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How Vastu Energy Works ?

What is vastu?, How Vastu principles works?, Advantage of vastu, Number of directions, How to make dream apartment as per vastu?
Powerful yantra for vastu remedies, powerful totkay for vastu remedies, Tips to make vastu energized
Understand Vastu

How Vastu Energy Works ?
Vastu is a science which provide us the knowledge how to make our Residential and commercial building so that it may become fruitful for us. As per vastu science every where there is Energy
and directions are fixed for a particular type of energy and if we make our residential and commercial building as per the principles of vastu energy we get health , wealth, prosperity easily in life.

Now again a question arises that what are the problems which arises when we not make the building as per the Vastu principles :

Effects of East Vastu Defects :
Heart Problems, Eyes related problems, social status related problems and also increase of negative energy in children.

Effects of south-East Defects :
Helath problem mainly in Ladies also it affects the overwhole family members.

Effects of South Defects :
Suffering and Ideological Difference arises due to this side defects.

Effects of South-West Defects :
this side defects affects the Health of Head of the family also responsible for Accidents, Theft, Suicide, Wealth loss and increase the power of enemies.

Effects of West Defects :
problems from Children, legal problems and also responsible for monetary losses.

Effects of North-West Defects :
Defects of North West keep away from home comforts also responsible for skin diseases and cough and cold problems.

Effects of North Defects :
problems in the nervous system of generally in youngsters, Confusion in intelligence, Debt problem.

Effects of North-East Defects :
Defects of this direction is responsible for family inferiority , suffering and also responsible for immoral and sinful deeds.

Effects of Central Vastu Defects :
it crates laziness, fear, filure and obstacles in the way of success.
So we can say that this will be good to take care of Vastu principles while constructing any building to get Health ,Wealth, Prosperity and over whole success life.

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How to make dream apartment as per vastu?

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What is vastu?, How Vastu principles works?, Advantage of vastu, Number of directions, 

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