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Online pooja request

Online pooja booking, Grah shanti pooja, how to book puja online, trusted astrologer for reading and poojas for solutions of problem.

Poojas are needed to attract the blessings of divine energies to remove the hurdles coming in our personal life, social life, career, health etc. 

For the decades people are performing different types of poojas to make life successful like laxmi puja, ganesh puja, rudra puja, shiv pooja, radha-krishna puja etc. 

Pooja can be done by own or by hiring someone who can do pooja on our behalf and there are many rituals which are not possible to perform by own, so in that case one can book online pooja from this website by consulting astrologer. 


online pooja booking, Grah shanti pooja, how to book puja online, trusted astrologer for reading and poojas for solutions of problem.
Online pooja request

Lets know how many types of poojas are done:

  • Marriage problem removal poojas
  • Negative energy removal puja
  • Grah shanti pooja to overcome from malefic impacts of planets(surya, Chandra, mangal, budh, guru, shukra, shani, rahu ketu).
  • Pooja for family happiness
  • Pooja to enhance love in life
  • Rog nivaran pooja to over come from diseases
  • Mahamrityunjay jaap
  • Pooja for spouse health
  • Pooja for children education, health and longevity
  • Pooja to enhance luck
  • Pooja for protection from enemy
  • Ganesh pooja 
  • Rudra pooja 
  • Tarpan for peace of ancestors


The poojas are done only after horoscope reading and as per need. 

Anyone can contact from any part of world.

How Poojas are done?

  • If you want your pooja to get done then first the auspicious dates are given to you. 
  • You can choose when to to start puja.
  • Sankalp is taken on that day and pooja start. The video of sankalp will be sent to you. 
  • Depend upon pooja, it will take 7 days, 10 days or more to complete. 

We all suffer in life because of planets and sometimes it is not possible to face the intensity of problems because of malefic planets and at that time we need extra force to save ourselves, so poojas are done to attract the blessings of divine energies to make life successful. 

  • If anyone is suffering from delay in marriage then poojas will help. 
  • If anyone is suffering from relationship problem then pujas will help. 
  • If you are not getting job in-spite of trying hard then you can take the help of grah shanti rituals. 
  • If anyone is passing through transit of malefic planets then it is good to perform grah shanti pooja. 
  • When bad luck start affecting life then person is unable to take proper decisions in life, business loss start, career go down, relationship break, person suffer from health issues and so on, and in that case it is necessary to perform some remedies with poojas. 

Mantra act as medium to communicate with divine energies and they never fail. If anyone chant mantras devotedly then no doubt, it works.

Devotion and faith is the core to get success in spiritual practices. 

What is japa?

When anyone continuously chant any spell of god, goddess, planet then it is called japa. Repetition of spell is the best way to invoke divine energy. It is believed that deities help to fulfill wishes. Chanting of mantra also change the aura of person and bless with health, wealth and prosperity. 

What is  Havana or homa ?

Havana is a process to feed bhoga to divine energies by using divine spells. For this we use spiritual fire, the bhoga which is given in this spiritual fire is also called AHUTI. 

It is believed that fire is the mouth of divine energies and so to feed god and goddess, we give ahuti in fire of different foods. 

For different god and goddess there are different mantras. Homa is done as per need but one can also do small havan daily in home by gayatri mantra, shiv mantra etc. 

Havan is very beneficial in making environment free from pollution and spreading divinity everywhere. 

What is abhishek ?

Offering different things to god, goddess, planets with sacred spells to please them is called abhishek. 

For example offering water to shivling with om namah shivay mantra is Jalabhishek. 

In the same way one can perform abhishek with flowers, rice, milk, panchamrit etc. as per need and wish. 

This is also a very powerful process to invoke divine energies fulfill wishes. 

There are many popular abhishek like rudrabhishek, surya abhishekam, Chandra abhishek, mangal abhishek, budh abhishek, guru abhishekam, shukra abhishekam, shani abhishekam, rahu and ketu abhishek etc. 

Benefits of Grah shanti pooja/Abhisheks/japa:

Poojas are sacred process to attract blessings of divine energies and so definitely works a lot. If you do it by yourself then it is very good but if you are not able to perform due to some reasons then you can book and take pooja services from 

There is no side effects of pujas so not to worry. 

  • It helps in minimizing the malefic impacts of planets. 
  • It prevents from major downfall in life. 
  • It helps in fulfilling materialistic as well as spiritual wishes. 
  • It helps in gaining health, wealth and prosperity. 
  • It helps in protection from negative energies. 

So there are many benefits of poojas, do it yourself or book online. 

online pooja booking, Grah shanti pooja, how to book puja online, trusted astrologer for reading and poojas for solutions of problem.


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