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Vastu Tips For offices

Vastu tips for office, how to make our office as per vastu, importance of vastu in offices, Astrologer and vastu Consultant views.

Office is a place where we work for our livelihood, it is a place which is very important from all point of view if we really want to live a successful life. So it needs special attention. It is our duty to take all the necessary steps to make our office full of positive energy so that we may make our life and others life smooth, beautiful and comfortable. 

If the members of top management and employees are not satisfied and even if the clients are also not satisfied then be sure that there may be the impact of negativity in office because of which feeling of dissatisfaction is arising.

An office as per vastu will easily bring the name, fame, money in the life of persons who are running the office. So using vastu principles will definitely open a new world of success. 

While planning for office we have to put focus on the following points- 
Location of office
Location of reception area as per vastu
Location of conference room
Location of manager cabin
Location of Director cabin
Lighting in the office
coloring in the office as per vastu
Flooring as per Vastu
store room location
Toilet facility area
Rest room location
Placement of air conditioner, cooler etc.
Placement of drinking facility.
Exterior designing.

Let's Have Some Sound Tips To Setup a Sound Office As Per Vastu:
1. Square plot, square space is best to setup office. 
2. East facing entrance door is also good for office.
3. Drinking water facility should be towards North-East direction.
4. South and West side is the best place for the top management members sitting.
5. South and North-West side is good for making toilets.
6. Don't make sitting arrangement under beam.
7. Colors of the office may be such that it may not create dull atmosphere. 
8. Only use motivational pictures as per the environment which the office need.
9. There should not be any obstacle just in front of Entrance door. 
10. It is good to use the North-West direction for the marketing department.
11. Shiny flooring in whole premises is not good so proper consultation before taking decision about flooring is necessary.
12. North-West side is also good to make conference room.
13. Worship place is good in North to East side. For some specific purpose its direction can be changed. 
14. Installing some siddha yantras at different places is also good to protect the office from evil eye effects and negative energies. 
15. Proper ventilation is necessary in office.
16. Use of Exhaust fan is also necessary to keep the office suffocation free. 
17. Any type of pollution may bring bad luck. So be sure to make your office clean and safe from negativity. 

So above i have given so important points to follow. Hope my readers will get benefit from this. Make your office powerful by using vastu principles, Run your office smoothly by using the occult sciences. 

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