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Enemy problem And Astrology Solutions

Enemy problem And Astrology Solutions, Easy Solutions of Enemy problems, Tantrik solutions of enemy problems, Trusted Astrologer of India, Enemy problem And Astrology Solutions.
In this competitive age enemy problem is becoming a big problem. Because of negative competition, feeling of jealousy, war to win, wish to be millionaire any how are the main cause of enemy.  This is also a fact that every success generates enemy too which are just near by and we don't know about them. There are many cases come to me daily regarding enemies. 
Some said that we have been hit badly by enemies black magic. Some said that there family is disturbed due to something done by enemies.  Persons are facing health problem due to enemies.  People are facing business problems due to enemies.  Workers are unable to do job because of their enemies.  So we can't ignore the hidden enemies around us who are regularly trying to pull us down.  That's why we need solutions to get ourselves protected fr…

Reasons of Unwanted Happening in Life

Reasons of Unwanted Happening in Life, Astrology Security Systems Ways, Siddha yantras, Special Rings,   Ta, biz or Amulet, Special Rituals or Anusthaans, Vashikaran or Black Magic Protection Yantra or Tabij, Astrologer for protection tips.

In our previous article Astrology protection For over all protection and success we have already read about the need of astrology security system, Where to need security systems. Now we will see the reasons and the ways of astrology security systems.
Reasons of Unwanted Happening in Life: There are various reasons of unwanted happenings, accidents, debts, death, business loss etc. like as - 1. This may happen due to evil eye effects. 2. Black magic may be responsible for your down fall. 3. Some special negative Totkay may be responsible for your unhealthy life. 4. Negative energies may be affecting your personal and professional life badly.  5. Mahadasha of Negative planets in Horoscope or kundli. 6. Due to effects of malefic planets in horoscope …

Astrology Security System For Over All Protection

Astrology Security System For Over All Protection, Why We Need Astrology Security System?, Astrology View regarding Security, Reasons of Unwanted Happening in Life, Astrologer for protection tips.
Security is a basic demand of every one. We do a lot of thing to protect our selves, our house, our wealth, our health, our money, our career, our industry, our factory, our family etc.  Many times a question asked from me- How Astrology provide security? How we can protect our selves from any evil eye effects? How we protect our self from financial crisis? How We run our business successfully? How we move in upward direction in life? How do we achieve the health, wealth, salvation etc.?
In this context i am going to write this article where i am going to clear about the astrology security system. A total new concept for you. 
Why We Need Astrology Security System? The answer of this question is very simple. With out security we can't move smoothly in life. Security is the basic need of a…

Siddha Panchmukhi Hanuman Kawach - Powers and Benefits

Panchmukhi Hanuman Pooja- For protection from evil eye effects, black magic, for upliftment in personal, professional and social life, Astrologer for Protection tips.

Panchmukhi hanuman pooja is a very powerful ritual in the tantra which when done may protect from many trypes of problems in life. But one has to be very careful while doing this pooja.  Some important facts about Hanumanji:Hanumanji is 11th rudra incarnition.He was born on Poornima i.e. on full moon day. He was born on the month of Chatra as per Indian calender and on Tuesday. His birthday is celebrated in India as a Hanuman jayanti.Hanumanji is the only God who has all the qualities like Intelligency, Courage, Confidence, Physical Power, Magical powers, Hypnotic power etc.He is the beloved of Lord RAM.Hanumanji took the Panchmukhi avtar to kill the brother of Ravana i.e. Ahiravan.   Panchmukhi Hanuman kawach: This is a special kawach which is charged with a Tantrik process to protect person from every types of evil eff…

Grahan Dosha Impacts and Remedies

Grahan Dosha Impacts and Remedies, How Grahan Dosha Form in a Kundli or Horoscope?, Effects of Grahan Dosha, Remedies of Grahan Dosha
Rahu is the planet which if generates any malefic effects in our kundli or horoscope then creates problems in life. Grahan dosha is the another form of rahu negative formation in kundli or horoscope. It also disturb our life and increase struggle to live a successful and satisfactory life.  How Grahan Dosha Form in a Kundli or Horoscope?when Rahu sits with sun or Moon in any place in kundli then grahan dosha form. It also form if Ketu is sitting with sun or moon with the same zodiac sign. when in mahadasha of sun and moon if rahu comes in antar and vice versa then also the effects of grahan yoga seen in the life. If a child birth takes place on grahan day then also it is recommended to go for the grahan dosh nivaran pooja.  Effects of Grahan Dosha:Due to this person faces problems in choosing right career. Problems arises in getting proper growth. Misca…

Chandal Yog - Impact and Remedies

How Guru Chandal yoga forms in Horoscope, what are the impacts of guru chandal yoga, what are the remedies of guru chandal yoga in astrology?, How to over come from the negative impacts of guru chandal yoga?,  Chandal Yog Shanti Pooja - For those who are suffering from guru chandal yog, One of the best astrologer for astrology consultancy.
This is a very dangerous yoga and if this yoga forms it dominated every other good formation in the horoscope or kundli. This is the guru chandal yoga. Because of this yoga person suffers a lot in his personal, social and professional life. Struggle rise up to the culmination. 
How Guru Chandal Yoga Forms in Horoscope or Kundli? This malefic yoga forms in the following way - 1. When Rahu and Jupiter sits together in Horoscope or kundli. 2. It's impact also generates when Jupiter lies with ketu.
Effects of Guru Chandal Yoga: This yoga is not taken as good. There are very malefic effects of this yoga in person's life. Although the effects differ…

Shani Sade Saati Impact and Remedies

What is Shani Sade Sati?, How It Affect Our Life, What to Do To Over Come From Shani Problems, Shani Sade saati impact and Remedies, Shani shanti Pooja, Shani Dhaiyaa  effects and Remedies.
When Saturn or shani enters in any raashi or zodiac sign for 7 and a Half year then it is called the shani sade saati. This period of shani sade sati is a period of changes for a person. He or she faces lots of ups and downs in life during shani sade sati. Because of this people fear of this planet.  Let's see the effects of Shani Sade sati In a person's Life:Unnecessary problems arise in life due to shani sade sati impacts.Unnecessary fear always surrounds the person.Personal and Professional life get disturbed.Health problem arises suddenly due to saturn impacts..Financial problem arises suddenly.Business problem arises suddenly because of shani dhaiyaa or sadesati.Problem in couples arises.Evil eye effects also seen in person suffering from shani sade sati.Unwanted Disputes in family mem…

Mool Shanti Pooja

What is Mool dosha, what are the impacts of Mool dosha, What to do to over come from Mool dosha problem, One of the best astrologer for Astrology solutions, Mool Shanti Pooja- For the child who took birth in special 6 types of nakshatra.
What is Mool Dosha? If the birth of a child takes place in one of the following nakshatra then mool dosha generated.  The following are called the Gandmool nakshatra- Ashwini, Magha,Jayestha, Ashlesha, Mool and Rewati. 
If a person take birth in one of this naksatra then he or she has to face many problems with their parents and relative too. But if certain measures are taken then definitely person will get the benefit. 
Effects of Mool Nakshatra: 1. Person face problems in child hood. 2. Parents also face health and wealth problems. 3. Health, Education, Career, Marriage, Financial and Social life is also affected due to Mool nakshatra. 4. Some times Father has to suffer more due to the effect of Mool Nakshatra.  5. Some time brother or sister has to b…

How To Check The Powers of Yantra, Rudraksha, Tabiz etc

How To Check The Powers of Yantra, Rudraksha, Tabiz etc, Science to check the powers of spiritual products, Ways to check the powers of yantra, rudraksha, tabiz, What Happens during the Siddhi of Yantra or charging of Yantra?, Proof of Charged Yantras.
A very common question which arises in  the minds of common person is that whether it is possible to test the power of  any yantra, Rudraksha, Tabij, etc.  Why to pay huge amount for a Siddha yantra or tabiz etc. How a Yantra can be helpful for us?. How a tabij or yantra can minimize the effects of any dosha in kundli? How vastu problems can be minimized with a yantra? How yantra works etc. Do any pooja work? These are questions which arises in the mind of every person but i think no body is getting the perfect answer of this question.  Before providing the answer of these important question i just want to clear that i am providing here the results as per my research work. I am doing research work on yantras, tabiz etc for the last 15 y…