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5 Hastha Mudra For Healthy Life

5 Hast Mudras for healthy life, benefits of finger postures as per yoga ,hast mudra chikitsa, पांच हस्त मुद्राए स्वस्थ जीवन के लिए |   The human body is full of mysteries. Through the practice of meditation and yoga, we can know and feel the mystery within the body. Our body is made up of five elements which are earth, water, fire, air and sky. Diseases arise in the body only when these elements are imbalanced. If we learn to balance them, we can remain disease free and if we are suffering from any disease, we can get rid of it soon. In Hasta Mudra therapy, we use our palm and fingers and create different types of Mudras by practicing which our body can balance the energy and remain disease free. Mudras have great importance in yoga and it is felt that whenever mudras are made, it affects thousands of nerves and pulses and its effect also falls on our body. As soon as hand postures are used, its effect starts falling on our body immediately. 5 Hastha Mudra For Healthy Life Hasta-Mudr

What is Shaktichalini Process how to do

what is Shakti Chalini Kriya, what are the benefits of Shakti Chalani process, how to do this Kriya, benefits of awakening Kundalini, in which diseases Ashwini Mudra is beneficial?. When we talk about awakening the dormant powers present inside the body, then the topic of Kundalini awakening will certainly arise because when kundlini shakti awakened, a person comes to know of his divinity, we get to know about a divine world within us. | According to Yoga scriptures, the superpower Kundalini is present in the Muladhar Chakra within every person, be it male, female or child, but this power remains in a dormant state, that is why we are not aware of the powers present within us. We purify the body through yoga activities, make the body strong so that we can awaken the Kundalini Shakti and also handle its power. Index : What are the things to be kept in mind before performing Shakti Chalana Kriya? What is Shaktichalani Mudra / Ashwini Mudra? What is the initial difficulty in Shakti Ch

Some Important Asans And There Benefits

Some Important Asans And There Benefits, 18 Postures for healthy life, Significance of Asanas, why to do, how to reform health by using postures. As per patanjali yogsutra postures are best way to control mind and to regulate blood circulation. Asan siddhi leads to generate tremendous power in mind and body. We can do these easily at home. Sukhasan Padmasan Trikonasan Utkatasan Gomukhasan Vajrasan Supt Vajrasan Urdhwa Sarwangasan Halasan Ushtrasan Bhujangasan Paschimottanasan Chakrasan Ekpad shalbhasan Supt Urdhwa Hastasan Vrishasan Dhanurasan 1. Sukhasan: sukhasan benefits The easy pose in which one can sit for long time is calledsukhasan. In this legs are folded towards knees. This asan is a the easiest asan and is used at the time of meditation, offering prayers, eating food etc. This is the easiest way to sit comfortably. The main benefits of sukhasan is that muscles get relaxed easily. 2. Padmasan: padmasana Padm means lotus so in this

Yogasan Basics

Yogasan basics, Importance of yogasanas, points to keep in mind before doing yogasan, Astrologer for best horoscope reading. Yogasanas are very popular in this age of media as it is has many tremendous benefits. But it is necessary to keep many points in mind before starting yogasan. In this article I am going to provide some very important information related to yogasan. tips to do yogasans What is Yogasan? It is a word which generally shows us the figures of saints, mahatmas, spiritual persons and thus many people frightened of yogasanas but this is totally wrong. Yogasanas are actually some special types of postures which if any one practices daily then great benefits are seen. It is not for the saints, mahatmas or spiritual practitioner but it is for every that person male or female who want to live a healthy life, a successful life. It is the first step to enter in yoga path. It is the first step to start any spiritual practices. It is the first step for the pers

Nadisodhan Pranayam For Power

Pranayam basics, What is pranayam, What happens in pranayam, Nadi sodhan pranayam Secrets for health, Benefits of nadi sodhan pranayam, FREE health tips. Do you know that by increasing the amount of oxygen in body and mind we can make our self magical and powerful and for this we need to perform 'PRANAYAM'. Different types of pranayam helps us to develop different types of powers but the basic concept behind the pranayam is to increase the amount of oxygen in body and mind. nadi sodhan pranayam Pranayam means to extend the breathing so that we can enrich ourself with more oxygen. Oxygen helps to purify the blood and the blood containing the oxygen helps to make bones, muscles etc. Not only this oxygen makes our organs powerful and strong to perform different types of tasks. So to live healthy it is necessary for all of us to do Pranayam daily and regularly without any gap. By doing pranayam properly it is possible to control breathing which in result makes our lif

Importance Of Living Life As Per Yogic Principles

Importance of living Life as per yogic principles, Yogic Diet, how to maintain health, free ways to maintain health. Suffering is a part of life and it is also truth that there are various ways to come out of different types of sufferings, In ancient India people were aware of some specific asans i.e. postures which can help to maintain flexibility and health.  If anyone is concerned about health and want to live a healthy life by there own efforts then this article will help a lot. Here secrets of yogasans are revealed for every one which can help to detoxify the body and also help to energize the body and mind.  Importance Of Living Life As Per Yogic Principles For abiding happiness, tranquillity and longevity it is necessary to perform exercises regularly and to eat fresh and healthy. I also practice yogasan daily and take the benefits so there is no exaggeration in this article about the yogasans. It is the best and natural way to keep ourselves fit and fine.  The

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