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Makar Sankranti Significance | What To Do For Success?

When is makar Sankranti in 2024 ,  Importance of Makar sankranti, What to do on makar sankranti, Prediction of sun transit in Capricorn, How to get astrology power in makar sankranti. Totkays for makar sankranti. Makar sankranti is celebrated in a very huge way in the Great India. This is one of the great festival of India. People used to fly kites on this auspicious day. Whole the day, people enjoy with family members, friends, relatives in ground or roof with kites and eating Laddu or Til. But this is not only the importance there is a great astrological changes takes place on this day of makar sankranti.  When is makar Sankranti in 2024 This auspicious day is celebrated in different ways in different states of India like as in Tamil Nadu it is called as pongal festival, In Assam this auspicious event is celebrated as Bihu, In punjab and Haryana Lohri is celebrated on this day. हिंदी में पढ़िए  मकर संक्रांति का महत्त्व When Is Makar Sankranti in 2024? This year, the Sun will

Simha Sankranti Significance

When will sun transit in leo sign in 2022, Simha Sankranti Significance, what is singh sankranti, what happen when sun enter in leo zodiac as per vedic astrology, check predictions by astrologer. Simha Sankranti predictions Date of Simha Sankranti is 17th August 2022, Wednesday When planet sun enter in Leo from Cancer then this time is called “SIMHA SANKRANTI”. As per vedic astrology sun become powerful when enter in singh rashi and so this sankranti brings positive news for those who have Sun in leo rashi in there Birth chart.  Singh sankranti also denotes starting of special month in different states like as – Starting of Chinga month as per malyalam calender. Avni month as per Tamil Calender. Bhadra month as per bengali calender. Significance of Simha Sankranti: As per tradition in south india the incarnation of lord vishnu i.e. Narsimha is worshipped on simha sankranti day with lord vishnu. Special abhishek is done by coconut water on this day which is said to

Vrishabh Sankranti Significance

Vrishabh sankranti significance as per astrology, Brishabh sankranti predictions by astrologer, what happens when Sun enter in Taurus zodiac 2022. Every sankranti is very important from the point of view of accumulating virtues as per hindu astrology tradition because this day is taken as a holy day to offer things and to perform prayers. Vrishabh Sankranti Significance What is Vrishabh Sankranti? When planet sun enter in Taurus then this period is called Vrishabh sankranti time. As per astrology and hindu epics there are 12 sankrantis and all are very good for offering things, helping needy ones’, performing prayers, spiritual practices etc. It is believed that daan, prayers on sankranti help in gaining virtue. Vrishabh means bull and so it is believed that it is good to worship lord shiva on this day and also some suggest to donate cow on this day to gain virtue. हिंदी में पढ़िए सूर्य वृषभ राशि में कब प्रवेश करेंगे 2022  में ? What To Do On Vrishabha Sankranti

2021 Transit of sun in Aries rashifal

 Transit of sun in Aries rashifal, 2021, Sun in Aries Prediction as per Vedic Astrology. Sun has entered in aries on 13th of april2021 and remain there till 14th of may 2021. As per vedic astrology sun is exalted in aries zodiac and so is good for everyone. This will definitely change the life positively.  The transit of sun in aries is called MESH SANKRANTI. Sun is related with soul, name, fame, travelling, father, administration etc and so we can find major changes in related fields.   2021 Transit of sun in Aries rashifal Lets know the impacts of transit of sun in ARIES on 12 zodiacs as per vedic astrology: Watch video here: What changes may happen in life of ARIES people due to transit of sun in Aries: Sun has entered in aries zodiac and  will remain till next 1 month, this transit is very good for you and will definitely enhance your will power, strength, your stopped work will be done, travelling may increase.  You will try to learn new things with zeal and your n

Dhanu Sankranti Significance

Significance of dhanu sankranti, what to do in dhanu sankranti, importance of dhanurmaas/mal maas/khr month. dhanu sankranti significance When sun enter in Sagittarius zodiac then this time period is called "Dhanu Sankranti". This time period is said to be very auspicious and keeps importance as per vedic astrology.  It is said that whenever sun enter in any zodiac of Jupiter i.e. Sagittarius or Pisces then that period is called "Mal Maas/Khar Maas".  Every year 2 months is of mal maas or khar maas because sun enter in Sagittarius or in pisces, so 60 days in a year are very auspicious.  The period in which Sun resides in Dhanu or Meen Rashi is known as Dhanurmaas or mal maas or khar maas.  Let's Know Which Works Are Prohibited After dhanu Sankranti for 30 days: There are many auspicious works which are prohibited in dhanu sankranti like as - Marriage is prohibited.  Yagyopavit is prohibited. Mundan is also prohibited.  To start house const

Vrischik Sankranti Impacts on 12 Zodiacs

When will the Sun enter Scorpio in 2020, Predictions of Vrushik Sankranti, what change will be seen on 12 zodiac signs, what to do for success, astrology counseling. When the planet Sun enters Scorpio from his debilitated zodiac sign, Libra, it is called Vrischik Sankranti. This solstice is very important because before this the Sun stays in its debilitated zodiac sign and becomes very negative. Due to this many negative events takes place for 1 month, but when sun enter in its friend zodiac, then everyone gets the benefit of it. Those whose lives are in turmoil due to bad sun also get relief. Vrischik Sankranti Impacts on 12 Zodiacs As per astrology sun is related with name, fame, respect, father and soul, so there is no doubt that everyone gets to see very positive changes in his life in related segments. Let us know when the sun god will enter Scorpio? On the coming day of November 16, 2020, on Monday morning, at around 6:40 am, the Sun will enter in Scorpio . Let us know w

Tula Sankranti Importance As Per astrology

Tula Sankranti 2020 significance, what to do on this day for prosperity?, what is the meaning of tula sankranti ?, rashifal by astrologer. Tula Sankranti Importance As Per astrology According to Vedic astrology, when the Sun enters in libra which is controlled by venus from the virgo which is controlled by mercury then it is called tula Sankranti. In the year 2020, Tula Sankranti is coming on 17th of October, that is, the Sun will enter Libra on the 17th and will remain in this zodiac for the next 1 month. There are 12 Sankranti in the whole year, so the Sun stays in 12 zodiac signs for a month. Every sankaranti has different importance and effect. Sankranti period has special importance according to astrology and in this period, bathing, worshiping and donation in pilgrimage have special importance. Tula sankranti and astrology: The reality is that the Sun becomes debilitated in Libra, due to which many negative effects are seen, and so, in this one month, it is suggested to p