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How To Forget Past Love

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Tips to Forget Past Love

How to forget past love, Easiest ways to forget our past love, Tips to make our life happier, Motivating Tips by Motivator,  spiritual healer, astrologer. 

The memory of Love life of any person is very strong. It is very difficult to get rid of the memories of love life. If unfortunately breakup takes place then it is very difficult for the real lover to forget the time spend with the beloved. 

I am writing this article to help those persons who want to come out of the memories of past love life and want to enjoy the future. It is worthless to stick with the memories which are of no use. Those event will waste our time and money and also deprive with the happiness which are present in our door. 

So lets see some powerful ways to Enjoy the present and future: 

1. Analyze the Circumstances Practically:
Why the breakup happened in life. If you analyze the circumstances deeply then you will find that there was lack of trust in relationship that's why the break up took place. So don't worry and try to forget the past life. Some times you will find that your partner was not enough strong to face the social life, Some times you will find that over expectations of your partner was the reason of your breakup. In all the cases there is no need to flow in emotions. 

2. Live In Present:
Past memories are of no use as they are creating hurdles in moving right direction in life. Remember one thing that if you are unable to change the circumstances then accept the circumstances. Past was not in your hand but present is in your hand. 

Don't worry about the past but the beautiful life is waiting for you. Just try to enter in that with a new view. Energies are waiting to welcome you. 

3. Be clear about infatuation and Love:
Some times we take infatuation as love which is not good. You will come to know this when some one better enters in your life. So just give space and open the door of your heart so that some one else enter in it to make your life beautiful and smooth. 

4. Do Not Torture Yourself:
A healthy mind and body is the gift to you which will not come again. Who knows what will be our next birth. Science has proved that if a person think about the griefs then the person is torturing himself or her self because by this the energy becomes negative which will lead to more problems. Break up is not as precious as life. So live life with new zeal and enjoy every moments. There are lots of people who want to enter in your life. Sky is the limit for seekers. 

Think like this: "Tu nahi to or sahi, or nahi to or sahi"

5. Understand Your Importance:
This human life is a boon and with this if you have a healthy body and mind then no doubt you are able to do any thing in this life. Even deities also want to take birth as a human being. Because this is the karama yoni i.e. only human has a power to get power to do any thing in this universe. So why you are wasting your life in trifles. Just come out of your negative thinking and work hard to know the reality of this life. 

6. Engage Yourself in Hobbies:
Empty mind is our own enemy so try to engage yourself in some work and for that hobby is the best. Try to engage in doing gardening, social networking, learning any new subject etc. 

7. Learn the divine Lores:
If you want to know the realities then learn the divine sciences of yoga, meditation, tantra etc to understand the beautiful world of energies. You don't know that the real peace is there, the real love is there, the real power is there. But for this you have to love the real energies. 

8. Take the help of astrology science:
If you are not getting success in forgetting your love then consult astrologer who can provide you the things which will open a new world for you. Consult now.

So be positive if you have lost your love then don't think that god is not loving you but think that "I deserve better than that"

Remember that this is the rule of this universe that whatever you think, you will be. So think that every thing is going ok with you. We are just puppet of god and it is our duty to play our role in a better way. Let the god think about you. 

Love yourself, love this universe, don't stick with a physical body. 

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Tips to forget past love

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How to forget past love, Easiest ways to forget our past love, Tips to make our life happier, Motivating Tips by Motivator,  spiritual healer, astrologer. 

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