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Today's Panchang | Almanac

Auspicious time or muhurth is needed by every one and for that panchang is needed. It contains very important type of information related to holy time, rahu kaal, choghadiya etc. By using this we can make our life better. Panchang is one of the very important part of Vedic Astrology. Panchang is the sole of astrology. We can make our purchase lucky by using the auspicious time given in panchang. We can make our work good by using the information of panchang. Jyotish can provide you the best time to do any work. Here I am providing you the best auspicious time, the rahu kaal information, the choghadia which will definitely help you.
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Today's Panchang | Almanac

Important Days/Celebrations Of December 2017:

  • Pishach mochini yatra is on 2nd December 2017.
  • Datt Prakatotsav and Poornima is on 3rd December.
  • Krishn paksh ganesh chaturthi vrat is on 6th december, wednesday.
  • Guru pushya yoga is on 7th december, thursday.
  • Rukmani ashtmi is on 10th december, sunday.
  • OSHO birthday celebration is on 11th december.
  • Safla Ekadashi is on 13th, Wednesday.
  • Pradosh vrat is on 15th.
  • Kharmaas start from 16th december 2017.
  • Somwati amavasya is on 18th.
  • Panchak will start from 5:38 AM of 23rd and remain till 8:46 Pm of 27th december.
  • Guru govind singh jayanti is on 25th.
  • Christmas is on 25th december. 2017.
  • Putrada ekadashi is on 29th, friday.
  • Pradosh vrat is on 30th december. 2017.

Important Tips:

Avoid rahu kaal to perform any auspicious purchase, starting any journey, taking any important decision etc. Good time is provided in the choghadiya which you can use to perform any task. For example if you are going to buy any vehicle and if you buy it in laabh or shubh choghadiya time then it will definitely be fruitful for you in long run.

Some Common Panchang Which Are Widely Used:

  1. Vishwavijai panchang.
  2. Lalaraamswaroop panchang. 
  3. Kaal Nirnay. 
  4. Vikramaditya panchang etc. 
Types of Panchang: 
Many different types of almanac are available. As per the need we can buy the panchang.
  1. Some panchang are for local time and muhurth. 
  2. Some are for national level. 
  3. Some panchang shows the information at international level.
If you have observatory in your city then you can also get the panchag or almanac from there also. If you have observatory in your city then you can also get the panchag or almanac from there also.

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