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Phulera Dooj Tips To Fill Love In Life

When is Phulera Duj, what is its importance, फुलेरा दोज के उपाय, what remedies for Fulera Duj change life, who should be worshiped on Phulera Duj? According to the Hindu calendar, every year in the month of Phalgun, the festival of Phulera Duj is celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha. This day is specially associated with Lord Krishna and Radhaji. This year in 2024, the festival of Phulera Dooj will be celebrated on Tuesday, 12th of March. The best thing is that on this day, Venus will be positive in the transit horoscope, due to which this day will be a very auspicious day for the worship of Radha Krishna, the symbol of real love. Along with this, Jupiter and Saturn will also be in their friendly sign, due to which the time will be excellent for those who want to start spiritual practice. According to information, this was the auspicious day when Krishan played holi with flowers  with Radha Rani. That is why even today the devotees of Radha-Krishna celebrate this day with

Reasons and Solutions of Home Distress in Astrology

Reasons of home distress(Graha kalesh), remedies of problems in family, what measures can be taken to avoid home tribulation, measures for happiness and peace. Home Distress is increasing with time and some families are completely disintegrating. This has a great effect on the children as well. In today's run-of-the-mill life, spending more than necessity and trying to showing others down, happiness and peace is going away from most of the families. A bitter truth is that where there is trouble, Lakshmi ji leaves from there, so we should be very careful. Money keeps coming and going, but if happiness and peace go away from home, then there is a lot of trouble, life becomes like hell. Progress become meaningless. Reasons and Solutions of Home Distress in Astrology पढ़िए गृह क्लेश के कारण और समाधान  Let us know some common causes of Home Distress: Being OVERLY SENSITIVE to your family members is one of the most important reasons for family conflict. One of the husband or wife t

सर्वारिष्ट निवारण प्रयोग | Solutions of All Problems

Sarwarisht Nivaran Strot Lytics and benefits, सर्वारिष्ट निवारण प्रयोग | Solutions of All Problems, Remedy of health problem, planetary problems, black magic, delya in marriage etc. A special anusthaan which is a result of continuous research and  is Given By Rish BHRIGU.  For the decades people are facing different types of problems in personal, professional and spiritual life. There are different types of remedies for different types of problems but sarwarist nivaran prayog is a miraculous anusthaan, a powerful anusthaan which presents the remedies of all your problems. This is a special prayog in which continuous homa is done with special things by chanting special tantrik mantras. Its recitation destroys all kinds of obstacles and it is useful for everyone. The blessings of Bhrigu Rishi are included in this text. Before starting the lesson, do remember sage Bhrigu. Recitation of Sarwarisht Strot destroys the effect of evil forces, one who wishes to have a child gets a chi

Where is Ulte Hanuman Temple?

Where is the world's only inverted Hanuman temple/ ulte hanuman mandir, what is the specialty of this temple, know the legend. The world's only miraculous ULTE Hanuman temple is situated at a distance of about 25 km from Ujjain. In this article we will know about this temple. Why is there an inverted idol of Hanumanji here? How are wishes fulfilled in this temple? When can you visit this Hanuman temple? How to reach this temple? Where is Ulte Hanuman Temple? हिंदी में पढ़िए विश्व का एकमात्र उलटे हनुमान जी का चमत्कारी मंदिर कहाँ पर है ? We get to see the temples of Hanumanji in almost every village, city, town in the whole country but Ulte Hanuman Mandir is only one in the whole world. Everyone knows about Hanumanji's devotion to Ram and even in Kalyug, people live their lives successfully by worshiping Hanumanji. Although there are many miraculous temples of Hanumanji, but at a distance of about 25 kilometers from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, the temple of ULTE HANUMANJI is

Remedies And Solutions Of Black Magic

Free Remedies of black magic , solutions of kala jadu, how to getrid of evil eye effects black magic solution and remedies Those who are victim of black magic always try to find ways to getrid of it in anyways. Those who are facing failure and sufferings in life due to kala jadu want to overcome in anyway. Here I am providing FREE ways, free solutions, free remedies which anyone can use easily. No matter where you are, no matter what is your age, no matter what is your caste. If you think you are facing problems due to black magic then you can try one of the remedies given in this article.  But it is always better to consult Expert before proceeding to adopt any remedy. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> Do you know what type of people are at high risk of getting trapped by Negative Energies? As per my research I have found that following type of persons trapped easily -- Those who have RAKSHAS GAN in horoscope easily become victim of black magic. Th

Remedies And Solutions Of Mangal Dosha

Remedies of mangalik dosha , how to overcome from impacts of mangalik dosha, problem due to kuja dosha and solutions,  how to reduce ill effects of mangalik dosha in astrology.  Remedies And Solutions Of Mangal Dosha Are you suffering from mangalik dosha, are you suffering from kuja dosha or bhom dosha then it is necessary to minimize the impacts as soon as possible. Remedies of mangalik dosha is necessary if you are facing problem in marital life regularly due to mangal dosha. Remedies of mangalik dosha is necessary if you are facing problem in social life due to malefic mangal. Remedies of mangalik dosha is necessary if you are facing health problems due to mangal. Remedies of mangalik dosha is necessary if you are facing financial problems due to mars. As per astrology if Mars is present in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or in 12th house then the horoscope is said to be mangalik and it generates some ill effects in life and so it is necessary to take some important steps to m

Anisht Shanti Pooja Importance

Anisht Shanti Pooja Importance, when it is needed to perform Anisht shanti puja, one solution of many problems. There are different types of problems arises in life time to time, Some people easily getrid of some problems and some people are not able to overcome from problems anyhow. In this case “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA” is very helpful. Some people know the astrology reasons of problems and perform the related process to overcome from that. But some people don't have correct birth information like birth date, birth time and birth place, in this case also “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA” is helpful. anisht shanti prayog Living life is not easy, in every step some type of challenges are there to welcome, some are able to handle challenges easily because of there powerful planets in horoscope but there are some people who get frustrated because of unable to solve the problems of life. Some people enter in depression zone due to so many problems in life. In this case it is necessary

Remedies And Solutions Of Pitru Dosha

Remedies of pitru dosha , How pitru dosha is form, how to getrid of pitru dosha, solutions of pitru dosha. Pitru dosha in kundli is one of the important dosha which creates several types of problems in life. Pitru means ancestors, so any type of problems arises in life due to our ancestors generate pitru dosha in horoscope or life. If proper remedies not done in time then generation to generation pitru dosha transfer and affect life. Remedies And Solutions Of Pitru Dosha Belief Related To Pitru Dosha: Some says that if ancestors not get peace after death then they create problems in family. some says that soul when not free from desires then create problems in family. In astrology Sun represent the father and so if sun is affected badly in horoscope then Pitru dosha is detected and person suffer in life.  Some says that due to impact of malefic rahu pitru dosha arises in horoscope. Some astrologers take saturn responsible for pitru dosha.  If pitru dosha is affec