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Health Astrology : Yogas Related to Health

Importance of Health In Life, Yogas Which Makes a Person Ill, Yogas Related with Sores or Wound and Ulcers, Vagina(janendriya) Diseases and Astrology , Venereal Diseases(Gupt Rog) and Astrology : How And Why ?, Psychiatry : Mental Ailment(Mano Rog),  Astrologer for health problems and solutions.  
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Astrology for Diseases
Health is very important in Life, you can enjoy the evanescent life only if your health is good. Through astrology horoscope we can also know the health of any person. Different planets have different impact on us. We are affected by the energy of different planets and so we can also get the knowledge of planetary energy effects on us through astrology horoscope. A life with good health reveal a truth that destiny has kept us free from one curse.Disease is such a curse which is endured by the one but whole family is affected.

It is also a truth that if any person keep balance in diet and ethical considerations then malefic effects of planets automatically gets minimized and with this if proper actions are taken to avoid the malefic effects of planets then disaster can be minimized up to a great extent.
Diseases can be studied with the help of 6th place, death is studied with the help of 8th place.If any planets are present in Trik place i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th then bad effects are realised of that place.

Know How Astrology Horoscope Predicts About Diseases

Let's study some Important yogas which keeps a person ill :

  • If master of 11th place is weak and sits in 6th place then person becomes ill in his life.
  • If Saturn is with sin planets or is viewed by sin planets and is present in 5th, 9th and 12th place then also health problem persist.
  • If master of 8th place sits in any trik place i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th place then also person suffers in life due to health.
  • If Master of lagna is weak, and Saturn and Mars is sits in 8th place together and sun is present in 12th place then also person is affected by diseases.
  • When master of 11th place resides in 6th place, it also represents that person is affected by health problems.

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Yogas Related with Sores or Wound and Ulcers :

  • If the master of 6th place is with moon resides in lagna or 8th place in horoscope then mouth and palate(talu) is affected by wound or boil.
  • If master of 6th place with Mars, sun, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and ketu resides in 8th place then gradually wound or boil happens in neck,head,near by eyes, abdomen,legs and face.
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Vagina(janendriya) Diseases and Astrology :

Astrology also helps great to find the planetary reasons of Diseases related to Vagina. Following are the reasons of this type of problems :

  1. If Sun resides in lagna and mars resides in 7th place then person may suffer with sugar in urine disease.
  2. When Mars is present in 10th place and Saturn is with him or is viewed by Saturn then vagina diseases takes place.
  3. If sun, Venus and Saturn resides in 5th place.
  4. In case if venus is of Neech i.e. negative in horoscope or kundli or sits with enemy zodiac sign or resides with sin planets or viewed by negative planets then semen related problems arises.
  5. In 2nd,6th,8th and 12th place moon,Mars and Saturn resides in any places or in all the four places gradually then also arises vagina diseases.
  6. If 6th and 7th place is present with many sin planets.

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Gupt rog and solutions

Venereal Diseases(Gupt Rog) and Astrology : How And Why ? :

Following are the Main Planetary reasons of this type of problems -

  • If Weak Jupiter resides in expenses place i.e. 12th place then genitalia disorder may takes place.
  • When master of 6th place, Mercury and Mars sits together in any place. If these 3 planets sits together in 7th place then definitely person suffers from venereal diseases.
  • When 8th place is with sin planets and also viewed by sin planets.
  • Master of lagna with mercury and Mars when persist with Leo zodiac sign sits in 4th or 12th place then anus related problems arise, but lagna must be Taurus or Virgo.

Psychiatry : Mental Ailment(Mano Rog):

Mental problems is also becoming the rapidly growing problem of this digital world.Let's see the reason of these problems in astrology horoscope or kundli. Epilepsy(mirgi) and Hysteria also comes in mental problems -
  1. When moon resides with rahu(gragon's head).
  2. If Moon with venus present in any centre place and many sin planets resides in 8th place.
  3. If Rahu(Dragon's head) resides in lagna and moon present in 6th place or if sun, moon,Mars sits together in 8th place.
  4. When Saturn and Mars sits together in 6th and 8th place.

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Importance of Health In Life, Yogas Which Makes a Person Ill, Yogas Related with Sores or Wound and Ulcers, Vagina(janendriya) Diseases and Astrology , Venereal Diseases(Gupt Rog) and Astrology : How And Why ?, Psychiatry : Mental Ailment(Mano Rog),  Astrologer for health problems and solutions.   

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