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Panchak Significance In Astrology

Panchak Significance In Astrology, what is panchak, importance of panchak, what to do on panchak, what not to do on panchak.  Hindus generally very aware about panchak and while doing important work they check the panchak tithis. While taking out mahurat of doing many important work, panchak are observed carefully. Hindus generally avoid the panchak dates to do any important work. Now the question is that what is panchak and what is the significance of panchak. What vedic astrology say about panchak.  In this article we will read many things about panchak. what is panchak Some beliefs related to PANCHAK: If any one dies in family during panchak then it is believed to be inauspicious and it is said that 5 more members may also face problems. If any soul leave the body during panchak then it doesn't get peace. If any one start work on panchak then he has to do that work 5 times.  It is not good to travel towards south direction during panchak.  It is also not g