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How Can We Improve Luck In Competitive Exam Through Astrology ?

How Can We Improve Luck In Competitive Exam Through Astrology ?, Tips as per days to get success in exam. Preparation of competitive exam is not an easy task, lot's of efforts are put to appear in any exam and so it is necessary to enhance luck as per our horoscope. So in this article we will explore the fascinating world of astrology and how it can help us boost luck in competitive exams. Discover effective astrological remedies and strategies that can positively impact our luck in competitive exams.  Do you feel uncomfortable at the time of appearing in any competitive exam, do you forget your answer at the time of writing answers, Are you not getting the desired result as per your hard work, then don't worry here in this article you will get the tips to clear your exam through astrology ways.  Astrology for luck in competitive exam Competitive exams are very important for the struggler because career is dependent on it. And because of this some candidates tak

Exam Phobia What To Do?

Tips For Exam Days, How to perform good in exam and ways to over come from exam fear, Astrologer for best tips to score good in exam, Exam Astrology. When exam come generally every one get nervous. This is the time when students try to focus only on studies and this is sometimes create problems in life. So here in this article we will find that how to deal with the exam time. Exam Phobia What To Do? हिंदी में पढ़िए परीक्षा के डर को कैसे दूर करें   At the exam times every things get changed, the feelings, the emotions, the environment of home, atmosphere outside the home etc. It creates a tension in life and life become abnormal. Strange type of atmosphere disturb the life some times. So it is good to keep some points in mind- Don't create Serious Environment: Behave naturally in exam time, don't take tension otherwise heaviness will disturb your mind. Enjoy some time and also give some time for leisure. Relax mind can easily grasp. Exam Time Is The Revision T

FREE Tips To Boost Exam Results

Free tips to boost exam results, how to over come from exam phobia, what to do get best results in examination, what to do before going for appearing in exam as per astrology?. Examination is the time when every one gets tensed for a while, it is the time to know our power of mind, patience, efforts etc. It is a fact that there is no need to worry if any one is studying whole the year honestly. There is no need to worry about exam, take it easy and appear with easy and free mood then it is sure that you can do better. Tips To Boost Exam Results There are many students who have phobia of examination or want to do better, want to come at first position, so in this article I am providing some easy tips for every one which will help you to do better in exams.  Free Easy Tips To Boost Exam Results: 1. Keep Your Mind Free From Any Type of Negative Thought: Actually due to fear students starts thinking that what will happen if questions are asked out of subjects, what will

How To Score In IELTS Exam ?

IELTS exam is very important to get the Permanent residency. The full form of IELTS is international enlish language testing system. This is compulsory for the the seeker of permanent residency. IELTS EXAM Tips through astrology Wikipedia  also gives great information on this exam to get permanent residency in foreign countries.  Sometimes it is seen that some person passed it very easily but some people even after doing too much hard work not able to get success in this exam. By studying many cases I want to share my experiences and tips to clear this exam to get permanent residency. As an astrologer I got several cases related to this exam and there main question was that "I am doing too much study but till now I am unable to pass this International English Language Testing System". What To Do?. By studying there Kundli I have found the following planetary problems: Some has problem in Ist house i.e. First house was affected by malefic planets and due

Astrology For Competitive Exams

Competitive exams and astrology, what to do to enhance our luck , which gems will be helpful, which pooja or totkay is for exam. Competitive exams are very important from the point of view of any struggler who want to make career in a specific field. A person works very hard to clear any competitive exams. But there are many person who in-spite of having good command over the subject and in-spite of doing hard work whole the year not able to pass the exam. And there are some persons who with out doing any extra effort easily get success. Now here the question arises Why? Astrology For Competitive Exams Why it happens that a knowledgeable person is unable to pass the competitive exams? Why an incompetent person selected? why a person get ill at the time of exam and loose the game? Why a person forget the answers at the main exam time? Why a person deprived of the seat just by only 1 number. Read about exam phobia Luck is very important in life. If luck favo

Diet For Exam Days

Diet for exam days, tips to keep healthy during exam days, Do's And Don't s For Exam Days, How to over come from exam phobia, ASTROLOGER for best guidance for exam.  Diet is very important during the exam days. Due to tension some children eats too much and some students lost the appetite. So in these days it is very necessary to give special attention on diets.  Astrologer Astroshree is providing you some special tricks to manage your diets. It will help you to keep yourself fit and to perform your study in a good way.  what to eat in exam days Don't take heavy meals in exam days otherwise it will create heaviness and laziness. Do use the fruits like apple, orange, pineapple, water melon, banana etc which are fat less and provide good nutrients. Eat green leaves vegetables, beans in meals. In case of acidity or digestion problems do take curd and rice, chaach, lemon juice fruits juices etc.  Drink proper water, it will keep you fresh and energetic