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What Should I do?

What Should I Do?, What to do in spare time, what to do time to time, Mai Kya Karu, List of works to do, How to increase productivity, how to increase power, Some works For personal satisfaction, how to come out of boredom?. A very common question in mind is what should I do. This is the question which arises in minds of every one whether one is employed, unemployed, businessmen, student, house wife etc.Although there are lots of work to do but we don't remember when we need because we don't have any list of that works. So here in this article I am trying to provide the list of different types of works which any one can do in different types of time. What Should I do? Some Important Things To keep In Mind Before Moving Further: Every work has it's own benefits which can be felt only by doing that one so don't think anything just by reading about that, first of all do and feel what exact benefit we are getting from that. Although no work is tough but we c

Astrology Job Tips

Astrology job tips, astrology solutions for jobs, What to do to get job easily, Vastu tips for success, tips to improve career, Astrology for bright career, Astrology Tips For Students to Improve Career. Career is very important for any one. Every one is struggling hard to make bright career and that's why people are trying hard to get a good job. Some time it becomes impossible to get even a job for the livelihood. It is because of the planetary positions in horoscope or kundli. Some persons falls in depression due to no job, some enter in the darkness and lost their lives due to not getting job to fulfill their basic needs.  Astrology Job Tips This article will be beneficial for every one who want a good job and want to live their life happily. The tips which i am giving here are easy and by following the principles it is possible to live a burden free life.  Vastu Tips For Students to Improve Career: While doing study make face towards North, East or north-east O

Government Job and Astrology| Ways To Get Government Jobs

Government Job and Astrology, Planet Responsible for government job, Ways To get Government Job, Horoscope analysis for Govt. job. Government Job as per kundli Government Job and Astrology. Stability in life is a very important factor and for this Government job keeps very important place.There is a dream of most of the younger to get a government job but very few of them achieve this goal. There is no need to worry about this. In this article you will get some effective tips which will help you to get government job. This will make your future financially sound, secure and freedom to enjoy your life openly. You have found in surroundings that mostly are not getting the government job in spite of doing hard work day and night but another person gets it easily by doing little bit work. It discourage us but this is the reality that luck plays a great role in life. If luck start it will make a beggar, king and if luck plays a negative role then it will make a king beggar.

Tips While Losing Job

What to do when there is no job, option for a jobless person, alternative of jobs, tips for unemployed person. In unstable market some employees always moves with the fear of loosing job, some enter in depression due to this, some become frustrate, some become ill. Due to tension life become hell. What To Do When Loosing Job ? But let me clear that this life is very important so don't let the incidents affect your life completely. There are many things and options which if we keep in mind that it is sure that the free time will become a money making time for you. Here in this article I am going to provide you some best tips which will be beneficial for you when you loose your job or if you are unemployed. Free Tips For A Good Life: Control On Your Feelings:  If you have lost the job or you are going to loose the job then don't get upset. Just control your feelings and be calm. By keeping your self cool you will be able to see the opportunities which are for yo

How To Apply On line For Jobs?

Tips To Follow Before Applying on line For Jobs, How to apply on-line for Jobs, job tips, Job astrology, astrologer for career analysis on line. In this age of Internet about 50% of companies use the application tracking system(ATS). So it is necessary to make our resume very systematically to get selected in first look.  How To Apply On line For Jobs? Here are some tips which must be follow Before applying for Jobs On-line- Make Your Covering Letter-  If in requirement there is a demand of covering letter than do enclose it with application. In covering letter do write your qualities and also highlight how you will use your qualities in job. Be sure to use your own words and style.  Make Your Resume Smartly-  After making the resume read it carefully and try to use the keywords which is required as per the company. Your qualities must be highlighted. Read the Requirements of Job Carefully-  Do read the vacancy requirement carefully. if your think you are eligible fo

Part Time Jobs And Astrology

Part time jobs as per astrology, list of part time jobs, how to generate extra income, Need of part time jobs, Astrology tips to increase income, Best Part time Jobs. Dearness is increasing day by day and it is not possible for a middle class person to live a smooth life easily just by doing a regular job. Here the importance of part time job and part time business. There is no problem in doing any extra work to increase income. Money is the only power through which a person is able to fulfill the materialistic desires of own and family members. which part time job is best as per horoscope Astrology and part Time Work: Horoscope also shows that the person is able to earn from more than one source or not and if the planetary positions are sound then some time even a person earn more from the part time work. So don't hesitate to start any part time work if there is a need or if there is a spare time. If the planetary positions make the person creative and if the pers

Are You Applying For Job

Are you applying for job?, are you facing problems in getting desired job, are your efforts going waste, Is job seeking become a problem for you, astrology tips to get a good job. Now a days due to competitive environment it is becoming very difficult to get the desired job easily, Millions of freshers are there in world who are struggling hard to get job but some are due to bad luck not able to get an ordinary job too. astro tips for job applicants This article I am writing for those who are in search of job and not able to get any positive results, here you will come to know the house in horoscope responsible for giving job, importance of planets in finding jobs, puja for success, totkay for success etc. Do you know the horoscope is the mirror of our life and shows the astrology reasons of any problems which is actually the base of our life. If we take decisions in life by seeing the planetary positions then no doubt success will become easy. Any experienced Astrologer

Which Planet Gives Stability To Job And How To Cure Them?

Which planet gives stability to job and how to cure them through astrology, What astrology ways empower the career, how to make money life long by entering in a good job, job astrology, Totkay to make life career better and successful. Job is important for the people who are service oriented and don't want to enter in business line for livelihood but in these days due to increase of competition and politics it is not possible for every one to get a stable career or stable job. But the problem is not with the job but the main thing is that income source must not be blocked life long so as to live a comfortable life.  job astrology Many times questions related to getting stable job is asked but here I want to say that it is not possible to do the same job life long until you are in government department.  In private sector companies are demanding versatile persons in these days so as to hand over any type of job in needed time.  So it is good to prepare ourselves for

What To Do In Spare Time?

What to do in spare time, how to spend spare time, tips to use the free time, habits which can change life, tips for healthy living, mood changing tips. Free mind is dangerous always and so it is necessary to do something whenever we get free time. We all get lots of time daily in which we actually don't know what to do and thus waste it. But in reality the free time is boon for us and definitely if we use that time properly then we are able to increase our knowledge and also able to make our self healthy and fresh.  What To Do In Spare Time? Here in this article we are going to see the ways which we can use to make our spare time useful, fruitful and healthy. Check your contacts in mobile or diary and chat with the friends whom you have not met for years. This will make the relations healthy and strong. Clean your home or office which will bring positive energies and it is necessary for healthy life too. Read your interesting books. If you wanted to read any boo