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Best solutions of Grahan Yoga By Astrologer

Grahan dosha, Remedies of grahan yoga in kundli, Pooja to minimize the impact of grahan yoga, kawach or tabij to minimize grahan yoga, Astrologer for grahan yoga solutions. what is grahan yoga solution In my previous article 'What is Grahan yoga', I have already cleared about how it is formed and what are the impacts of grahan yoga. But here I am providing some more details about grahan yoga bad effects in life. I will also clear about what the best ways to reduce the malefic effects of GRAHAN YOGA. As I have already cleared that rahu and ketu when sits with Sun and Moon then grahan yoga form in horoscope. But its effects depends upon in which house it is forming. For example here I am providing some details about this. 1. Grahan yoga In Ist House of horoscope:  If this yoga is present in first house of birth chart then definitely the person faces the depression problem and due to the impact of negativity suicidal attempts also done by the victim. It also makes

Can Astrology Help You To Become A Film Star ?

Can astrology help you to become a film star?, how astrology helps to make image in Bollywood, how star analysis helps in making a successful career in film industry? bollywood astrology For the persons who want to enter in film industry and those who want to make a different image in Bollywood, I want to say that stars plays vital role. Bollywood is one of the most competitive world. Here no one knows who become star and when. Work is not enough to become a famous star but with this luck plays an eminent role. So astrology plays a very important role in showing the best ways to become a successful celebrity. Let me clear your with some important points related to star astrology: In vedic astrology every thing is cleared i.e. we can by analyzing the horoscope easily find that what are the obstacles in making career in Bollywood or Hollywood. What are the hurdles which are making us failure in becoming a celebrity. It is a fact that Bollywood is the glamour industry, it is

How To Increase Strength Of Venus?

How to increase strength of Venus or shukra?, Why to increase the power of Venus?, how to gain power from Venus or shukra?, astrologer for best astrology services, Importance of Venus Planet in life. venus strength astrology Venus the most shinning planet and it is called Shukra in hindi. This planet always been a point of attraction. Venus is the source of attraction power, luxury, fame, love, success, sex power etc.  Because of this people generally attract towards this planet and take step to increase the power of Venus. Do you know what are the benefits of increasing power of benefit? Let me clear you that Venus is one of the main planet which controls the attraction rays in our body. It can make our life beautiful, smooth, full of luxuries. We can also know the benefits of shukra power in following points- It is possible to make our love life better by increasing the power of Venus. Successful marriage life is possible because of powerful Venus in kundli. P

May Auspicious Days

May month is the summer month and temperature also show the blessings at utmost level. This month is the month of enjoying holidays because children are free from the  main exam so all are engage in enjoying the holidays in different parts of countries and world.  Astroshree is presenting the important teej, tyohaar, holidays, auspicious days of May.. This month comes in summer and due to high temperature it is good to take care of health. Do protect from the hot air and also take care of children. 1. Don't wander in the afternoon and if it is necessary then do cover your feet, ear and face with necessary cloth to protect from dangerous sun rays. 2. Do take plenty of water which will fulfil the water need. 3. Do take juices properly. 4. Don't eat heavy food. 5. Proper exercise in month of may will keep you fit. 6. Swimming is also a best idea to enjoy the summer days. Important Dates of May2014: Akshay Tritiya is on 2nd May 2014. This is one of the