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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Details Upchaya Chandra grahan

What is the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, उपछाया चन्द्र ग्रहण, know about Lunar Eclipse on 25th Of March 2024, know the position of the planets in transit horoscope, effect on 12 zodiac signs. Lunar Eclipse in March 2024: Many questions regarding lunar eclipse are running in the minds of astrology lovers like whether Chandra Grahan will take place in India, when will Sutak take place, where will Lunar Eclipse be seen, can Holi be played on this day etc. So in this astrological article we will understand all these topics. According to astronomy, when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs. When the Earth's shadow does not fall directly on the Moon, it is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. In a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth's direct shadow does not fall on the Moon. In this, the moon appears blurred and a part of the moon appears cut off. Chandra Grahan in March 2024 The time of eclipse is considered to be the best time for any type of Sadhana i.e.

Power of Om Namah Shivay Spell

Power of 'om namah shivay' mantra/spell, Mantra to fulfill wishes, benefits of chanting shiv panchakshari mantra, best way to chant mantra, Easy way to over come from problems, Some Secrets Of Shiv Saadhna. Lord shiva is the power which is present every where as per the scriptures. As per kashmir shaivaism "Shivam Vidyate na kwachit " means every where shiva is there. Nothing is apart from shiva. So worship shiva, become siva and know the siva. Power of Om Namah Shivay Spell "Om Namah Shivay" is the powerful spell/mantra which is being used for the decades by devotees to get the blessings of lord shiva. In shiv mahapuran great description about this mantra is available. Nothing is impossible by the practitioner of this shiv panchakshari mantra. One can attain the materialistic success as well as spiritual success just by continuous chanting this mantra and immerse in it. This mantra is suggested by rishi, munis, scholars to over come from ten

Shivling Worship For fulfilling Wishes

Shivling Worship For fulfilling Wishes, which type of wishes can by fulfilled by different types of shivling, how to fulfil wishes through shiv puja, types of shivling and there importance. The immortal divine power of this universe is shiva, The omni-powerful in this universe is lord shiva, the omnipresent power in this universe is god shiva and Shivling represent lord shiva for the decades. People are getting immense benefits by worshiping shiva in different ways for the centuries and vast descriptions are available in different scriptures related to shiv puja.  Shivling Worship For fulfilling Wishes The easy way to get rid of hurdles is Shiv puja, the best way to get success in life is shiv puja. Any one can over come from any types of problems by performing shiv puja in a specific way. In my previous articles I have given details of doing shivji puja easily, power of lord shiva and also importance of shivratri. But in this article I am going to reveal a very important

Shiv Panchakshari Strotram

Shiv Panchakshari Strotram, way to worship lord shiva through strotram, benefits of reciting shivpanchaksari strotram, meaning in english. Shiv Panchakshari Strotram: The famous mantra of shiva is Panchakshari mantra (Om Namah Shivay) and is so popular that generally everyone is aware about it.  Yogis chant this mantra regularly and complete there spiritual journey by the blessings of shiva.   Shiv Panchakshari Strotram by Adi Shankracharya describe about the powers of Lord Shiva. By reciting Shiv Panchakshri Strotra, we can easily solve many problems in our life. Those people who are facing problems at every step in their life, are being harassed by enemies, mental disorders are increasing, then Shiva Panchakshari Stotra should be recited with devotion every morning and evening.  Shiv Panchakshari Strotram Listen Recitation On YouTube Channel Let us know the benefits of reciting Shiv Panchakshari Strot: If there is Kaal Sarp Dosh in the horoscope then it should be recite

Which planets will change signs in march

which planets will change zodiac in March, know horoscope according to vedic astrology, March 2024 mai kaun se grah badlenge raashi.  Change in the zodiac signs of the planets is a natural process which happens from time to time due to which there are changes in the environment, changes in business, changes are seen in people's love life and working life. In this article, we will know which planets will change their zodiac signs in March 2024, which auspicious and inauspicious yogas will be formed and what will be the effect on the 12 zodiac signs. MAHASHIVRATRI will also be celebrated in this Month on 8th of March Friday. Planetary transit in march हिंदी में पढ़िए मार्च 2024 में कौन से ग्रह बदलेंगे राशि और क्या होगा राशिफल Let us know which planets will change the zodiac in march 2024: On March 7, planet Mercury will transit into Pisces whose lord is Jupiter. This transit will happen at around 9:21 in the morning. Mercury is debilitated in pisces sign so it is necessary to

What is holashtak

When is Holashtak 2024?, When does Holashtak start in 2024 in India?, What to do, Prohibited actions, Holashtak 2024 start and end date. Hoalstak starts before 8 days of holi celebration i.e. festival of colors and are very important from the point of view of performing spiritual practices and tantra practices. If anyone is suffering in life due to health, money, enemies etc. then it is good to perform prayers in these days.  What is holashtak हिंदी में पढ़िए होलाष्टक क्या होता है ? What is holastak? Every year, 8 days from Ashtami of Phalgun Shukla Paksha to Holika Dahan are known as Holashtak. According to Hindu belief, no auspicious work is done during the 8 days of Holashtak like marriage, tonsure, housewarming, starting of new works etc. Holashtak represents the arrival of the festival of colours. Holashtak ends with Holika Dahan. holashtak 2024 This year in 2024, holashtak will start from Sunday, March 17 and will end with Holika Dahan on March 24. Why is Holashtak inauspici

How To Treat Depression Through Astrology And Occult Sciences?

What is depression, how a person enter in depression, impacts in life, horoscope reading for depression, remedies in astrology. Depression is a state of mind in which a person feels totally negative about own self. It is in fact the culmination of inferiority complex. It is the feeling which comes due to continuous failure in different segment of life or in a particular subject which is very important for the person. In the state of depression person become fatal for own self. So it is very necessary to save our self and our acquainted from this deadly feeling.  How To Treat Depression Through Astrology And Occult Sciences? How Depression comes? A person enter in depression zone due to many reasons like as due to fear of something like as fear of loosing something, fear of loosing some one special in life, fear of loosing status, monetary power, social power etc.  Another reason is regular failure in life.  Some also enter in depression due to not getting the expected resul

Mercury Transit In Pisces Predictions

When will Mercury transit in Pisces in March 2024, predictions of mercury transit in Pisces sign, बुध का मीन राशि में गोचर का राशिफल, what will be the effect of change of Mercury on 12 zodiac signs?| The planet Mercury has got the title of prince in Vedic astrology and it is related to speech, reasoning power, intelligence, business etc. The auspicious and powerful Mercury in the horoscope helps the native to become a good speaker, successful businessman, successful actor, advisor, marketer etc. On 7th of March 2024, Thursday, Mercury is going to change its sign and will enter its debilitated sign which will have a great impact on the environment and people's lives. Mercury Transit In Pisces Predictions हिंदी में पढ़िए बुध का मीन राशि में गोचर का राशिफल  Let us know when and at what time Mercury will transit in Pisces? Mercury will transit in its debilitated sign Pisces on 7th March 2024 Thursday at approx 9:21 am .  This transit of Mercury can bring big changes in t

Guru Pushya Yoga Significance in astrology

Guru Pushya yoga importance, Guru pushyan nakshatra importance, What to do on guru pushya nakshatra?, How to Attract health, wealth and prosperity on guru pushya yoga?, how to invite good fortune in life on guru pushya yoga. One of the auspicious nakshatra among constellations, one of the luck enhancing star, one of the wealth giving star is Pusya. When Pushya nakshatra falls on Thursday or guruwaar or veerwaar then it is called "guru pushya yoga".  guru pushya yoga significance HEALTH | WEALTH | PROSPERITY | MONEY | SUCCESS   This yoga is so much important that spiritual practitioners, tantriks and other scholars wait for this auspicious day whole the year. When this auspicious time happen in shukla paksha then no doubt unbelievable works are done.  Guru Pushya Yoga is falling on 22 February 2024 Know Some Important Facts About Pushya Nakshatra: Pushya is the 8th star among the 27 stars or nakshatra. The master of this nakshatra is Saturn.  This n

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