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How 9 D chart Transform Life Case Study

How Navamsa Kundli changes life, know why Navamsa Kundli is important in astrology prediction, Real case study, know how planets of 9 D chart ruin life. Today we will analyze a horoscope whose family life got ruined due to malefic planets in Navamsa Kundli. We will look deeply at both Lagna chart and Navamsa horoscope and know the importance of 9 D chart in astrology. Native's date of birth is 2 october 1984 Birth Time : 8:30 PM Birth place is Indore How 9 D chart Transform Life Case Study If we look at Ascendant chart, We can know that: lagn chart Gajakesari Raja Yoga is formed in the Destiny House. Venus is auspicious in the place of marriage. Saturn is exalted in the seventh house. Raj Yoga named Budhaditya is also formed in the horoscope. Apart from this, Rahu and Ketu are exalted. Mahalakshmi Yoga is also formed in the horoscope. If seen, there are 3 Raj Yogas in the horoscope and most of the planets are auspicious. But would like to tell that this horoscope is of a wom

Successful love marriage case study

Successful love marriage case study, example of lovers horoscope, love astrology, inter caste marriage, study of houses in birth chart for love marriage.  Love is the essence of life and here is one of the best example I am providing in this article. We will see that how planets supports for a successful love marriage and what problems comes as per planets in doing love marriage. Successful love marriage case study For love marriage analysis we will consider the 5th house, 7th house, 9th house with 4th and Ist house.  Let’s check the boy horoscope first from the point of view of love marriage: boy horoscope for love life reading If we see the horoscope of boy then we fill find the following points : The master of lagna is Mars which is positive and sitting in fifth house. This is giving the power and dare to take step to live life as per desire. This planet has given the strength to face the challenges in life to make own life successful.  The master of marriage house is ven

Cancer Patient Case Study

horoscope reading of cancer patient in astrology,Cancer Patient Case Study. Case study is very necessary to check whether any subject is genuine and how principles work. In this article I am going to present about a case study of a boy who has passed away at the young age of 27. Unfortunately he is one of my dearest and I treated him as my younger brother, a cute and a life loving person who loves life and enjoyed every moment of life. This case study will show how we are under impact of planetary impact and how our life is controlled by stars. Following are the birth details used for analysis: Date of birth : 16-March-1990 Time of birth 7:00 am Following is the lagn kundli of this boy: Cancer Patient Case Study Following is the Dasha chart in which this boy left this world. dasha clarification Explanation Of This Horoscope: This boy detected last stage cancer in last week of May2018 and in august first week he passed away. Incident took place so fast that in-