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Gemini Astrology

Best Gemini Astrologer, Vedic astrologer, Horoscope reader
Gemini Astrology Details
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Gemini, The impact of Gemini zodiac on personality, Gemini astrology, nature of Gemini person, Horoscope Reader.

Ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury

Element of Gemini Air

Characteristics determined with Versatility, Good thinking power, versatility  talking power, debate power, speech hypnotic power.

Gems stones related to emerald, green Hakik, 

Day of Gemini is Wednesday.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Gemini are Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Aries, Libra

Non compatible Zodiac Signs With Gemini are Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Important Things About Gemini:
It is the 3rd sign in zodiac and this is the main sign which affect the communication intelligence  If anyone has this sign than one thing is sure that he or she has good power of using the speech to impress others.

The persons of Gemini are very fickle and try to do different types of things in which mind is used. Orators are born with this sign. Searching new things and creating gossips is also one of the quality of Gemini.

They also like to meet new persons and to expand the circle so as to share thoughts as much as possible. 

They also get success in strategic planning due to extra ordinary intelligence. So these types of people are success in indoor games too. 

People like to spend time with Gemini because of there good talking power. They are also familiar with human psychology.

With different planets it generates different types of impacts. 

Before reaching to any decision it is good to consult any scholar or experienced astrologer.

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Gemini, The impact of Gemini zodiac on personality, Gemini astrology, nature of Gemini person, horoscope analysis, on line astrologer.

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