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Shopaholics Reasons and Remedies

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Shopaholic astrology
Shopaholics Reasons and Remedies, What is shopaholics, Effects of shopaholics, How to overcome from this habits?, Astrology ways to over come from shopaholic problem, Important tips to live smooth live.

Do you have intense desire to shop always?, Whenever you have money in your hand, do you start thinking buying new things?, is shopping is impacting your sleeping hours, is it making your life difficult? then you are suffering from a very big psychological problem i.e. known as shopaholics. 

Shopaholic is a special type of buying addiction. Buying necessary things doesn't come under any disease but over buying, buying without any need, buying just to pass time is the waste of monetary power and it is due to some specific mental state. 

So cure is necessary if this habit is affecting your life too much. 

During Research many types of reasons come before me which compel a person to shop, Some of them are-
1. A person use to shop to fill his Inner void or emptiness. 
2. Some persons start shopping in order to search for perfection.
3. Some times due to inability to handle the negative feelings is also become reasons of shopping. 
4. Ascetic persons use this way to spare their time. 
5. Inability to decide about what to buy and when to buy.
6. Easily compelled by temptative advertisements. 

Categories of Shoppers:
Depend upon the nature we can divide the shoppers in following categories like as -
1. Hunting Shoppers- These are not actual shoppers they just want to bargain and if they win they buy the products without any reasons. 

2. Perfection Seekers- These type of shoppers generally buy many things just to have a satisfaction. In reality they doesn't need that products but just to seek perfection they start buying different types of things. 

3. Moody Shoppers - These are very strange person if some times mind excited they moves for shopping and buy whatever they find good as per their mood. 

4. Collectors Shoppers- Some has tendency to create store in their house and for that they start shopping. If you go to their house you will find every pattern of a specific product but they don't use it. They just kept them for show.

5. Competitive shoppers- This is a very strange category of shoppers which shop only because their partner has bought that thing, or their relative has that thing or their colleague has that things. So they just start competition in buying the things which their close one has. 

Astrology Reasons Of Shopaholics:
Now lets's see from the point of view of astrology. How a person is compelled to buy through planetary powers. How planets affect a person life to shop too much. 
1. The 12th place is a house of expense. If this place is affected by bad planets or this is viewd by negative planets then the person will spend too much and unusually, without reason and make loose his or her monetary power in shopping. 

2. If expenses place is affected by very positive planets then it also compels a person to buy but in positive works in betterment of society but if the planets are over powerful then also it is dangerous. 

3. If the expenses place is in effect of malefic planets or any type of grahan yoga or angarak yoga or any negative combination is going on then it is also very dangerous for the person. 

4. There is not a limited criteria to predict shopaholics persons. When proper study is done then only the exact reason will be present that why the person is behaving like that. 

Some Special Ways To Over Come From Shopaholics Nature:
1. Try to think always why you are going to shop?, Do you really need that product?
2. Avoid the persons who always ask you to buy something.
3. Always make list before going to market and buy only what you have decided. Don't let your mind to move here and there. 
4. Don't let your emotions to affect you heavily so that you move for shopping. 
5. Try to do something creative in your spare time. 

Remedies Through Astrology For Shopaholics:
If a person is affected by shopping problem or if a person is shopaholic then it is very important that he or she should take proper treatment through various natural ways. One of the best way to over come from this problem is astrology. 
After proper analysis it is possible to find the real ways from different sciences like as 
1. By wearing proper gems stone a person become ok. 
2. By special type of meditation process to change the mind is also a very useful way to over come from shopaholic nature. 
3. There are special type of rituals are there in Indian sciences which can change the rays and also make it possible to change the nature of a person. 
4. Hypnosis or vashikaran or sammohan is a very powerful way through which also it is possible to change the mind of a person. 
5. In homeopathy, batch flower therapy and through other natural and alternative medicines there are powerful formulas to overcome from this type of problems.

So don't worry if you are suffering from shopping problem, if you are shopoholic, One consultancy will change your life. 
Contact now to make your life better.

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Shopaholics Reasons and Remedies, What is shopaholics, Effects of shopaholics, How to overcome from this habits?, Astrology ways to over come from shopaholic problem, Important tips to live smooth live.

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