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What Is Pret Chandal Yoga ?

What is pret chandal yoga, How it is form in horoscope, how a person suffers from pret chandal yoga, remedies of chandal yoga, effects of chandal yoga in 12 houses of horoscope.

Actually when guru resides with Rahu or ketu in any house of horoscope then a very harmful yoga known as chandal yoga forms in kundli or birth chart. In different places people know this yoga with different names like as some called it pret chandal yoga, some call it as daridra yoga, some call it as chandal dosha and so on. But whatever is the name no matter the conjugation of Rahu or ketu with Jupiter is harmful for person and affects the different segments of life like marriage, finance, social status, health, name, fame, return on investment, business failure etc.

pret chandal yoga remedies in astrology
astrology for pret chandal yoga

Depend upon the degree of rahu and ketu with Jupiter the impacts in life seems different i.e. if the malefic planet is powerful then person will suffer a lot but if it is less powerful then the person will suffer less.

Exceptional Case:

But don't reach at conclusion read about and exceptional results which also seen in many cases, in spite of having the pret chandal yoga in kundli the person gets quiet good success in life in terms of money, name, fame. It happens when Jupiter is in power and is positive in horoscope and rahu, ketu are weak. 

Now Let's See The Effects of Pret Chandal Yoga In Different Houses Of Horoscope:

  1. First House And Chandal Yoga: In case of strong pret chandal yoga in Ist hose of horoscope no doubt the person will be of aggressive nature with in stable personal and professional life. No doubt he has to struggle a lot and due to getting to much obstacles nature become rude.
  2. Second House And Pret Chandal Yoga: Due to this person faces problems in stablishing business and also relations with in-laws gets affected. Person also faces problems in saving. Unwanted expenses disturb the life.
  3. Third House And Guru Chandal Yoga: This is the strength house and so the power is affected badly of person, The person may enter in wrong direction and suffer whole the life. 
  4. Fourth House and Chandal Yoga: This is the happiness house and so the person struggles a lot to make life successful. Since the planet here see the working house directly so also make the working house weak and malefic So the struggle arises in every segments of life. 
  5. Fifth House and Chandal Yoga: If this malefic yoga is forming here then person may suffer in getting knowledge, studies, progeny. It is also seen that if the person gets good degree but not able to get the good job as per the education. 
  6. Sixth House and Pret Chandal Yoga: Here the yoga gives arise to diseases and problems from hidden enemies in life, it is also seen that if the gan of person is rakshas then person may suffer because of negative energies or black magic, evil eye effects etc. 
  7. Seventh House and Chandal Yoga: Because of this the person gets cheated by partners or close ones in life many times. Also delay in marriage takes place or not getting trusted partner in life. 
  8. Eighth House and Guru Chandal Yoga: If this malefic yoga is forming in 8th house of kundli then person may suffer from various chronic diseases or meet with an accident in the mahadasha or antardasha of malefic planet. So it is necessary to do remedies properly.
  9. Ninth House and Pret Chandal Yoga: Here in case of bad yoga person become unlucky but the other positive face is that person is a hardworker and has the ability to achieve any thing through his hard work. But no doubt struggle will be more in life. 
  10. Tenth House And Chandal Yoga: Because of this instability in job, work, business etc takes place. Every time person get obstacles when is about to reach at culmination of success. 
  11. Eleventh House in Horoscope and Chandal yoga: Due to this person engage in earning from wrong ways and pressure always present in mind due to this. 
  12. Twelth House of kundli and Guru Chandal Yoga: Due to this malefic yoga in 12th house of birth chart person moves with unwanted expenses in life also it is possible that person lives life in debt or engage in wrong ways to earn money. 
It is a request to every one to not reach at any decision only by seeing one yoga in horoscope, do consult astrologer for best horoscope reading and best solutions of problems through astrology. 

Remedies of Pret Chandal Yoga:

Here now I am providing some solutions with home remedies also. Since this yoga is related to Jupiter, rahu and ketu and so while doing shanti puja, this must be kept in mind.
  • In this case Shanti puja of rahu and guru may be helpful. 
  • Taking blessings of Brahmins daily will definitely give relief from chandal yoga effects.
  • Donating coconut as much as possible time to time in temple is also good.
  • Worship of lord ganesha in different ways is also very helpful to remove obstacles due to guru chandal yoga. 
  • Don't use alcohol or tobacco ever.
  • Chant any mantra after taking it from experienced astrologer or chat any Ganpati mantra daily for 10 minutes. 
There may be several others remedies which may include kawach, gems stones, puja, daan etc which can be known by showing the horoscope. So if you are facing any problem related to guru chandal yoga then do consult ASTROLOGER.

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