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What To Offer To God For Success?

What to offer to god for success, What prasad brings success in life, how to offer bhog to god and goddess to open the way of success in life?, Astrologer for analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart and solutions of problems, easy remedies of different problems FREE, Easy totkay for success.

Many times a question asked to me that what to offer to the divine powers for getting blessings, what prasad is best for the bhagwan, devi devta etc. So here I am revealing mystery of prasad. You will come to know that how easy is to bring luck in life by offering prasad or bhog. 
What To Offer To God to fulfill wishes by astrologer
What To Offer To God For Success?

What is bhog/prasad/Navedya?

In any pooja there is a procedure to offer some special things to the deities to eat in which we include fruits like banana, apple, grapes, pomegranate, guava etc, different types of sweets like as milk sweets, mawa sweets, dry fruits sweets etc., puri, sabji, etc. So there are different types of things which is offered to the deities, these are called bhog.
It is a belief that after offering any things to god or goddess, it becomes prasad and have the divine power to heal any one, that's why it is prohibited to leave prasad in plate or to throw any bhog any where.
Bhog is a source of energies, it contains the blessings of related god or goddess etc. It gives a pleasant feeling.
In the epics of Hindus there are descriptions available about what to offer and how to which god or goddess to fulfill wishes. let's move further to know something about how to fulfil wishes by offering different types of things to different deities. Devotees also offer bhog under auspicious trees like peepal, bar, tulsi ashoka etc. 

What to Offer To Fulfill Wishes?

  1. If any one is facing saving problem or income is not increasing, if every month money crisis arise then do the following remedies which will help you a lot to open the sources of income and to decrease the unwanted expenses. Time of doing This process: From Ashtmi to Poornima in the night daily for 8 days and for 6 months. Process: Take a banana leaf and then put some rice and curd on it and then offer it to Moon after doing whole pooja like awahan, offering dhoop, deep etc. Do this regularly till full moon night and you will find a good change in life.
  2. If debt is increasing day by day and no way is seen to over come from this then do this process of Mahalaxmi goddess and feel the change. Time of doing this process is in the morning and after 10 in the night. Process: do worship mahalaxmi properly and then offer products made by milk like kheer, rabdi, sewai etc and then do read durgamanas pooja. Also if you don't have the things then do offer the things in your mind only devotedly. In this case also you will get good results in some period.
  3. For Legal Case: If you are trapped in fake case and want to over come from it then do the following process for some months and feel the changes. Time of process is in the morning. Process: Take 800 grams of black gram and 100 grams of molasses/Gud and worship lord HANUMANJI and offer it and pray for success. Do this for 7 tuesday and see the results.
  4. Bhog For Specific God and Goddess to get blessings easily: A) On Wednesday if any one worship lord Ganesha and then offer Durva grass and Laddu regularly then no doubts the vighnharta will fulfill wishes easily. With this it is also good to recite the 108 names of lord ganesha.
    B) If you are worshiping lord vishnu then do offer Panchmewa, kheer and suji halwa with tulsi leaf. It will make him happy easily and your life become hurdle free.
    C) If you are devotee or shree Krishna then Makhan mishri in silver bowl or plate is the best bhog to get the blessings of him.
    D) If you are worshiping lord Shiva then don't forget to offer BHANG. It will attract prosperity, health in your life.
Hope the above remedies will help you a lot. but if you want to go for horoscope analysis and want to know what is the best solutions of your problems only then do contact for best astrology services.

What to offer to god for success, What prasad brings success in life, how to offer bhog to god and goddess to open the way of success in life?, Astrologer for analysis of horoscope/kundli/birth chart and solutions of problems, easy remedies of different problems FREE, Easy totkay for success.


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