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Which houses are called dhusthanas Horoscope

In Vedic astrology why 6 7,and 8th houses are called dhusthanas What is the reason behind it?

In vedic astrology, when we make horoscope then there are 12 houses present in it. Every house is related with a segment of life for example Ist house is related with the personality of a person, 4th house is related with the happiness in life, 10th house is related with career etc.
Which houses are called dhusthanas Horoscope
dusthana houses

In the same way the 6th house is related with enemies in life, 7th house is related with the partner in life, 8th house is related with diseases in life which also affect the age of a person.

So actually, if we see deeply then all these 3 houses i.e. 6th, 7th and 8th houses are related to sufferings in life.

Now let’s know about DUSTHANA:

This is a word which means sufferings in life. 'DU' is related with “Dukh (दुःख )” in hindi and STHANA(स्थान) meaning place. So the answer of question ‘ In Vedic astrology why 6 7,and 8th houses are called dhusthanas What is the reason behind it?’ is--- these 3 houses are related with sufferings in life and so sixth, seventh and eight houses are called Dusthanas.

Some scholars also take 12th house in dusthana because this house is related with expenses and if this house is weak or malefic then person suffers due to over-expense and debt.
Some scholars don’t take 7th house in this category. And so they take 6th, 8th and 12 houses in Dusthana.

Logically 6th, 8th and 12th houses come in category of Dusthana because of following vedic astrology reasons:

  1. We can check about native enemy, diseases, obstacles, struggle, wounds, debt, theft by reading the 6th house of horoscope.
  2. Astrologer can study about the age of person, health issues, longevity, personal organ problems, life partner illness, accidents in life by reading the 8th house of horoscope.
  3. Astrologer check the mental state, power of eyes, financial power, loss of money, health etc by studying the 12th house of horoscope.
So sufferings in life can be studied by reading the 6th, 8th and 12th house in horoscope so these houses are called DHUSTHANAS in birth chart.

Now Let’s Know, how predictions are made as per Dusthana Places:

  • If any malefic planet is planet in any of the dusthanas place in horoscope then the person suffers a lot for example, if malefic mars is present in 6th house then it is very possible that person may suffer from enemies in life, if malefic saturn in present in 8th house the native may face chronic health issues in life and mostly in transit of saturn, if bad planet is present in 7th house in birth chart then the person may suffer due to unmatched partner in life or person may face problems due to very close-one.
  • I have experienced that people who have Rahu and mars in 8th house of kundli are not at all happy in life due to diseases or disturbed marital life.
  • How much person will suffer or get benefits depends upon the planet power, it’s state i.e. whether it is malefic or friendly in that house.

In some cases the presence of planets in this house is very beneficial and make the life of a person successful like as –
  1. If powerful and positive mars present in 6th house in kundli then it helps to dominate the enemies easily.
  2. If positive ketu planet sits in 6th house then it make the personality powerful which always dominate enemies and also help in achieving the goals of life. This type of person get a special place in society.
  3. It is also observed that positive Jupiter in sixth house of horoscope make the person interested in occult sciences and this type of persons are known for their supernatural powers.
  4. Positive and powerful venus in twelfth house of kundli help the person to enjoy the materialistic life with in all respect.
So if we summarized, we can conclude that 6th, 7th and 12th houses are mainly known as dhusthanas as per vedic astrology because these houses are related with sufferings in life.

In Vedic astrology why 6 7,and 8th houses are called dhusthanas What is the reason behind it?

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