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How To Be a Successful Manager? Astrology Tips

How To be a successful manager, astrology tips to enhance management qualities.

So You want to be a successful manager, you are interested in administration, you want to manage any firm, factory, industry, office, staff etc. No doubt that if you want to be a manager you will be but here in this article i will tell you that how our horoscope shows that a person will become a successful manager and how we can use the astrology ways to increase our managing power.
solutions for mangers by astrologer
Astrology Tips to become successful manager

First of all lets see what are the responsibilities of a manager-

  1. A manager has to coordinate with all the senior staffs.
  2. A manager has to plan to get the work done in proper time.
  3. A manager has to report to their higher authorities for the happenings.
  4. A manager has to handle different minded workers at the same time.
  5. It is the duty of manager to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the office.
 The above are some of the common responsibilities of a manager but there are many more and some responsibilities varies as per the organisation.
By seeing the the responsibilities we come to know that a managerial position is a very key core position and to be a manager versatility is must. Because management is not a very easy work. To handle the different minded person at the same time needs smart thinking.
Astrology will clear that who is able to become a good manager and what to do to be a good and successful manager.

Planets Supports To Be a Successful Manager:

  1. Jupiter is a planet which if powerful in horoscope and if it is present in 1st house then the person has the power to be a boss.
  2. If good Jupiter is the master of working place or destiny place than also the person has the ability to be in administration.
  3. If the good sun is present in working place in horoscope and is master of working place or lagna or destiny place then definitely the person has the power to manage. This type of person is not able to work under any one.
  4. If good Mercury is present in lagna or it is the master of Ist house of Working place or 7th house then no doubt the person is diplomat and know how to manage people. This type of person has a good speaking power and a very smart mind to get the work done.
  5. If there is a Budaditya yoga form in lagna or working place or partnership place or destiny place then also the person has the power to manage. This type of person got the power to make positive impacts on the surroundings persons and thus they are able to get their work done.
Managing is a work which is done through the mind power. So it is very necessary that the mind place must be good in horoscope. If it is so then there is no doubt that the person will rock in managerial field. Read aboutHow to increase hypnotic power Without occult sciences?.

How To Gain Power Through Astrology To Be a Successful Manager?

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This is very important question and if you want to be a good and successful manager then it is very necessary to increase the power of supporting planets in horoscope. Now if you want to increase your managerial skills then first of all it is necessary to analyze the horoscope and then there are various ways to increase the power like as-
  1. Suppose if the master of lagna is mercury but it is not generating a good power in horoscope then by wearing a siddha emerald in a proper metal it is possible to increase the mind power to get success in managerial field.
  2. Suppose if any planet is creating obstacle in managing people then by doing the proper daan and grah shanti process it is possible to root out the problems.
  3. If any evil eye effects is creating problem in career then by using a proper kawach or shield it is possible to increase our power.
  4. It is also possible to install a siddha yantra in the office from where a person is managing all the affairs. By the charged yantra the area become powerful and the manager gets good energy to take good decision for success.
  5. There are some special tabij which increases the hypnotic power of a person which helps to get the work done in proper time.
  6. There are specific powerful rituals or anusthaans which are done to get the blessings of divine energies to get success in the desired field.
  7. There is great way of self hypnosis, if you learn this then you are able to increase your power tremendously naturally.
How to get good staff through astrology?

So there are many ways to increase the managerial skills through astrology and occult sciences but the main thing is that we have to believe on the occult science ways and must follow the instructions of the consultant properly.

Be a good manager with the help of astrology ways.
Increase your power to manage people through occult science ways.
Rock in the managerial field through astrology.
Consult now to get the real power through the astrology and occult sciences to get success in Managerial field.

How To be a successful manager, astrology tips to enhance management qualities.


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