is not only necessary to live a good social life but it also helps to fulfill the biological need of two person. Marriage is a sacred bond between 2 person to live life together. Through marriage a person get partner in life with whom he or she is able to share views, happiness, griefs life long. Marriage makes our life strong and also make it smooth and wonderful if takes place nicely.

Astrology Ways For Better Life Partner

Astrology for better life partner, what to do to get life partner as per our wish, how astrology helps to make our married life successful, Totkays to get better life partner. Astrology Ways For Better Life Partner: A very important part of life is marriage. The incident which change our life completely. It is said that if a person get good partner life become heaven but in case it not happen life become curse, hell.  So every one try to get best partner in life who can make his or her life beautiful, smooth and easy going. Some times in spite of making effort person is unable to find good partner. Here in this article I am going to clear why person faces problems in finding life partner, how to get good partner, how to make marriage life successful?  Astrology Ways For Better Life Partner Astrology Ways For Better Life Partner Marriage Place in Horoscope: In our kundli or horoscope or birth chart 7th house is the marriage place. The study of this house clear that what t

Life Partner Predictions By Astrologer

Life partner prediction from astrology, important house for marriage partner prediction, nature of life partner, direction of marriage, Spouse calculation through astrology, predicting extra marital affair. Life Partner Predictions By Astrologer: The most difficult part of life is to take decision about life partner because one has to spend whole life with a person whom is unknown for him or her till now. This is only in case of arrange marriage. Generally when one become adult then some questions arise in mind regarding spouse: When will I get life partner? How will he or she look? What will be the nature of my spouse? Girls think that will I get businessman or service man. Will I get a rich partner? Will my life partner will take care of me? How will be my romantic life? And so on. Life Partner Predictions By Astrologer In this article we will see about life partner astrology predictions. In horoscope, generally marriage predictions are done by studying the

Astro Remedies For better relationships

Astrology Remedies For better relationships, Astrology remedies for husband and wife relationships, Tantrik remedies for better relationships, totkay for smooth relationship, How to make marriage life smooth, Astrologer for relationship problems. Astro Remedies For better relationships: Relationship is very important in life. One healthy relationship is better than 100 normal relationships. It doesn't matter how many friends you have in your life but it is important that how many real friends you have in your life. Astro Remedies For better relationships Wife or husband are very important for each other from the point of true relationship They always live together and also take bow to cooperate in every stages of life. If both are aware of their responsibilities than life become smooth and they can make heaven in earth.  Astro Remedies For better relationships Some times it happens that relationship comes to end because of different reasons like as- Due to plane

Widow astrology and remarriage yoga

Widow astrology and remarriage yoga, which planets are responsible for widowhood, Is it possible for widow to remarry successfully, astrology tips for widow for remarriage, how to minimize doshas in birth chart to marry again, horoscope of widow female for case study.  Widow astrology and remarriage yoga:  Everyone dream to have a successful marriage life and to spend good time with life partner but unfortunately some people face problems in life and deprive of life partner due to death of partner, divorce with partner, separation due to some reasons etc. But the reality is that everyone need a companion to live life happily.  In this article we will check planetary positions which enhance the widowhood and we will also see remedies to make life successful.   Widow astrology and remarriage yoga Widow astrology and remarriage yoga Who are widows? Those whose husband dies are called widows, in Hindi we call them Vidhwa/विधवा. In the earlier times, widows were seen as inferior, but